Can a Google Voice Number Be Traced?

Have you ever wanted to have just one phone number instead of two or three on different devices? Nowadays, most people have a home phone, a mobile phone, and a work phone – all different numbers in different places. 

However, there is one problem: if you are at work, you will not be able to receive your calls at home, and vice versa. If you don’t have your mobile phone at hand, you will not be able to receive your calls either at home or at work.

Google Voice solves this problem and combines all three numbers into one, making sure that you do not miss any important calls or messages.

Do you still think Google is safe? Know more about it in this article.

The program is really worthwhile. However, is it so safe? Can a Google Voice number be traced?

Let’s look at the question in this article.

What is Google Voice?

Google Voice is the modern name of the free online service GrandCentral, owned by Google. It is based on the transmission of digitized voice using the VoIP protocol. One of the features of Google Voice is the ability to integrate all the phone numbers that the user has.

What is Google Voice

Google Voice supports most mobile platforms. The service was opened for public use in August 2011, but it is not available in all countries. In particular, in Eastern Europe Google Voice is not yet officially available, but it is possible to use it. The provider configures the equipment so that users will be perceived as foreign by the service.

In the USA people can use this program for making free calls or sending text messages.Calls to the United States from numbers in other countries where Google Voice is supported are charged one cent per minute of conversation.

Several companies and activists who advocate for personal data privacy criticize Google Voice for the centralized storage of conversations and messages processed by the service. In particular, in July 2009, the Google Voice app was removed from the Apple AppStore for mobile devices. However, in November 2010, the app became available for download again.

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How does Google Voice work?

When you register, the system gives you a new Google Voice phone number. However, don’t worry. If you don’t want to have another number, you can add an existing one to Google Voice. However, it is worth remembering that the number you selected becomes available to your contacts. Then, you need to attach your remaining numbers to your Google Voice account.

After that, Google Voice becomes your personal operator. When someone calls on your Google Voice number, the program routes the call to all of your devices. All your phones are ringing, so whether you’re at work, at home, or out of the house, you get a call. Both you and your friends, family, and colleagues need to remember only one phone number can be used as a source of contact.

It’s worth remembering that the service will not replace your other phone services. Google Voice redirects your calls to all your other phones. But Google Voice has many of the same features that other phone services charge for, such as voice mail and voice messages, phone forwarding and recording, text messages (for mobile phones only), international calls, conference calls, and so on. All of these features are free.

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Google Voice Features

Google Voice retains the main services of its predecessor GrandCentral, and also adds a number of features:

  • Creates a single number to integrate all the user’s phones.
  • Rejects calls from a user-defined “blacklist” automatically.
  • Blocks all incoming calls on demand.
  • Distributes existing phones so that subscribers from the specified groups make calls to a specific device.
  • Forwards calls.
  • Transcribes voice messages.
  • Sets an individual greeting for each caller.
  • Changes the number (this service is paid).
  • Records conversations on the server for subsequent listening.
  • Makes conference calls.

The Google Voice functionality allows you to perform most operations both from a mobile device and from a desktop computer connected to the Network (reading and sending messages, setting up a profile, etc.).

Google Voice features

Can a Google Voice number be traced?

First, you should know that Google Voice only works in conjunction with an existing Gmail account. If you do not have an account, then you need to create one, as a new phone number and other or confirmation data for an existing one will be sent to your email.

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Official sources say the service doesn’t publish phone numbers publicly. This is possible because registered numbers do not appear in phone books or websites where most phone numbers are listed. Therefore, if a person did not know your number beforehand, they will not be able to contact you.

In addition, the Google Voice policy prohibits the use of accounts to perform illegal actions. For this, Google can delete your account and report all your information to the authorities.

Keep in mind that if you place your Google Voice number in the public domain, any search engine will be able to find it and provide all the necessary information about you. In addition, if your Google Voice number is the main number for contacting you, which is published on a forum or website, anyone will be able to recognize it.

Therefore, if you want your Google Voice number to be private, you should not publish it on websites or distribute it among your friends. However, if you want to make the number more public, then simply add it to your email signature, add it as contact information on social media sites, or include it on your website or blog.


Google Voice allows you to make free calls, send text messages, set up your own voice mail greetings, and make call redirects. If you have multiple smartphones with multiple phone numbers, then the VoIP service is designed just for you.

However, be aware of the security measures and don’t share your number with outsiders.

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