FTX Founder Wanted to Buy an Island for Experiments

The FTX cryptocurrency exchange collapsed with a loud crash in November last year. Sam Bankman-Fried, a 30-year-old man with the face of a disgruntled teenager, conducted all the business on this largest crypto platform in the world. There is still an analysis of the “wreckage” that remained after the collapse of his empire.

And among the traces, the investigators suddenly found a terrible document. Sam was going to buy an island in the Pacific Ocean to secretly perform genetic experiments on people.

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Who is Sam Bankman-Fried?

Sam Bankman-Fried is a kind of genius. He was born into a family of professors right on the Stanford campus. Already in childhood, he showed outstanding mathematical abilities. He studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and was interested in politics. In general, from a young age, he demonstrated talents and a broad outlook.

Who is Sam Bankman-Fried

Therefore, when the idea of cryptocurrencies appeared in the mid-2010s, even smart people asked “what is it, how is it,” and the simpler people decided that — well, it’s just such money. Sam, without hesitation, speculated well with bitcoins in 2018, and in 2019 founded the FTX exchange, which in 2021 became the largest crypto exchange on the planet.

Sam seemed like a man who was only interested in money. As a businessman, he acted unmistakably. Before the crypt, he was engaged in trading and trading, it was there that he made his first millions. But the appearance turned out to be a little deceptive.

Money for this businessman was only a means of realizing global plans to remake the world. This could have been guessed a long time ago by one detail: in 2017, an entry about working at the Center for Effective Altruism, a strange organization that intends to change civilization by establishing the power of the enlightened rich, who generously allow others to live, suddenly appears in his “workbook.”

Interestingly, cryptocurrencies at the dawn of their birth were also presented as a way to “establish justice” and “get away from financial dictatorship” (it’s even funny to remember now). All this probably drew Sam’s attention to the crypt. And, of course, the colossal profitability.

At the peak of its fame, FTX had at least a million users, which is incredibly much for a crypt. The peak occurred, as already mentioned, in 2021. The last one, 2022, began with the next triumphs and did not portend bad.

The firm had billions of dollars, began trading stocks, entered the gaming industry, and generally shone and did not leave the front pages. But, as in the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street,” the authorities knew that fraud was at the heart of success.

A year ago, in August, the regulator stopped the exchange’s activities, accusing it of deception — that FTX is a pyramid. The management fled the company, an investigation began against the company, and finally in November Sam announced that he was filing for bankruptcy.

What was the plan?

Now the company’s documents, including secret ones, are being sorted out, and a lot of interesting things are being discovered. Probably the most terrible thing is the plan to breed a new type of human using genetic engineering methods. A practical plan.

To pull this off, it was supposed to buy an island in the state of Nauru (this is Micronesia, the Pacific Ocean). There, the company wanted to build an underground bunker. It was intended to organize a “laboratory for the genetic improvement of man,” that is, simply to bring out a superman.

FTX’s creator

Further, according to the plan, the Earth’s population is reduced by 99%. Here, however, it is unclear why – but the company was sure that this would happen. And at that moment, superhumans come to the surface and repopulate the planet.

The FTX Foundation division was doing all this, and Sam and his brother Gabriel were in charge of the project. They view the case as a “fraud of shareholders,” because the depositors who trusted Sam with money, of course, had no idea about any superman.

Amazingly, the case could have been a success. Nauru has a peculiar reputation. The island on which the tiny state stands is full of phosphorites. First, the colonialists, and then the government of an independent state, without thinking about the consequences, exported millions of tons of this super fertilizer, turning a tropical paradise into a dreary desert.

The revenues were enormous. The indigenous people stopped working. Strings of the most luxurious cars cruised around the island with a single road. Residents flew to super expensive resorts because it became impossible to live on their own island.

Obesity and diseases associated with excess have become commonplace. The corruption of the commodity economy flourished. The more expensive cars there were, the poorer the treasury was.

As a result, they had to sell everything they could to cover their debts (phosphorites had run out by that time). But even after that, the government did not calm down. It opened its jurisdiction to the most dubious money by organizing a “wild” offshore. Today there is a lunar landscape, poverty and despondency.

Of course, such a place would agree to host strange people with billions of dollars and murky plans. And no one would ask unnecessary questions. Sam is definitely smart.

What is the result?

Currently, FTX anti-crisis managers are demanding that the ex-management of the exchange reimburse more than a billion dollars. The documents indicate that Bankman-Fried and his girlfriend uncontrollably appropriated investors’ money and spent hundreds of millions of dollars on buying real estate, investing, lobbying their interests and utopian personal projects. The FTX case has been called one of the largest financial frauds in the history of mankind.


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