The Best Privacy Screen Protectors

These days, hackers are smarter and bolder than ever. They resort to any means to get the necessary information, including taking screenshots of their desktop. If you store important or even confidential information on your computer, you definitely need to do something to prevent these attacks.

In this article, we will tell you about the best screen projectors for the Windows computers and Android smartphones.

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Why is screen privacy important?

To be honest, in many contexts, screen privacy is completely unnecessary. Your home computer probably doesn’t need visual data protection. Just like the screen in a small group of trusted colleagues in a windowless room.

Privacy screen protectors for Windows

But if you work in a public space, protecting the content on your monitor becomes an important security measure. You never know who’s watching (or recording) your work. And if you don’t protect your data from prying eyes nearby, you open up very dangerous vulnerabilities for yourself and your organization.

Moreover, visual data protection becomes unavoidable if you regularly work with sensitive data, such as medical records, financial transactions or customer work protected by non-disclosure agreements. Think about how much personal data is displayed on a regular nurse’s post or on a cashier’s computer. If you work in these roles, you are also responsible for protecting other people’s confidential information.

The main steps to ensure your online security are here.

Privacy screen protectors for Windows


Zemana is an interesting anti-spying software that is also present in the software quality. Its creators are proud to confirm that this tool can detect all keyloggers, grappling with the webcam and screenshots of malware.

If you are looking for a tool that offers a variety of security features in one package, then the free option reset AntiLogger is the right choice for you. It not only can help prevent screen capture but also recognizes, prevents, and blocks any kind of identity theft on the internet and financial fraud.

More specifically, here is a list of its main features:

  • Protection against keystroke logging.
  • Protection screen capture.
  • Intellectuals — a public early warning system.
  • Protection against hacking webcams.
  • Theft protection of the microphone.
  • Secured remote access to the clipboard.


SpyShelter is a very powerful anti-keylogger, which also includes the anti-screenshot. SpyShelter comes in two versions, SpyShelter Premium and SpyShelter Firewall and both prevent screen capture, helping you to be one step ahead of the hackers.

The creators of SpyShelter explain that keyloggers are often accompanied by the check-in feature screen. The anti-screen capture SpyShelter is specially designed to prevent screen capture suspicious applications.

SpyShelter does not need daily database updates and is compatible with any antivirus and security software. Tools based on fast and safe processing algorithms, allow using very few system resources and avoid slowing down your computer.

You can purchase SpyShelter Premium for $33.10 and take advantage of the annual subscription. Firewall SpyShelter worth $39.95.


ScreenWings is an antivirus tool for screen capture for Windows 10, which ensures that your computer will not be made screenshots. As we have stated at the beginning of this article, hackers could try to steal information, sending malware to the snapshot of the screen while you write your credit card to buy something online.

Screenings are very easy to install and use. When you run the software, you will see two buttons. A red X icon closes the program, and the second allows you to enable protection against screenshots. You can enable/disable this option at any time.

Screenings do not block the functionality of the screenshots in Windows 10, you will still be able to do screen captures at any time. When a third-party application tries to take screenshots, Screen Wings darken the screen, and hackers will only see the black screen.

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Privacy screen protectors for Android

Fingerprint Lock

Privacy screen protectors for Android

Fingerprint Lock is an application to lock the buttons of the phone and provides you only access after reading the thumbprint. To unlock your phone, hold your finger on the light indicator next to the area of fraud within two seconds, until the indicator starts flashing green. Then scan your finger and you will be granted access.

CM Locker

CM Locker is the first app for a lock screen, which supports fingerprint unlock in Samsung Galaxy S1 and S6 Edge. And if someone tries to grab your phone and enter the wrong password, this app lock screen fingerprints make self of that person, so you will be able to find out who wants to hack your phone.


AppLock — this app is for screen protection and supports a variety of locking mechanisms, including the fingerprint lock. Various screen locks include password locks, pattern locks, and fingerprint locks. You can lock any app using App Lock and prevent others to uninstall your application. This app lock screen fingerprint also has a power-saving mode to conserve battery power.

ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner

ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner is a screen lock application for Android devices without a fingerprint scanner. It works by taking an image of your finger and your fingerprint will be matched with the image, if the match is successful, your phone will be unlocked. This fingerprint screen lock app works on ONYX HD authentication.


FingerSecurity is the first app that allows users of Android devices with a fingerprint sensor to protect their apps with fingerprints. It can automatically protect new apps and unlock your apps at specific locations, protect notifications of protected apps, and detect intruders, by photographing them.


Today, screens play a leading role in all areas of our lives, from work to entertainment. We have TV screens in living rooms, monitors on desktops, and smartphones in our pockets. But, we must remember that our screens are also our “curse.” Without proper precautions, displays present a real vulnerability to data theft.

With just a few advanced screen privacy practices, including a good privacy filter on particularly vulnerable devices, we can protect all our sensitive data from intruders and just casual observers. Just a few simple precautions can make a huge difference.


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