Adult Content: Is Pornhub Safe?

Is Pornhub safe? This popular question can often be found as one of the top queries on popular search engines. Moreover, it is one of the famous tricky questions on many discussion boards and anonymous forums.

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It’s good that people still think about their online security even when they want to relax and watch free safe porn. Unfortunately, with adult content like NSFW videos, amateur porn, and a large community of users, there is much malware that aims to get users’ data.

Like any other site on the net, Pornhub has all sorts of virus programs that are hardly safe. When you visit such a site, you will most likely pick up an online virus or malware.

In addition, when using the site, you need to enter a fairly large amount of unnecessary and personal data. The situation is similar to the case of TikTok, which is known to collect a lot of user data. 

Recently, we’ve discovered a lot about the personal information TikTok collects about its users. You can read all the available information in the article TikTok Collects Users’ Data. Delete It!

However, the question remains open, is Pornhub safe? What are the dangers when viewing this site and how can you safely visit it? 

We’ve decided to analyze this issue so that adult readers can satisfy their online desires without the risk of infection.

Is Pornhub safe to visit?

Let’s start with the truth — Pornhub is not safe, just like any other site for adults.

However, Pornhub is one of the most popular sites for hacking by all the world’s hackers. Why? The answer is simple — it is the most frequently visited site among the adults. It means the easiest way to spread viruses and threats for hackers.

Free safe porn site

For instance, in 2019, the site was visited more than 42 billion times. It is about 110 million visits per day. Just imagine the unique opportunity this presents for hackers to get the data of all these users. Therefore, they do everything possible to deceive users and lead them through various shadow links.

According to statistics, the probability that a user will encounter a cyber threat when visiting Pornhub is about 53%. Let’s agree, this is an incredibly large percentage. This issue is why Pornhub’s security personnel are constantly working to prevent hacker attacks and information leaks.

It is written that the site collects information about the IP address of each user, including data about their location, time of visit, and data about the device from which they visited the site.

All your actions on the site are also closely monitored. It has literally everything: what videos you watch, what actors and actresses you love, how much time you spend on the site.

All this data goes to a mega-corporation called MindGeek, which owns not only Pornhub but also dozens of other porn sites, including Brazzers. The traffic that passes through all the company’s sites is more than that of Facebook and Amazon!

Main threats

We have already realized that there is a danger of visiting Pornhub. Now, it’s time to find out what cyber threats you may encounter there.

  • Viruses

This is the primary risk to your computer from unsafe sites. Internet viruses usually don’t do real damage to your computer. However, they may slow down your device or block it for a while. The most common viruses on porn sites are Trojans.

  • Advertising programs

The next type of threat is advertising programs. They can be automatically downloaded to your computer after visiting the adult site. The principle of their operation is as follows: once they get to your computer, they will cause a lot of spam and advertising, which will interfere with viewing Internet content. In addition, such programs slow down your system and violate privacy.

  • Spyware

The third type is one of the most dangerous — malware and spyware. These programs are installed automatically after clicking on the ad message. This message was most likely insecure. When the user clicked on the link, it automatically downloaded a specific spyware to the device. In this case, cybercriminals are hunting for the confidential data related to the type of adult content that interests a user and his behavior on the net.

Another type of threat is Sextortion. The way it normally works is you receive an email from hackers telling you that a cyberattack has been made on your computer and fraudsters have copied all your data. Further, the message threatens the user with exposing intimate details of their online behavior, possibly including images and videos. They will demand that the user pay a certain amount of money, or all this data will be made public.

Generally speaking, such threats are usually fake. Hackers try to catch users on the fear that everyone will find out that they have visited such sites. However, there are cases when hackers are not joking, and they can really upload your private data for all to see.

However, you can protect your security when visiting such sites. How? Read on.

Despite the inherent risks, Pornhub is actually one of the most user-friendly adult sites that tries to ensure the security and privacy of users’ data. However, do not forget that any system has flaws and technical drawbacks that are easy to hack. Therefore, you should think about your safety.

We’ve collected several key protective measures for you:

  • Enable incognito mode.

When visiting dangerous sites like Pornhub, don’t forget to enable incognito mode on your web computer.

Legal porn sites incognito mode

Of course, there is an opinion that incognito mode does not guarantee the anonymity of visiting sites, but there is still a chance that you will be able to visit such sites safely.

P.S.: Don’t use Google Chrome in incognito mode. Recently, we’ve learned that Google is still tracking customers’ movements, even using incognito mode. You can read it in the article Google Chrome Tracks Private Internet Use.

  • Use a VPN

Using a VPN helps you stay anonymous on the Internet and hide any location and geolocation data.

P.S. Never enter your personal data, usernames, passwords or phone number on untrusted sites. This can be used against you. Read the article Funny Passwords Ever Hacked and use different passwords for each site.

  • Use alternative sources

Anonymous and secure Internet access can be provided by an alternative source- Utopia P2P Network. This is a closed decentralized ecosystem that provides anonymous and secure use of the Internet.

P.S.: Have you ever heard anything about P2P (peer-to-peer)? It’s time to figure out what it is and why you should use it. Read the article The Backbone of The Internet: What Is a P2P Network?

Three simple rules that will help you to protect yourself when viewing adult content.

3 years ago

The more I read various articles about Internet security, the more I understand that almost all sites are unsafe. It would seem that it can be unsafe to watch porn. I should try your Utopia. Maybe there is something interesting and safe like legal porn sites there.

Matthew Turner
3 years ago

Good afternoon, Morgan! Hah! Finding adult and safe content is quite a challenge. If you like Pornhub, then continue to use it, but take all precautions into account. Also, try Utopia. There you can create your own confidential sites with open access.

3 years ago

Hi! I’ve never used Pornhub. However, the article interested me, and I’ve decided to read about this resource’s security. In principle, nothing is surprising because this site is unsafe because the user must register and enter their data.

Matthew Turner
3 years ago

Hello, Ian! You’re right! On free safe porn sites where you need to enter personal data, it is unlikely that you will be able to maintain confidentiality and privacy. Therefore, it is better to choose resources that have anonymous registration or no registration at all.

3 years ago

Good afternoon, Brian! Unfortunately, the internet is an insecure platform with a variety of content. There are a lot of hackers, viruses, worms, fake and insecure sites and links. Therefore, you always need to be in good shape and be aware of possible dangers.

Matthew Turner
3 years ago

Good afternoon, Brian! Unfortunately, the internet is an insecure platform with a variety of content. There are a lot of hackers, viruses, worms, fake and insecure sites and links. Therefore, you always need to be in good shape and be aware of possible dangers.

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