PayPal Security: Has PayPal Ever Been Hacked?

Every new user of the international payment system is concerned about the question: Does PayPal provide security to its customers? After all, when registering a wallet, it is necessary to provide such personal data as passport information, and to link a bank card. 

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Let’s find out what PayPal is, how secure it is, what guarantees of confidentiality you can count on, and whether PayPal has ever been hacked.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is a free online payment system. It is easy to use and absolutely safe. When buying goods online, you often need to enter card details or use traditional transfers. PayPal significantly speeds up this process.

What is PayPal

After creating a free account in just a few minutes, you can have any number of wallets with support for different currencies that you can use to pay in stores around the world. Deposits to PayPal are made using a VISA or MasterCard, QIWI, and WebMoney as well as the Bestchange exchanger. You can withdraw funds in the same ways.

PayPal has several advantages that will certainly please users. The most important of them is speed. You enter the data once, during registration, then you just need to enter your password and email address to perform any operation with your account. 

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In addition, all payments can be made with one click, for example, on a smartphone. PayPal is also very convenient for the vendors you shop from. Funds appear in the seller’s account almost instantly, so parcels will be sent quickly.

Protection and storage of information in PayPal

When thinking about whether PayPal is reliable and whether it is safe to enter passport data, you need to take into account that these measures are used to identify users. They allow you to avoid account hacking or restore access after losing your password, so providing truthful information is in the interests of customers.

Officially, you should not worry about the safety of information, because PayPal resorts to several security measures:

  • encryption
  • firewall
  • control of physical access of employees
  • verification of their credentials

Due to the protections, the possibility of data misuse or privacy violations is eliminated. The information is only necessary to comply with the law, process orders, and receive payments.

Is it safe to use a PayPal wallet?

In the modern world, it is no longer relevant to ask whether it is worth starting a PayPal wallet. Millions of users send money through this payment system all over the globe every day. With its help, they make purchases via the internet, make money transfers to loved ones, and conduct business. Moreover, payments arrive quickly and occur without commission if you send a transfer to friends or relatives.

Using the PayPal e-wallet to make payments or receive transfers via the internet, you don’t need to be afraid for the safety of your money. The peculiarity of the payment system is that you do not need to share with others information like the number of a bank account or card. And therefore this information will never fall into the hands of scammers.

Is it safe to use PayPal

If you need to receive a payment, it is enough to provide your email address. And when you need to pay for goods on the internet, the PayPal wallet will serve as a transit means. With its help, the money from your card will be credited to the seller’s account. And he only finds out your email. Sharing this data is absolutely safe. The only thing you must not disclose is the password from your personal account.

But for full confidence in the security of PayPal, you should also take measures to protect your wallet yourself.

  • Use a complex password: compose it not only from numbers and letters of different cases, but also add special characters (!, @, #, %, # etc.).

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  • Enable two-factor authentication with confirmation via a code sent to your phone.

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  • Log in to the account only through the website in order not to accidentally leave your username and password on a phishing site that steals this data.

If the user is only concerned about whether it is safe to use PayPal to pay for purchases and whether the money will reach the recipient, then this mechanism has been worked out to the smallest detail. And the operations themselves take place through encrypted channels.

Is it safe to add a card to PayPal?

If you are in doubt about whether you should trust PayPal with bank details, then you should ask yourself if you need this electronic wallet at all. Without this detail, it will not be possible to send a transfer or cash out the received funds. The point of the payment system is to use it to transfer money online from a bank card balance. And its creators have done everything possible to protect their users’ data.

However, there is a nuance in PayPal, whether it is safe to link the card for sellers. According to the buyer protection program, some unscrupulous user could claim that they have not received their goods, and they have the right to demand their money back from the seller. When there is not enough money in the entrepreneur’s PayPal account to reimburse the claim, this amount will be forcibly debited from the card.

To prevent this from happening, you should adhere to security measures:

  • Delete the card from your account if you haven’t used your PayPal account for a long time.
  • Do not store a large amount on a card linked to the wallet.
  • Use a goods delivery service, which allows you to track the path of the parcel through the tracking number.
  • Save confirmations of shipment and delivery of goods.
  • Keep in mind the date of sale or provision of the service.
  • Do not erase the recipient’s name or email address.

This information will help to challenge the buyer’s claim if they open a groundless complaint in your name.

PayPal security issue

The necessary data protection rules on the internet.

What measures should users take to protect themselves?

Whether it is safe to register with PayPal continues to worry customers: although a data leak from the system is excluded, there remains the possibility of account hacking. Attackers use the following methods:

  • Brute force. After finding out the login, which is an email address, hackers select passwords using a program that automatically generates options. It will be possible to prevent this type of hacking by using a complex combination of Latin letters and numbers because an attacker will not spend weeks getting into a regular account. A successful password is a random set of uppercase and lowercase characters, not a specific word.
  • Phishing. Scammers first send an email message on behalf of PayPal. In it, the user is warned about suspicious activity and asked to confirm his identity. The email contains a “Login” button, and after clicking, the user is redirected to a fake website that mimics the service page: the URL differs from the original, but an inexperienced client may not notice the difference. Then they are asked to “re-enter” personal data to restore access to the wallet. Later, the information obtained is used by attackers to hack the account.

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  • Users are also invited to take part in promotions allegedly conducted by the service or trading platforms. After clicking on the link, users enter a username and password, which become known to hackers. To avoid fraud, you should not click on the button in the letter, but log in on the main page of the service.

To increase security, it is also important not to store account information in an e-mail, so that attackers will not gain access to the account if your email is hacked. It is recommended to scan devices weekly (computer, tablet, smartphone) with antivirus programs, which will prevent the input data from being read from the keyboard.

Has PayPal ever been hacked?

There is a difference between hacking PayPal and hacking a PayPal account. If the question is, are PayPal accounts hacked? The answer is yes. How many times has PayPal been hacked? We really don’t know.

It is important to understand that by going online, you open the door to all kinds of hacker schemes and attacks. Some people exist on the internet only to cheat you and profit from your PayPal account or credit card transactions.

Also be aware that accounts are usually hacked when a criminal gets access to your credentials, such as email addresses and passwords.


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