Is Aomei Safe to Use?

Any loss of files on the disk promises a lot of problems and frustration. To prevent this, developers came up with tools that provide an option of saving files on the special folder in their original form – this is a backup. For this purpose, there are special programs, and one of them is Aomei.

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Aomei is a specially created tool for making backups of the existed OS, disks, files, and folders. When creating it, it uses Microsoft technology. Therefore, you do not have to close running applications when working in order to back up.

What kind of program is this, and is Aomei safe to use for ordinary internet users? Let’s get into this issue deeply.

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What is Aomei?

Aomei is a multifunctional tool for data backup. However, the program’s capabilities do not end there. On the internet, you can find a lot of positive reviews about the system, which talk about the features of the service for copying hard disk information, transferring the operating system from one device to another, information compression functions, and much more.

What is Aomei

According to various experts, such a tool should be included in the must-haves of computer applications. After all, it does not require any programming skills to run the process.

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The service has two mode: free and paid.

*Note: Each of the version has its own capabilities. But the paid one is deeper in terms of functionalities.

The main Aomei features

Now let’s consider the available capabilities and features of Aomei. First of all, it should be noted that the service is available on all Windows systems. It supports such architectures as 32- and 64-bits.

If you decide to install the service, you should know the main features:

  • System backup – quickly make a copy of the system, including the OS and necessary settings.
  • Data archiving – save various files and documents to a hard drive or a server.
  • Disk recovery – recover information from a hard drive, SSD, or flash drive.
  • Disk backup – you can create copies of disks and partitions of any volume.
  • Setting up automatic backups – make planned backup actions.
  • Incremental backup – an ability to add new files to the existing backup.
  • File synchronization – the feature allows you to synchronize documents and existed files on a schedule or in reality. Changes to these documents are instantly saved to the additional folders.

Data backup

To understand how the program works, we suggest looking in detail at how the data backup works.

Aomei offers both simple backup options (such as simple backups option) and additional options for savings.

To create a backup, the app has two sections: Home and Backup. Essentially, the first section does nothing but simply switches you to the Copy or Sync tab (depending on the button you select).

When you select the backup type, the corresponding Wizard will be launched, which will guide you through all the steps of creating a backup in simple language.

Aomei functions

Globally, all Wizards work the same way and offer the same features. So for example, I’ll take the System Copy Wizard. You can configure the task name and the necessary saving location. Moreover, it is available to specify some additional options.

In the existed features of the service, a user can specify comments, configure data encryption and notification settings. Additionally, you can choose the copy mode: intelligent sector copying or creating an accurate system backup.

You may set up some commands before starting and after finishing the saving process. For the user’s choice, there are some additional settings as compression of backup files, the breakdown by volume, and the priority of system resources for completing the task. Encryption and volume partitioning are available for using only after paid subscription purchases. Also, with the paid version, you can configure filters for documents that can be added into the created backup folder.

Besides, a user can set up a special schedule option for files execution. So, the needed backups can be deleted at the chosen time and day. On the Advanced tab, there is an opportunity to configure backup type. For instance, a user can choose full copy, partly, incremental, etc.

A user can choose a desired final disk, where the backup will be stores and even the additional cloud storage (OneDrive, Dropbox) as the copy’s storage location. Also, a paid mode allows to make a backup on CD/DVD.

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Is Aomei safe to use?

As you can understand, no application or program can guarantee you 100 percent security of your data. Therefore, it is a bit silly to believe that Aomei will differ in some way from other similar systems.

Aomei safety

When considering the issue of data security when using Aomei, you need to take into account the fact that the program somehow makes changes to your computer and hard disk. And these actions are no longer safe for you.

Of course, using Aomei is perfectly legal if you want to back up your personal information. If you want to copy someone else’s data, then your actions will be considered illegal.


Aomei is an excellent solution for those who are dreaming about such a feature like making backups of important files. Compare this platform with competitors, we can say that Aomei is the best suggestion. But you should remember that a free version has some limits. And if you want to get additional features, you need to choose a paid mode. After that you get access to such options as image mounting, scheduler, and creating differential backups.

However, no one can guarantee the security of these actions. All activities performed by the user will be performed under their own responsibility.

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