How to Delete Telegram Account Permanently?

Nowadays, most people have accounts on different social networks and messengers. This is completely normal: maybe on Facebook you like the news feed and audio recommendations, and on Telegram you can chat with your friends and colleagues in private chats.

But sometimes you need to take a break from the abundance of information that comes from these communication tools. Or you’ve finally realized that popular messengers are not as secure as they seem at first glance.

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The first messenger that comes to mind is Telegram. We use it every day and do not even think about its safety.

In vain, many people forget about the messenger security system. Recently, it was a huge Data Leak of Telegram User Base. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that this will not happen again.

After learning the whole truth, you probably want to delete this app. The process of deleting the account is not difficult and does not take much time. However, you should know and remember that all correspondence, photos, videos, and other files will be deleted forever if you confirm your decision and delete the account.

How to delete Telegram account permanently and not lose all important data? Let’s talk about that in this article.

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Reasons for deleting telegram account

Why do people want to delete their Telegram account? 

Reasons to delete Telegram account

There are many reasons for that. Let’s look at the main ones:

  • The user no longer wants to use this messenger. 
  • The messages contain information about the illegal actions of the account owner. 
  • The user has a conflict with other messenger users. 
  • It is suspected that the user’s account is being monitored. 
  • The user has the desire to get rid of the obsessive attention of a certain person. 
  • The user lost access to the number that the profile was linked to. 
  • The need to free up memory in the phone (in this case, you can use web Telegram).

Regardless of the reason that prompted the user to delete their account, the liquidation process does not change. The users can cancel the page either via the mobile app or the desktop version.

There are two ways to delete an account from Telegram: deleting it using the standard method or eliminating it by self-destructing.

In the next section, we’ll look at both options in detail and provide step-by-step instructions on how to delete your Telegram account.

How to delete Telegram account permanently?

Delete Telegram account using self-destruct option

The new version of Telegram has not only an updated interface but also an interesting feature that amounts to profile “self-destruct.” This is because there are quite a few inactive users in the messenger who only get in the way. Therefore, all accounts that have not been active for more than one year will be automatically deleted.

You can also use this function to delete the profile yourself. Just set a minimum period (for example, one month) and do not log in to messenger during the specified time. After this period, the account will automatically be deleted.

Two ways to delete Telegram account

The step-by-step self-destruction method: 

Step 1: Open the Telegram app;

Step 2: Find the main menu (three stripes);

Step 3: Choose “Settings”;

Step 4: Press the “Privacy and Security” button;

Step 5: Press the “Delete my account” button;

Step 6: Find the appropriate time to delete your Telegram account (minimum 1 month, maximum 1 year).

Step 7: Don’t open the app from this moment.

This simple series of actions helps you to delete your account in the specific time.

Delete Telegram account from iPhone, Android and PC

Step 1: Open any browser and enter this link

Step 2: Specify your account number. 

Step 3: Enter the received code.

*It is noteworthy that the code will be sent in Telegram. So, you need to open the app on the another device.

Step 4: Write the received code in the field called “Confirmation Code”.

Step 5: Choose the “Deactivate account” function. 

*Developers suggest specifying why the user has decided to leave the messenger. Of course, this is an optional action, but you can specify what led to this decision for the sake of feedback.

Step 6: Click on the “Done” button.

Step 7: Confirm the decision, choose “Yes, delete my account”. 

Delete Telegram account confirmation

*The end will be indicated by a window notifying you that the account was successfully deleted.

Delete Telegram account or not?

This question is asked at least once by every user of social networks or messengers. On the one hand you have your reasons for deleting the account; on the other, the service’s undoubted advantages. Before making a decision, you need to think about everything so that you won’t regret what you’ve done later.

Before deleting an account in Telegram, you should consider several points:

  • If the main reason for deleting it is the need to free up memory on your device, just delete the app and continue to use the messenger via its web version.
  • When you delete an account, all data will be permanently deleted – conversations, photos, music files, articles, etc. In some cases, this can bring a lot of problems and frustrations (if you didn’t backup data).
  • One of Telegram’s features is that when one of    the participants in a chat deletes a message from the chat, it automatically disappears from the other participant’s chat as well. However, this does not apply if you cancel your account. All conversations will remain unchanged in the chat history of other users. Therefore, if you need to delete compromising messages or files you have sent, you need to do this before deleting the account.

Thanks to these step-by-step instructions, you can delete the account easily and without unnecessary hassles.

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