Cybersecurity Day: Let’s Celebrate All Together!

The team of blog congratulates all internet users on this day. We hope you always stay safe in the global internet space and protect your personal data from leakage! Read about the importance of cybersecurity here.

A future where machines control every human step is a favorite topic for science fiction writers. Many of them paint such a Utopian world in which people rest on the laurels of human achievements. Others say that the constant improvement of technology leads civilization into trouble.

Note: Utopia P2P ecosystem was conceived as a project that will be able to provide people with a secure and private space in the world internet, where there will be no surveillance, censorship or data leakage.

Whatever the future may bring, it is already difficult for us to imagine our life without electronics: smartphones, tablets, computers, fitness bracelets, smart TVs and more. All of them collect, accumulate, and analyze our information. Recent events show that this information is not always your property.

Be protected from online surveillance right now!

To draw attention to this problem, the European Council has declared January 28 as the International Day for Personal Data Protection.

Today, we would like to tell you about the importance of this day and share some well-trusted cybersecurity tips.

What is Cybersecurity Day?

The International Day for the Protection of Personal Data, or just Cybersecurity Day, was established to remind users of the need to comply with internet safety rules and protect their own lives — not only virtual (online), but also real (offline).

What is Cybersecurity day

Back in 1981, the Council of Europe signed the Convention on the Protection of Persons with Regard to the Automated Processing of Personal Data. It established the need for:

  • Legally obtaining personal information
  • fair data storage
  • preventing the illegal use of information about a person

In 2007, the signing of the Convention was recognized as the European Day for the Protection of Personal Data. And on January 28, 2009, the United States, Canada, Japan, and many other countries joined this initiative.

In some states, this day is called Privacy Day. The Convention on the Protection of Persons with Regard to the Automated Processing of Personal Data is the first international binding instrument in the field of personal information protection, which defines the principles of human rights protection regarding the inviolability of their personal life. It was this document that explained what “personal data” is. On this day, various events are held to draw attention to the problem of unfair use of personal information.

The main principles of the protection of personal information have become ensuring the legality and integrity of its collection, as well as ensuring that its processing, storage and use are compatible with these personal rights.

Security measures prevent: 

  • the loss of personal data
  • unauthorized or accidental destruction of information
  • illegal access to the data
  • distribution and modification of the personal information

The Convention became the basis for the development of regulation in personal information protection due to the rapid development of telecommunications and information spheres, as well as the introduction of new technologies, the rapid spread of globalization, integration, and innovation processes.

In turn, the international community has come to believe that this document should remain concise, technologically neutral and simple, while recognizing the new characteristics of both current and future technologies. 

As for further development, we are talking about granting consent to the processing of personal information, the principle of informing the subjects of personal data collection, the use and dissemination of information about a person, the processing of data in an impersonal form, and strengthening the institutional capacity of authorized bodies for the protection of personal data.

Utopia team cybersecurity tips

– What should we do to protect ourselves from a virtual threat? 

Cybersecurity tips

We’ve compiled several recommendations that will be useful for any user.

The first and the most important is to download and register with Utopia P2P. Utopia is a decentralized ecosystem that ensures personal privacy and security right from the start. Nobody knows the real name and IP address of the users. The registration is completely anonymous. The only thing you need to do is to come up with a good nickname. Your friends can find you if you send them your public key. It is the only way to find you there. You can also forget about any cyber threats and risks of data leakage. Utopia P2P is an absolutely free, secure, private, encrypted space for those who value their online security.

If you’re interested in the best security tool, you can read about the ecosystem here.

Second, you should log in to the internet only with a good antivirus program enabled. This application will protect you from both malware and direct hacker attacks. You can download it to your computer or smartphone.

You can learn about all existed types of malware in this article.

Third, please don’t click on suspicious links received in personal messages and email. At a minimum, they may contain a tracker that will track your IP address. At worst, such a virus can block your operating system.

Choose the best email solution to prevent spam mailouts.

Fourth, if you have pages in social networks and accounts in messengers, make them as closed as possible to outsiders. Believe us, even the time you spend on these networks can be useful for scammers.

Even Instagram can be dangerous for your personal photos and information.

Fifth, please don’t give your smartphone, iPhone or laptop to any strangers. Just a few seconds can be enough to install spyware or copy important files.

Sixth, you have to use original licensed software and update it regularly. Outdated versions of applications often have “tech holes” that hackers use. There are cases of getting full control over a smartphone after a single call in the messenger.

Protect your online chatting with the best messenger tool.

Finally, it would be best to choose moderately complex passwords containing combinations of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Update them at least once every three months.

Learn more about the kind of passwords you should come up with.


Cybersecurity Day was created to remind people from all over the world of the importance of following online security rules. Every year, millions of people around the world celebrate this day, and join various forums to learn about new cybersecurity technologies.

Remember, no one but you can take care of your safety.

3 years ago

Hi! Thank you for covering this event! It seems to me that in the realities of the modern world, such events should be covered even more extensively. After all, they once again remind us of the importance of cybersecurity.

Matthew Turner
3 years ago

Good afternoon, Wyatt! You are right! This is an important day for all internet users because it reminds us of cybersecurity rules. Our team supports any initiatives related to educating Internet users on the topic of cybersecurity. Therefore, we hope that we will soon be able to announce many cool projects.

3 years ago

Do you know if any online conferences, forums, or training meetings are planned on this day? I would really like to participate and learn more about online security techniques

Matthew Turner
3 years ago

Good afternoon, Nancy! We are glad that you are interested in this topic. Here is a small selection of events planned for this day.

In addition, here is a link where you can view the full calendar of planned events on the occasion of cybersecurity.

3 years ago

Cool! I didn’t even know there was such a day. Although, every day is some kind of holiday. But they are still needed. Because even Bill Gates, worldwide net grandfather, spoke about the importance of cybersecurity. And we didn’t really believe it.

Matthew Turner
3 years ago

Good afternoon, Lewis! You’re right. Every day is a holiday of some kind. However, we don’t believe that cats’ or dogs’ days are more important than the day of cybersecurity. Nevertheless, the day of cats and dogs is more covered in the media than the day of online safety.

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