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Bandwidth Inc. is a company using communication as a Service (Paas) platform. The company operates in two segments — CPaaS and Other. Its platform allows enterprises to create, expand and manage voice or text communication services through mobile applications or connected devices.

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The company also provides services for SIP trunks, data resale and voice hosting over the internet protocol. It serves large enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, technology companies and other businesses.

Today, we’ve decided to tell you what is

What is

Bandwidth is a provider of a platform for corporate communications. It sells network tools for various APIs. Also, there is a special voice IP network, where users can make voice calls and send text messages. Bandwidth Inc. was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

What is

In simple words, Bandwidth is a provider of communication APIs and services necessary and intended for various kinds of business users. For example, such people are often interested in providing their programs and applications for work with special voice calls, text messages, or 9-1-1 communication.

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In fact, Bandwidth is a unique provider of communication API services. It provides the USA with high-quality voice IP, real-time reliability, and access to 52 million phone numbers in the USA. In addition, such functions can provide API capabilities such as enabling support for local and toll-free numbers, optimized call routes, automated call management, text-to-speech, recording and transcription, wireless operator connections, and detailed call recording.

In addition, the company offers the development of applications providing SMS, MMS, free (A2P), and streaming group messaging functions, with notable features covering support for long messages, PIN codes and notifications, bidirectional Unicode, and, indeed, sending emoticons, images, and audio.

All text messages are sent using the Bandwidth API standard blocks for layering on two-factor authentication (2FA), which is configured to meet the needs of a specific client.

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The most interesting and useful feature is the 9-1-1 Bandwidth Access API. The function provides a specialized connection to emergency services, which includes automatic instant number provision. 

This routing is complemented by MSAG address verification and dynamic location routing technology to assist dispatchers in obtaining accurate location information, which is so important for a quick and effective response.

The main advantages of using

1. Bandwidth is the main provider of the communication API with its nationwide IP-voice network. This is necessary to pull up different departments of the company around the clock. For this purpose, both corporate telephony and fast text messages in chats are used.

2. API for high-quality business class. It provides access to local and toll-free numbers, 911 calls, optimized call routes, automated call management, recording and transcription functions, text-to-speech conversion, call recordings, reproducible media, and much more.

3. The SMS messaging API with two-factor authentication. It allows developers to add secure text messages and MMS messages and free (A2P) and group messaging functions using various multimedia content, as well as stickers and emoticons.

Advantages of

4. The 9-1-1 Bandwidth API facilitates the creation of nationwide (USA) routing of emergency 911 calls. Such a system is fully ready to work on all types of devices. In addition, the function supports automatic verification of the MSAG address to ensure correct and rapid response at the local level.

5. The platform’s own web dashboard. It consists of a clear and pleasant interface, functions for number management, as well as tools for monitoring and reporting.

The rising Popularity during the Covid-19 (BAND, NASDAQ) received a strong growth during the Covid-19 period. The company’s solutions have proved to be in demand, and changes can accelerate the growth of Bandwidth sales.

Bandwidth completed the first quarter when the Covid-19 crisis began. The company provided audio conferences, voice communication, SMS distribution, remote work, and emergency services.

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Bandwidth has tools for analyzing and combating fraudulent calls, so the company became a participant in the user protection study.

The demand for communication services will probably continue to grow, and Bandwidth will be able to increase sales. For example, at the last auction, the BAND stock was worth $152.58.

What happened in 2021?

In September 2021, became another victim of a DDoS attack. Thus, the attackers continue a series of cyberattacks on VoIP providers. 

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As mentioned earlier, Bandwidth provides IP telephony services to organizations and resellers. However, in the late evening of September 25, Bandwidth recorded atypical failures in the operation of voice and text messaging services. DDoS attack

“Bandwidth is investigating a cyber incident affecting voice and text messaging services. At the moment, various failures may occur in the operation of these services. All teams are involved in troubleshooting the problems,” the official representatives said.

Since Bandwidth is one of the most popular VoIP providers in the United States, the DDoS attack was massive. In recent days, other providers have also reported failures; among them were, for example, Twilio, Accent, DialPad,, and RingCentral. 

Recently, cybercriminals have been using DDoS not just for fun or as revenge — now, it is a popular tool for extortion. 

In parallel with the attack, the attackers offer the victim to transfer them a certain amount, after which they promise to stop DDoS.

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Bandwidth alternatives

Bandwidth has many competitors and is constantly fighting for a leading position. To date, the Virtual PBX and Bitrix24 stand out most vividly. They stand out based on similarity, popularity, and user reviews. 

If we compare Bandwidth with other competitors in terms of performance rating, Webex has the highest rating, while Talkdesk ranks second, and bandwidth ranks 20th. 

Webex has the most reviews — a total of 5380, while the Bandwidth is 111. In addition, users say that Webex tops the list in terms of price-quality ratio, followed by, while throughput ranks 17th. 

Users also say that Webex and Talkdesk are the easiest to use, while Bandwidth ranks 19th.

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