How to Unblock TwinGPT in China — Use Utopia AI

Recently, the famous chatbot ChatGPT, as well as its twin brother with more advanced TwinGPT functionality, was blocked in China. Don’t worry, in the land of the rising sun, measures are constantly being taken to restrict access to popular foreign applications.

However, artificial intelligence can still be used in China without restriction — Utopia AI Assistant.

Today we will tell you what it is and what advantages it offers.

What is ChatGPT and its TwinGPT counterpart?

ChatGPT is a large language model developed by OpenAI based on the GPT-3 architecture. It is used for the automatic generation of natural language text, including for answering questions, generating text fragments, writing essays, and much more.

What is ChatGPT and TwinGPT

ChatGPT can be useful in many areas, such as automating content processes, improving search engines and speech recognition technologies, as well as creating intelligent assistants and chatbots that can provide quick and accurate answers to users’ questions.

It can also be used to generate content in marketing, advertising, and other industries where high-quality text generation is required.

TwinGPT, in turn, is the development of the Nicegram Messenger built on the Telegram platform, but with more advanced functionality:

  • Private & Secure communication
  • Powerful Integrations
  • Business & Personal communication
  • AI chats with celebrities
  • Built-in media player
  • Ability to send large files without loss of quality
  • Earnings of $NICE — the main token of the messenger
  • Transcription of voice messages

TwinGPT also offers more different functions compared to its ChatGPT counterpart:

  1. 1. AI Twin creation.
  2. 2. AI Twin customization.
  3. 3. AI Twin personalization includes behavior, humor, and life views.
  4. 4. Selling on the Nicegram Marketplace for $NICE.
TwinGPT key features

But unfortunately, both of these tools are not available in China. However, some find working ways.

How to unblock TwinGPT in China using VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a technology that allows you to create a secure connection between your device and the Internet using traffic encryption.

A VPN should be used to ensure the privacy and security of your internet connections. And also to hide your IP address, circumvent geographical restrictions, and gain access to ChatGPT and TwinGPT in China.

How a VPN works:

  1. 1. The user connects to the VPN server using special software (VPN client), which is installed on his device (computer, smartphone, tablet).
  2. 2. When a user sends a request to the internet, it is encrypted on the device and sent to the VPN server.
  3. 3. The VPN server decrypts the request, sends it to the internet, and receives a response.
  4. 4. The server then encrypts the response and sends it back to the user.
  5. 5. After this, all data sent and received by the user via VPN is encrypted and can only be read if there is an encryption key.

The best VPN services with free trial periods are here.

How to set up a VPN to use ChatGPT

The steps for setting up and connecting to a VPN may vary slightly depending on the chosen provider, but in general, the process looks like this:

  1. 1.Choose a VPN provider. Read the terms of use, functions, speed, and other parameters to decide on the choice and unblock the chatbot.
  1. 2. Register and get your VPN login credentials. This can be a username, password, or a key file.
  1. 3. Download and install the selected VPN on the device that you will use to connect to use ChatGPT.
  1. 4. Launch the VPN app and log in to your account using your credentials.
  1. 5. Select the VPN server you want to connect to. Many providers offer servers in different countries, so you can choose the one that is closest to the place where you want to access ChatGPT.
  1. 6. Connect to the selected server by clicking the “Connect” button in the VPN application.

After establishing a VPN connection, you can start using the internet without restrictions and unblock ChatGPT in China. All your traffic will be encrypted and routed through a remote VPN server that hides your real location and identification information.

To disable VPN, click on the “Disconnect” button in the VPN application.

Nevertheless, despite the high popularity of VPN services, they still have certain security risks.

Therefore, many experts, including us, recommend using alternative tools, for example, Utopia AI Assistant.

Utopia AI Assistant — the best alternative for ChatGPT and TwinGPT

Utopia AI Assistant is a special bot assistant — ChatGPT, which is an AI assistant and is ready to answer any user’s question at any time. You don’t need to download it specifically — it’s built into the Utopia P2P ecosystem. At the same time, all requests are anonymous and free of charge.

Utopia AI key features

Utopia P2P is an anonymous and decentralized platform for communication, information retrieval, and data transfer. This is an absolutely anonymous and secure platform with multi-level data encryption and the absence of censorship and online surveillance. To register, you do not need to enter personal data — just come up with a nickname and password.

Learn more about Utopia P2P here.

A personal AI bot assistant that is available 24/7 immediately after the installation of the ecosystem. Utopia AI uses artificial intelligence to answer questions and provide useful information in real time. Together with Utopia Messenger (we’ll talk about it later), you can use chatbot in your pocket absolutely for free.

Utopia AI Assistant is a powerful tool that can help you solve a variety of tasks. Regardless of whether you need help finding the nearest café, the latest news, or just have the desire to chat with a friendly virtual assistant — can do everything.

In addition, thanks to Utopia P2P’s commitment to privacy and security, you can be sure that all conversations with the AI bot are completely confidential.

How to find the Utopia AI bot on your device?

  1. 1. Download or update Utopia P2P to the latest version.
  2. 2. Find “Utopia AI” in the contact list in the left column.
  3. 3. Start communicating with the AI Assistant as a friend.

*Using ChatGPT inside Utopia P2P is possible even if all servers are overloaded.

Bonus: Use Utopia Messenger for secure communication

Utopia P2P Messenger is more than just a messaging app. It is a fully decentralized platform that allows you to control your data and communications. Thanks to features such as end-to-end encryption, anonymous accounts, and in the absence of central servers, you don’t have to worry about data security.

For fans of various news portals or channels, there is a function to create them using channels. All chats created in Utopia P2P are anonymous. Moreover, the creators, moderators, and all channel participants remain anonymous. Therefore, there is no censorship in the ecosystem, and everyone can express their real opinion on any topic.

In addition, an instant messenger was also released for the mobile version of Utopia P2P Messenger for the Android operating system. The functionality is a little bit already, for example, there is no possibility of transmitting voice messages, but you can stay in touch around the clock because the messenger is right on the phone.

Everything about the Utopia Messenger is here.


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