New Wristband-Keyboard with Finger Recognition

A startup from California has introduced an extremely unusual gadget called TapXR. This is a bracelet that can control any technique.

TapXR is put on your hand, then an accelerometer and an optical sensor monitor the movement of your hands. You can control devices that support Bluetooth.

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Who is involved in the development?

A California startup is developing the device. TapXR uses built-in motion sensors and optical sensors to determine which finger (or fingers) are currently tapping on a nearby surface, and then “transmits the appropriate command with 99% accuracy.”

What is a new wristband-keyboard

A device called TapXR acts as a bracelet with many sensors that recognize the movements of the user’s fingers. From such movements, according to engineers, TapXR identifies more than a thousand different commands. In general, the device allows you to type text on a keyboard that does not exist in reality — and to do it quite quickly.

What is TapXR?

Simply put, TapXR is proposed to be used to emulate a full keyboard (typing speed of about 70 words per minute), as well as to “transmit 100 separate commands.” 

“This technology is particularly well suited for use in virtual reality applications where users need to type commands, but they don’t see a real keyboard or other peripheral devices.”

What can TapXR do

  • Control your smartphone, TV, and tablet.
  • Manage presentations.
  • Use your fingers as a computer mouse.
  • Use your fingers as a keyboard.
  • Act as a remote control in augmented and virtual reality.

It also adds: the device is compatible with most current virtual reality helmets, as well as with laptops and PCs based on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome. It is possible to connect to smartphones on iOS, Android, and Windows. The battery charge lasts up to ten hours of operation.

Price and availability

TapXR is available in six colors and six sizes. The cost is $249. The novelty can already be ordered on the manufacturer’s website, but only with delivery in the USA. The first buyers will receive their gadgets in early 2023.

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