Anonymous file sharing services that will cost you $0

Without a doubt, you need to transfer data on the web regularly. To do this, you may use messengers or email, but if you want to escape security breaches, anonymous file sharing services come in handy. Why can such tools be called anonymous?

In this case, your identity, IP, and personal data are not required for the data transfer. These services are beneficial because they don’t limit users in terms of the size of documents they can share. 

If the information you need to send online is sensitive, we strongly recommend that you use one of the services listed below. You can find numerous platforms, but services like Dropbox that ask for your email will not be secure. These file sharing tools may collect cookies and other personal data about users. So, if you don’t want your archives to be stored on servers on the web, be particular when transferring data online. 

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Top 5 anonymous file sharing services

#1 uBox

uBox is one of the best secure file-sharing tools. Apart from the file sharing feature, you can exchange messages, surf the web, and play games within this ecosystem. 

The main advantage of this anonymous file sharing is that users and their information remain fully anonymous. Instead of the casual sign-up process that other platforms apply, uBox employs a set of characters for user identification. Your email, phone number, and even name will not be asked. 

Those who choose uBox for file exchange can be sure that the transmitted data is encrypted in an advanced manner and according to the uNS standard. This method will enhance the security level compared to the regular DNS. 

uBox is a feature-rich service that provides you with many other possibilities apart from data sharing. You will be able to view media such as audio and video while they are uploaded. Also, files can be conveniently organized on your computer, and it’s easy to browse them via the search bar. The file sharing is supplied with the built-in chat room where you can keep in touch with those users with whom you exchange the data. 


Similar to uBox, Volafile is also designed with a built-in space for chatting. When you need to transfer files on the web, you can discuss the process while it’s going on. In the private room, files will be kept for 48 hours. While registering, you won’t be required to input any personal information or private data. 

If you need more people to upload files or view the data you shared, you can simply add them to a chat room. After 2 days, your media will be removed from the system. You can check out this service if the limit of 48 hours is no obstacle for you. 

file sharing services


This file sharing tool is slightly distinct from the previous two. It’s based on Tor encryption and uses it for data transmissions.  

OnionShare is an app that should be installed on your device; you can’t use it from the web. This might be the primary inconvenience if you need to transfer files quickly. 

As soon as you launch the app (it’s compatible with macOS and Windows), you can drag and drop files from your computer. The generated URL will be available for sharing with anyone on the web. 

The unique link a user will need to follow should be opened exclusively in Tor. However, a user receiving media from you doesn’t need to download the file-sharing app. 

Read about which is better, Utopia or Tor, and make your own conclusions. 


 You can use SendGB for exchanging media under 256 AES encryption with a limit of 5 GB free of charge. Despite the strong encryption, this service will ask you for two emails – your own and a recipient. For this reason, it can not be called fully anonymous though it applies comprehensive security tools. 

Also, it’s possible to upload an archive when you need to send multiple files. It takes 7 days for the service to remove all your data from its servers. Also, there’s one more protection mechanism for your data – you can set a password to ensure the data will not leak to hackers. After the accounts you noted as receivers download it, the data will be removed from the system. 

#5 Ufile

This service allows you to instantly drag and drop media from your PC and share them free of charge. However, if you need to extend the media size for upload beyond 5GB, you will need to start a paid membership. All your data will be hosted on the server for 30 days. 

Conveniently, users don’t need to indicate personal information for uploading media. What’s more, the platform uses efficient safety mechanisms and the paid feature to assign a password for sensitive information you may want to share. So, Ufile is a good solution for those who are seeking fast, registration-free file sharing and those who want to purchase secure online storage space. Also, a desktop app is available along with the web version. 

Users can share the uploaded data with the help of links generated with this service, and it’s possible to transfer any formats of data (text, video, audio, and images). 


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