The Leaked FBI list: Utopia Blockchain Messenger Is Not There

A secret FBI document that shows interaction of the organization with popular messengers. To few people’s surprise, they open access to users’ metadata on FBI demand.

The list includes several popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Signal, Threema, WeChat, Line, and Wickr.

It should be noted that the anonymous Utopia P2P blockchain crypto messenger, which is gaining popularity, is not on the list. 

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What kind of document was leaked?

The FBI document that have been leaked to the net confirms speculation that it is monitoring the activity of WhatsApp and Facebook users. 

Unsecure messengers list

The document details the legitimate extraction of Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Signal, Threema, Line, and Wickr messages and metadata.

For example, messengers such as iMessage and WhatsApp provide the FBI with access to more categories of data than other platforms, including the content and history of messages received and sent. In addition, they work closely with the authorities, providing any user data upon request. 

WhatsApp also provides “pen register” data — a record of the source and destination of each message on a device that is updated every 15 minutes. The messenger also gets access to the data of sending messages and the recipient’s access time to it. 

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It became known from the document that only iMessage, WhatsApp, and Line store the contents of messages and provide them to the authorities. The other six messengers mentioned in the guide do not disclose the contents of messages.

Why isn’t Utopia cooperating with the FBI and the authorities?

Utopia P2P is a decentralized anonymous ecosystem that provides security and privacy for each user. It was created by IT enthusiasts, the 1984 Group, who do not disclose their real names. Such anonymity helps them avoid pressure from the state and other interested parties. Therefore, all data remains within the ecosystem and cannot be transferred to third parties.

In addition, the registration and use of the ecosystem are anonymous. The user does not enter a name, phone number, or email. What’s more, the ecosystem does not monitor the user’s real IP address or online activity.

The ecosystem is based on peer-to-peer architecture, so it does not use a single server for data storage. Instead, each user has a personal crypto container with individual access to it.

Utopia is a unique private project that has joined the Alt-tech movement. It provides users with all the tools they need in one place: instant messenger, encrypted email, anonymous browser, internal cryptocurrency and exchange, and the possibility of mining.

All in all, Utopia P2P is the one truly secure tool for private communication on the internet. And the case with the FBI leak once again confirmed this. 


This information further reinforces the fact that popular messengers cooperate with the authorities and government agencies. Therefore, their use can lead to disastrous results. 

To protect yourself and your data, it is best to use a private and decentralized (without a central server) communication tool — Utopia P2P.

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