The Ways of Anonymous Domain Registration

Publishing your own website, especially if this is your first project, is a responsible and important event.

Every day it becomes more and more difficult to find a FREE, good domain. And yet — how to choose a reliable registrar? Take care in advance and find out where to register a domain.

In this article, we will touch on the process of anonymous domain registration.

Create your websites in Utopia P2P — an anonymous and decentralized ecosystem.

Buying a domain name

The domain is registered for one year, after its expiration, the domain name needs to be renewed. An organization that has the right to register new names and renew existing ones is called a domain registrar.

Domain registration

Domain registration is the same for all services that provide this opportunity, the differences are insignificant.

To do this, you need to take the following steps:

1. Register on the website providing the service.

After registration, you will get access to your personal account, which allows you to manage the purchased domain (renew it, etc.).

2. The second step is to select one of the domain zones available on the resource and check the domain for employment.

To do this, each registrar has a special service. You need to enter the selected site name, as well as the zone in a special window, to run the verification procedure. The search results window will show the domain’s occupancy.

3. Then the domain is purchased.

The first time you decide to register a domain, you will be asked to fill in the data necessary to buy a domain (full name, address, and passport details). When renewing a domain or buying a new one, this will no longer be required.

At the end of the procedure, you will be offered a list of additional services. These services are not mandatory, you need to decide which ones you need, and which ones you will simply refuse.

The extended set of services offered by the registrar may consist of the following items:

  • Mail.
  • SSL certificate.
  • Hosting offer for your website.
  • Offer to use the constructor to create a website.
  • The possibility of auto-renewal of the domain after a year.

It’s up to you to decide which services you need and which you don’t.

An important issue is the reliability of the registrar 

It is better to choose companies that are accredited domain registrars, they have the right to make entries in the domain registry, and you will be sure that the purchased domain is registered for you.

The rest of the registrars are just partners and resellers. It is a common phenomenon when such companies register a domain for themselves. In case of problems, you will not be able to prove the rights to your site.

What functions of a domain registrar will you need?

There are several extremely important features that you should pay attention to:

1. The range of possibilities

Using the services of domain registrars can be expensive. You need to make sure that a wide range of features matches the prices. For example, — a multifunctional domain registrar, offers top-level domains (TLDs), national top-level domains (ccTLD), private domain registration, and WHOIS privacy protection.

2. Convenient domain transfer

Due to the changing needs of the business, it may be necessary to transfer your domain from the current registrar to another one. According to the current rules established by the ICANN Corporation, you can transfer your domain only 60 days after its registration.

Anonymous domain registration tips

Some domain registrars deliberately make the domain transfer process very difficult, hoping to retain their users in this way. That is why it is vital to use the services of decent registrars offering simple domain transfer.

3. Price

The cost often significantly affects the decision on choosing a registrar. If large companies can afford to throw money, then most small firms have to save, especially at the initial stage of their development.

4. Simple and user-friendly interface

Companies need a user-friendly domain registrar so that employees can quickly get used to it and start using it.

5. Support service

This is an extremely important factor when choosing a registrar. Not everyone in your team may be technically savvy, so you need comprehensive user support to help you in case of problems. provides a support service that is available 24/7 and can be contacted by phone, email or via online chat.

6. Additional services

Although you may not need additional services right now, changing domain registrars “halfway” can be expensive. That’s why it’s a good idea to check what additional services your domain registrar can offer. Such services may include domain parking and extended protection against domain expiration.

In addition to all of the above, there are many other factors to consider when choosing the domain registrar best suited for your business. Some of them are the cost of additional modules and the cost of domain renewal, actions upon expiration of domains, hidden payments, and proper licensing of domain name trading.

Domain registration solutions

A well-known and popular domain name registrar in the USA. Founded in 2000, it professes the idea of internet access for everyone.

Namecheap is one of the best ICANN-certified domain name registrars and at the same time a hosting company.

Namecheap manages more than 5 million domain names. The customer base is 2 million people.

Represents foreign domain registrars, and is known not only in the United States, GoDaddy provides access to the world’s largest cloud platform for small private enterprises.

More than 17 million customers and 73 million domain names are in the assets of this company. It offers many additional services, such as hosting services, mail, and website builders.

Anonymous domain registration

Anonymous domain registration is a service for those who want to hide their personal information: name, address, e-mail, phone, etc. from free access to everyone.

Of course, it is always possible to register a domain for a non-existent person. But it will end with the fact that if your domain is “closed”, then you will not be able to prove that it belongs to you.

Anonymous domain registration services

To successfully conduct business on the internet and not worry about the legality of owning a registered domain and remaining anonymous at the same time, you can use the anonymous domain registration service.

Anonymous domain registration services

MediaOn / Digital Gateway Networks A.S is located in Singapore and is a PSI reseller from the USA. This is one of the few services that allow anonymous domain registration for only $8 or $12 per month. In the settings, you can select a specific country and other parameters for convenience.

The service is highly valued in the service market and has a good reputation. Worth a closer look if you are interested in anonymous domain registration.

The-Online is based in Europe, Asia, and the USA and is a reseller of domains 1Api (Europe), Wild West Domains (USA), PDR (Asia), and other Chinese registrars accredited by ICANN.

Prices for the packages offered range from $8.99, and domain privacy is enabled for 5 or more domains. If you chose Wild West, domain privacy is free, and .com costs $15 per year. 

Completely anonymous domain registration costs $35 per year. You just need to prepare an email ID and a card. Anonymous domains can be registered only by sending them by email. Therefore, choose an anonymous email in advance to preserve privacy.

KatzGlobal is another service that offers anonymous domain registration services. This service is especially popular on the dark net. The price for a package of services per year is $30. For this amount, the user receives a turnkey package without additional purchases and functions.

Read more about the dark net here.


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