Emails and Messengers: What Is Secure Communication?

Humans are social beings. It is difficult to imagine life in the modern and civilized world without constant communication. We communicate everywhere: at home and work, on the street and on vacation.

With the development and spread of the internet, 70% of communication between people has moved to the online world. And while offline communication can still be protected from unwanted eyes and ears, what should we do to prevent our data leakage from the popular online messengers and tools?

We’ve decided to analyze this topic deeply. And don’t worry, there is an answer.

You may be surprised to learn that internet communication is an insecure method of transmitting data. However, you can make it more secure. Read how to do it in the article Why Is Secure Messaging Important In 2020? and use all the listed methods.

What is communication?

Communication is the transmission of information, from one person to another, through speech, writing, visual signs, or any other means.

All communication follows a simple model: 

  • The sender of information sends it using any means of transfer.
  • The recipient of information receives the sent message. 

Between these two points, all information is decoded, or decrypted. Otherwise, the recipient may not understand the original message and the communication process will have failed.

Secure communication on the internet

Depending on the type of sender and recipient, the purpose of communication, and the form of communication (formal and informal), there are several communication methods between people.

What are the 5 methods of communication?

1. Verbal сommunication

Verbal communication is spoken communication. This is the easiest and fastest way of communication. Verbal communication is an important social skill and is seen as a key strength of an individual. Any civilized person should have good oral skills to communicate with others.

2. Non-verbal communication

Nonverbal communication is gesture and body language. These are the signals from your body that can convey certain thoughts and messages. These include happiness, understanding, goodwill, aggression, and other emotions and feelings.

3. Written communication

This type of text-based communication includes printed notes and letters and electronic communication via messengers and e-mails. In the 21st century, text communication eclipses other types several times over. With the advent of high-speed internet, you can quickly send both text and voice messages and add all sorts of media files to your text as well.

What is a communication and secure communication

Why Do Cybercriminals Want to Get Into Your Inbox? Read the article and implement all the necessary methods of protection.

4. Formal/Informal communication

Usually, we use formal and informal types of communication to indicate the degree of closeness between the sender and receiver of information or their relative authority. Each of the types can be expressed in verbal, nonverbal and written communication.

Formal communication is an official style of communication. It is often used in meetings and events, business documents and official forms. Informal communication is much more widely used. It is the style of friendly conversation, personal correspondence, and most social media content.

5. Visual communication

Visual communication uses imagery to communicate things that cannot be explained by simple words. Visual communication includes images and videos, but also things like graphic design and use of colors.

A good example of visual communication is an explanatory video in which you can easily understand the main ideas by seeing them in action.

What is online secure communication ?

Secure communication uses all possible digital technologies to ensure protected communication via messengers and emails.

The term of secure transmission

Methods of secure communication:

  • Encoding — converting text to various symbols and signs that can be used by particular systems.
  • Decoding — the opposite of encoding, converting data back to readable characters or images.
  • Encryption — the use of encoding to keep data secret. A key is required to decode it.
  • Anonymous devices — devices which are unregistered and unidentified on a network.
  • Anonymous proxies — intermediary servers that allow users to access the internet anonymously.
  • Anonymous routing methods — a way of accessing the internet that protects the identity of senders and receivers of information.
  • Random traffic — the use of a random data stream that makes it difficult to detect the original communication.

All the above secure communication methods are used in different situations when the risk of data leakage increases. However, a method such as encryption may already be built into the communication tool.

What is secure transmission?

Secure transmission is the transfer of data from the sender to the recipient over a secure communication channel. It ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and anonymity of the data. In addition, this data transfer guarantees data encryption and encoding and minimizes the risk of data leakage.

This raises the question: What is the most secure form of communication? 

As a rule, in the online world, we distinguish communication via messengers and communication via emails.

Let’s start with email

All messages that have been sent via Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, or any other popular email service are not encrypted by default. To protect yourself and your data, you need to send a request to Gmail to enable encryption for sending messages. Unfortunately, emails from other email services do not have this feature.

Reliable methods of communication

However, there is a list of anonymous and secure emails that use various encryption methods and secure data storage. For Example, ProtonMail, Tutanota, Utopia.

It is best to use a Decentralized Email that will reliably protect all transmitted and received users’ data.

By the way, Utopia P2P is a decentralized ecosystem that provides anonymity and security of all data. It does not use a single server for storing data but creates a separate server for each client. When registering, the user does not enter personal data. Utopia generates a private key that opens access to the individual data storage.

What is a P2P Network? Read the article and use only reliable and secure methods for data transfer and protection.

What is interesting about Utopia? It includes several private services that provide comprehensive and secure operation in the network:

  • uMail
  • uMessenger
  • Idyll Browser
  • uWallet

In other words, the user can send and receive encrypted messages (the ecosystem uses multi-level encryption based on elliptical curve and 256-bit AES), surf the internet anonymously, and safely conduct any financial transactions inside the system. For this, Utopia has its cryptocurrency — Cryptons.

Secret texting apps

All popular messengers like WhatsApp, Viber, and Signal do not have reliable built-in data encryption. The fact that they have technical holes and drawbacks has been confirmed in practice. Even Telegram, which is positioned as one of the most secure messengers, has flaws. 

Recently, there was a serious Data Leak of Telegram User Base. And about 60% of user information ended up on the internet.

Secret texting apps

Approximately the same situation occurs with WhatsApp. Users complain daily about low data encryption and security indicators. However, the number of WhatsApp users is more than one billion. That’s why it is still difficult for many people to give up this app since many people use it as their main messenger.

Can you be anonymous on WhatsApp? Read the whole naked truth about one of the most popular messengers in the article Is WhatsApp Safe and Secure?

Today, some secure messengers provide all the necessary technical and functional components for safe and fast communication. All the user needs to do is test several options and choose the one that best suits them.

What is the best messaging app? Read Clash of The Titans: Telegram vs WhatsApp vs Utopia and choose the most reliable and secure one!

Make the right choice now and ensure secure communication!


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