Is Advanced SystemCare safe?

Most of us computer users are familiar with such unpleasant moments as our computer slowing down, freezing, fading, or even emitting a buzzing noise, all of which make it difficult to perform even the most ordinary tasks. This is especially true for Windows.

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There are more than enough applications in the field of PC optimization that can clean your PC or laptop. One of the most popular tools for optimizing your work is Advanced SystemCare. On the internet, it occupies a leading position in popularity among users.

In this article, we will look at Advanced SystemCare from the point of view of its security. Since the application was recently updated, we decided to analyze its main functionality, additional tools (for example, protecting online privacy), performance, and settings. In addition, we will answer the main question: is Advanced SystemCare safe?

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What is Advanced SystemCare?

It is an application for PC optimization that will help you remove unnecessary files, clean the computer’s memory, files, additional data folders, disk space. Also, it speeds up the working process, sets up web browsing security, protects the received confidential data, etc.

What is Advanced SystemCare

All types of malware programs are listed here.

The main function of the application is optimization of your PC. The well-thought-out and modern-looking interface gives each user the option to customize the program according to their personal needs.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive utility for optimizing, cleaning, speeding up and protecting your PC.
  • Enjoyable design and useful interface.
  • Scanning, diagnostics, quarantine.
  • Privacy protection with digital fingerprints.
  • Anti-tracking browsing system.

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The utility can be used in two available versions: PRO and free. The last one offers simple cleaning, ordinary process of optimization, and some options of data protection. In PRO, there is more advanced functionality: the ability to automatically increase the speed of the system, deep registry cleaning, scanning and removing malware, as well as technical support for users at any time of the day.


  • The program insistently asks users to purchase a paid version.
  • A lot of vague wording that is misleading.
  • The program finds “errors” even after several consecutive scans and corrections.

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How does the program work?

The program starts with a PC scan, which is to detect segments that need cleaning or optimization. As soon as the app starts working, you will be able to track the task’s progress as a percentage for each section of items, but the app does not offer a countdown yet. At any time, the user can pause the process and read the report. Similarly, the scan may be interrupted, but keep in mind that you cannot continue from the stop point: you will need to start all over again.

One of the good feature of the system is the ability to provide a full scanning of the device’s working system. In addition, users can customize autocorrection (during the scan), create an ignore-list, and omit categories of features. At the end of the scan, a report is displayed with the application results – it is informative and grouped by type of issue.

Advanced SystemCare working process

As usual, it performs optimization and cleaning, you will receive a detailed report and protocol for each completed task. In the exception list, you can specify the information that the system can skip during the scan process. The rescue center is essentially a backup tool – for undoing any changes.

Is Advanced SystemCare safe to use?

It is not the most secure or essential program for your computer. According to the information we’ve taken from official sources and provided above, the program positions itself as a utility for scanning Windows for malware/pup threats, system/user software problems, and startup/removal problems.

Importance of Advanced SystemCare

However, while scanning your computer, the program notifies you of many internal problems related to your software. To eliminate them, you need to buy a paid version of the program. However, most of these problems associated with your computer are not problems at all, but rather features of certain programs.

In addition, the Advanced SystemCare program is installed in a package with other programs. Its installation can happen completely by accident – in a series of user agreements for installed programs, you may not even notice how you agreed to install the program.

However, almost any utility that you install on your computer can cause significant damage to it and turn out to be a malicious program. Such a program can copy all the information from your computer or install additional programs that will track your internet movements.

Do we need Advanced SystemCare?

It’s 2021, and modern operating systems have become much friendlier to ordinary users. You no longer need deep knowledge to set them up.

For example, to remove a program in Windows 10, you only need to find “Programs and Features,” and then it will be intuitively clear what you need to do.

And to set up Autoloading (the function of automatically starting programs when Windows starts), you just need to call up the Task Manager (by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete) and go to the appropriate tab.

All operations performed by optimizers can be done manually, spending a little time searching for instructions on how to perform them. The only thing that can cause difficulties is manual cleaning of registry entries (although there is not enough information on the network for this case).

The very same cleaning of the registry is a “double-edged sword,” because after doing it, the system may not work faster, but problems may arise. The benefits of this procedure are highly questionable.

In any case, it should be remembered that with any “auxiliary” optimizer, in addition to the “benefit” promised by its advertising, will load the system with additional scans and impose its internal products. It is always best to think carefully before deciding to click on the “magic” button: “Speed up the computer.”


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