Anyone Can Read Someone Else’s Deleted WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp has a giant “hole.” Anyone can read someone else’s deleted messages.

Last month, it became known that WhatsApp can restore messages deleted by the interlocutor from the general chat. 

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This function is provided by third-party software for WAMR phones. At the moment, it is at the peak of popularity. And Meta is not yet able to deal with the threat that has appeared.

This article will consider malware in more detail and look for ways to solve the problem.

WhatsApp continues to put its users in danger

WhatsApp has been disappointing its users for more than a year. It all started with pseudo double encryption and the introduction of new privacy rules. But, even then, many users realized that the messenger could not protect users from data leakage.

WhatsApp vulnerability

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This time, a new vulnerability was found that allows you to view messages deleted by the interlocutor without their permission. This was reported by the New York Post. 

According to the publication, you can access not only a regular text message that has already been deleted from the chat but also photos, videos, and other content.

Unfortunately, the management of the messenger cannot fix this vulnerability yet. After all, the process of restoring messages is done thanks to the old WAMR software.

What is WAMR?

At the time of publication of the material, WAMR existed only in the Android version, but this does not mean that iPhone owners are protected from it. The application tracks all deleted messages in WhatsApp chats, regardless of which platform they were sent from.

WAMR is gaining popularity at an appalling rate. It was uploaded to Google Play in mid-July 2019, and in two and a half years, users have downloaded it over 50 million times.

Judging by the average score of 4.5 out of 5 possible (based on almost 730,000 reviews), those who downloaded this software are satisfied with their opportunities. Moreover, the application did not even have time to overcome the beta testing stage – on January 31, 2022.

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How does WAMR work?

WAMR is completely free software, with only a few additional functions implemented on a paid basis.  The utility does not interact with the WhatsApp messages themselves but scans all existing active chats.

After that, WAMR starts monitoring notifications coming from WhatsApp. For example, if the application notices that the interlocutor has deleted the message, it will offer to view its contents.

So, it will not be possible to send messages hoping that they can then be deleted. WAMR also excludes the possibility of deleting a message sent accidentally or to the wrong user.

Even if it is a voice message, WAMR will be able to save it, even if it disappears from the chat. The same applies to documents.

What is the danger of this software?

It is not yet known whether the software can harm other applications. But it is already clear that WAMR carries a potential privacy threat, and not only for messenger users who are prone to deleting their messages from chats. Those who have installed this software on their device are at even greater risk.

The application requires too many permissions to work. In addition to accessing notifications, it “wants” to read SMS messages for some reason. In addition, it requests access to the file storage and the contact list and calls log.

Danger software

In addition to this, WAMR requires that it be allowed to autorun. Also, this application cannot work offline for some reason; it needs unlimited internet access and access to a list of Wi-Fi networks.

New York Post experts warn that this utility can be used to steal data from other applications installed on the device.

Conclusion: What should we do?

First of all, it is worth giving up the use of malware. This is because it will harm you and your data to a greater extent than it will help you.

Then, give up using WhatsApp. In light of the recent scandals related to the security of this application, reconsider your trust in it.

The best solution would be to use Utopia P2P. It is a decentralized anonymous ecosystem built on blockchain technology. No one can get access to your data but you. Moreover, it provides trusted security tools for users’ protection: instant messaging, encrypted email, anonymous browser, cryptocurrency, exchange platform, and more.

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