Telegram Bots for Personal Data Searching

With the advent of Telegram, the lives of many internet users have really become easier. More precisely, this happened after the appearance of Telegram bots that automatically perform any functions. The boom of 2021 is the arrival of special bots for searching personal data.

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Such Telegram bots work according to the Open Source Intelligence scheme: they rely on open or public sources to collect information, and they use the APIs.

To save valuable time searching for such personal data, we have prepared a list of Telegram bots that will do everything for you.

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How to find the right bot?

The messenger itself does not have a list of available bots. Of course, this is inconvenient, but on the other hand, there are a huge number of them. Every day, new virtual assistants are created, and others are removed. Therefore, you will have to search for interesting and useful programs yourself. There are two ways to do this:

  • by entering the exact name in the messenger search bar;
  • use special catalogs and collections.

If you need a specific bot whose name you know, you can find it using the general search bar. If you have certain skills, you can create an assistant yourself. The developers of the messenger provided this opportunity to everyone.

Advantages of using bots in Telegram:

– 24-hour availability;

– simplicity and ease of use, with the given commands, the robots cope perfectly;

– the response is received immediately;

– their installation does not affect the operation of your device in any way because bots access third-party servers;

– security of personal data, no robot can “leak” information because it sees nothing but its own commands (in addition, access to the bot can be password-protected);

– no need to install additional programs or widgets. Bots are available directly in the messenger;

unlimited functionality, the user can find their virtual assistant in almost any business.

Reasons to use the bot

There are many reasons to use such bots. Someone may use them to find their business competitors, friends, classmates, neighbor, or even exes. Others are searching for celebrities and bloggers.

Reasons to use bots

*Note: The collection of personal data is illegal action. All information that has been listed here is presented only to inform the reader. We are not responsible for the actions of impressionable readers.

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*Note: Many of these bots work illegally and have already been blocked by the app. However, similar bots are created in a matter of seconds, and a user will not have difficulty in finding them in the catalog.

To avoid awkward situations, choose the following bots:

Before we start, read the article about password protection to protect your personal correspondence from threats.

Get Contact

– What can this bot do?

The bot can show how a specific person is recorded in the contact list of his friends and relatives or other bot’s users. Unfortunately, it can show only public information from the phones of its subscribers. Also, there is a limit: a user can check only three times a day.

*Note: The original version of the bot has been removed. And at the moment, there are a lot of fake paid bots that will not show the information you are interested in after payment.

Eye of God Bot

– What can this bot do?

The bot has a set of interesting functions like searching by name, car number, phone number, email, etc. To start using the bot, you should subscribe to the bot channel. But unfortunately, this action doesn’t guarantee the correct results.

The bot can find anybody’s email, a Facebook page, a Telegram or WhatsApp account, etc. And all information is available for free.

The same goes for car numbers searching. The bot can show the specific region of the owner. Such a data is stored on the internet for free.

*Note: At the moment, the bot is also blocked.


– What can this bot do?

The bot can show you all information about car seller. For instance, it can show the history of car’s sale by its state number. But the bot is paid and only after payment, you can get more additional information about the specific car.

*Note: If you don’t want to order a paid mode, the service will suggest you to try for free.


– What can this bot do?

The bot can find any information about internet users, for example:

  • Search for a person by last name and first name.
  • Check the phone and mail.
  • Check the car number.
  • Search by photo.

The bot has a free trial period when a person can make only 2 requests. Then, he should pay for subscription.

Telegram bot tool

According to an investigation into using the service, the bot shows only old data that hasn’t been updated for years. But such data as users’ social network pages, mobile numbers, and some other things are the same.

*Note: At the moment, the bot is also blocked.


– What can this bot do?

The service prepares the information about a possible leak of user data. It can find the name, email, car number of any person by phone number.

*Note: The bot is paid. You have a trial period: only a few attempts for free.


– What can this bot do?

If you want to know more about a particular person, you can use this service to get all up-to-date information. Just enter a phone or car numbers, or upload a photo and the bot shows all available data on this user.

In addition, it can find the real address of the person, family ties, as well as cases of violation of the law.

*Note: The bot only works in paid mode.


– What can this bot do?

A free of charge bot that can show the list of user’s Telegram channels and groups, using his nickname. Theoretically, such data can tell you more about a specific person, his interests, hobbies, field of occupation.

*Note: TELESINT only shows the public subscriptions. You can’t get the information about private group participation.


– What can this bot do?

This bot can find any Facebook page that is connected to the specific phone number. You should add the number in the international format like +739107381902 and click on the Start button.


The bots can work and even be helpful. However, there are a few essential points that you should pay attention to before using their services.

Don’t forget that you can delete your Telegram at any time.

Telegram bots conclusion

1. Most bots are paid. However, even paid can’t provide true information. Most of the data needs to be rechecked.

2. If you want to increase the probability of finding reliable information, you should use several bots at once.

3. To get truthful data, it is better to seek professionals who can find any data about the target user. Of course, the cost of such services are several times more.

4. Many bots are blocked because of the illegality of their work. Therefore, new analogs of these bots are created with reduced functionality.

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