How to Buy Virtual Phone Number Anonymously [Fast Registration in Telegram]

Social networks are tightening the rules of advertising more and more every year. Bans from Facebook and Telegram regularly arrive, which is why you need to get new phone numbers to register new accounts. Buying a new SIM card every time is too expensive and takes a lot of time, so the demand for virtual numbers for receiving SMS continues to grow, and their popularity will not fade for many years to come.

The virtual number purchase services are used for numerous registrations in social networks, trading platforms, messengers, and other services for spam, massliking, massfollowing.

You can either rent a virtual number for various services or buy it for a specific social network, messenger, or other platform.

In the article, we will tell you how to buy a virtual number anonymously to register on Telegram and other social media.

The list of the most proven virtual number services is here.

How to buy virtual number anonymously for Telegram

A virtual number allows logging in to the messenger without a SIM card. It does not depend on mobile operators and is not tied to your passport data. This does not guarantee complete anonymity, but it will be useful, for example, when moving to another country, when you change the operator and contacts. In addition, it will help to get rid of annoying spam.

How to buy virtual phone number on Telegram

Only you will always have access to the number, it will not be transferred to someone without your permission. But you will only be able to use it to create a new Telegram account or for an existing profile. In other services, this number will not work.

Such a personal virtual Telegram number will not be cheap. They are sold through the Fragment auction site. Messenger developers initially launched this platform to sell unique usernames.

The TON cryptocurrency is used exclusively for buying and selling numbers on Fragment. This is an altcoin developed with the participation of Telegram and running on the blockchain of the same name.

A standard virtual number for Telegram costs 9 TON, or $19.12 at the current exchange rate. The combination consists of characters generated randomly. Only the prefix +888 remains unchanged. The ready-to-use unique numbers were put up for auction by the messenger team. Bids reach tens of thousands of dollars, but the usual options can be purchased quickly without bidding.

The purchased number will be stored in your crypto wallet as an NFT. If desired, it can also be auctioned and sold.

Is Telegram a secure and safe place?

Pay for a virtual number

  1. 1. Go to the Fragment website and log in via Tonkeeper using the Connect TON button on the top panel.
  2. 2. On the Numbers page, click Buy instantly for 9 TON under the search bar.
  3. 3. Then tap Unlock this number for 9 TON. A random number will open completely after payment.
  4. 4. Pay for the number from your Tonkeeper crypto account by clicking on the Buy Now with Tonkeeper button.
  5. 5. Go to the My Assets section via the main menu. The purchased combination will appear in the Anonymous numbers tab.

Now you can create a new Telegram account or link the number to the old profile.

How to use a virtual number for Telegram

Buy a virtual phone number anonymously
  • Link to an existing account

Go to the Telegram settings and click on your real number. Then tap on the “Change number” button. Enter virtual. The messenger will identify it as anonymous in the “Country” item.

In your Fragment account, go to the My Assets → Anonymous numbers page. Click Get Login Code. Enter the Telegram cipher that will appear in Fragment.

To link a virtual number to a new or old account, you must have the latest version of Telegram installed. You can log in on multiple devices at once, just like with a regular phone number.

  • Create a new account

Launch Telegram and enter the purchased virtual number with a new authorization. As in the previous case, on the My Assets page in Fragment, click on the Get Login Code button next to the desired combination. Add the received code to Telegram and complete the registration stage.

Is it worth buying a virtual number for Telegram?

Thanks to the virtual number, attackers will not determine your location by it. As noted above, it does not depend on telecom operators and is not attached to your real name. The number is stored as an NFT based on the TON blockchain. The purchased combination will not be given to anyone, while you can earn money if you manage to resell it more expensive at auction. An additional layer of anonymity can be useful for active Telegram users who fear the safety of their accounts and data.

At the same time, virtual numbers for Telegram do not give a premium status. They are also confused by their high cost, even randomly generated ones. Perhaps this will protect you from a huge number of anonymous spammers, but it will not completely solve the problem. In addition, the virtual number is limited by the Telegram ecosystem — it does not have the properties of a full-fledged telephone contact, it can only be used for an account in one messenger.

A regular mobile phone, if desired, can simply be hidden from everyone through the profile settings, as well as activate two-factor authentication. In addition, manipulations with cryptocurrency can alienate inexperienced users. Moreover, TON is not so common compared to other species.

Buy virtual phone number anonymously

Take into account all these points and decide how interesting the new Telegram feature is for you. Perhaps there will be enough already available means for protection and anonymity.

How to register on social media without a phone number

If you want to stay in touch and at the same time not waste time on third-party services that offer virtual numbers, then choose such social platforms where registration is completely anonymous.

One such platform is Utopia P2P, an anonymous and decentralized ecosystem of a new generation focused on Web 3.0 technologies. The ecosystem is a closed platform inside the internet. It has everything you need for work, study, socializing, and having fun:

  • uMessenger
  • AI Assistant
  • uMail
  • Idyll Browser
  • Web Proxy
  • uWallet

All tools are available immediately after downloading and anonymous registration: you do not need to enter your personal name, email address, or phone number. All registration and use are completely anonymous.

At the same time, the ecosystem provides 100% protection of data from hacks and leaks. Such a percentage is possible thanks to the use of multi-level data encryption and a specially created blockchain architecture.

Read more about Utopia P2P here.


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