Hackers Attack UK Companies Every 45 Seconds

UK companies are facing an increasing number of ransomware attacks. According to one study, every 45 seconds there is a cyberattack. Corporate data of many companies are already on the dark web.

What is a Dark Web? Is it dangerous? Read the article and get acquainted with different layers of the internet.

However, according to the study, even this does not push organizations to strengthen their security on the internet.

Historical note

British companies have been subjected to hacker attacks for more than 5 years. Back in 2015, The Daily Mail claimed that hackers had attacked 90% of Britain’s largest companies, costing the UK economy tens of billions of pounds.

Recently, a research team found that 15 billion stolen credentials were traded on the dark web. Read more in our blog.

According to the Daily Mail story, nine out of 10 large British firms suffered from hackers (the previous year was around 8 out of 10). For small companies, around 74% were attacked in 2015, compared to 60% the previous year.

UK companies suffer from cyberattacks

The financial losses from major hacker attacks on small firms increased from 115K pounds to 311K during the same period. This figure includes losses from a malfunction, lost sales volumes, recovery of lost information, fines and compensation.

Back then, experts said that this figure would grow over time. However, no one expected that there would be a sharp rise in cyberattacks on UK companies during the pandemic.

Situation in 2020

Today, experts say that about every 45 seconds, there is a cyberattack on a British company. From July to September 2020, there were about 170 thousand attacks or an average of 80 attacks per hour. Devices such as printers, data exchange applications, cameras, and databases were paralyzed.

For the attacks, hackers used about 350K unique IP addresses. Most surprisingly, the largest share of them (about 50K) were found in China. India was the second most popular (more than 25K). In third place was Egypt (less than 20K). According to preliminary data, these countries are only the botnet bases’ location and not those who control them.

This has raised concerns about the vulnerability of remote workers, whose numbers have been increasing over the course of the pandemic.

We’ve prepared Updated Cyber Crime Statistics for 2020. Know the most common type of cyberattacks and the ways to protect against them.

UK business and Covid-19

UK business during COVID-2019

Analysts at Osterman Research and Immersive Labs emphasized another important feature of British business psychology: the presence of a plan in companies to respond to cyber incidents leads to the reassurance of organizations’ management.

Speaking about the strategy of countering cybercriminals, British information security experts point to the need to purchase more information security solutions, each of which costs the company an average of $30,000, and some have had to pay up to $50,000.

Therefore, the best way to counter cyberattacks is to use encrypted and secure internet connection tools.

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