iOS 14 Has Been Hacked in 10 Seconds

For sure, many of our readers have not heard about the Chinese Tianfu Cup, but in the world of “good hackers” this is a significant event. Last weekend, the largest Chinese hackathon was held for the third time. For that, it was prepared various tasks to hack popular OS, as well as iOS 14 and Windows 10.

In light of recent events and Updated Cyber Crime Statistics For 2020, our team believes that such contest is necessary, as it allows improving the security of operating systems.

What is the Tianfu Cup?

Tianfu Cup is a tournament where several teams try to hack different popular applications and OS. The Chinese competition was created in 2018 when the local government banned researchers from participating in Pwn2Own. It has been held in the Chinese city of Chengdu for the past few years. 

Chinese hackers competition

Many of the rules in this competition are the same as in Pwn2Own. And most importantly, as a result of such competitions, software developers get the opportunity to correct the vulnerabilities found in it.

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What’s happen now?

In the competition of 2020 were 15 teams. The winners should get cash prizes totalling $1,210,000. According to the competition rules, each team got three attempts of five minutes to crack a specific target. At the Tianfu Cup was presented 16 targets, and 11 of which were successfully hacked.

The list of hacked programs includes Windows 10, Android 10, Chrome Browser, Firefox Browser, and some other software.

Qihoo 360 specialists used the iPhone 11 Pro, which was the “target”. Hackers managed to get confidential information from an iPhone 11 Pro running iOS 14, including photos from the gallery and a list of contacts in just 10 seconds. They used a zero-day vulnerability to implement code execution in the system process. This included photos from the gallery, a list of contacts, and so on. 

iOS 14 is under threat

Besides, professional experts found errors in the browsers Chrome, Safari and Firefox. In addition, the hackers broke into Adobe PDF Reader, Windows 10 2004, TP-Link, ASUS Router and Samsung Galaxy S20.

Employees of the Ant-Financial Light-Year Security Lab and Qihoo 360, who hacked iOS 14 on the iPhone 11 Pro, were particularly distinguished. Earlier, the marketer demonstrated the chip of the new smartphone from Apple and combined the iPhone and Microsoft Paint, making new widgets for the desktop.

Two teams of hackers won the contest. These are the teams of the Ant-Financial Light-Year Security Lab and Enterprise Security and Government Vulnerability Research Institute. Each of them received $180,000.

What happened next?

According to the terms of the competition, information about vulnerabilities was sent to companies. It helps them to eliminate the systems and better protect their users.

However, the United States took the work of Chinese hackers very cautiously.


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