What is Artificial Intelligence and How to Use Utopia AI

In today’s digital world, where our lives are increasingly intertwined with technology, we have virtual assistants. They offer the user a convenient way to interact with computers, smartphones, smart home devices, and other smart systems.

In this article, we will look at what an intelligent assistant is and talk about Utopia AI — one of the best built-in AI in messenger.

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What is artificial intelligence (AI)?

An intelligent assistant is a program or artificial intelligence (AI) system that is designed to help, facilitate the user’s work.

What is artificial intelligence

They can be implemented in the form of voice assistants, virtual assistants on smartphones, or specialized software solutions for certain fields of activity. Their main goal is to make users’ lives more convenient, efficient, and productive.

They are based on advanced technologies, machine learning algorithms. They can recognize, understand natural language, analyze data, context, and provide relevant, useful answers and recommendations to the user. They can be integrated into various platforms, from operating systems to messengers, and online services.

How the Intelligent assistant works?

Intelligent assistants are based on complex algorithms of Natural Language Processing (NLP), machine learning. They are used for processing, analyzing voice commands, text requests, or other forms of user interaction.

In the process, the program analyzes the input data, understands their meaning, context, and then provides the appropriate response or completion of the required task.

Some of the main features:

  • Answers to questions: an intelligent assistant can provide information on various topics, from weather, and news to facts, and statistics.
  • Search, navigation: help in searching for information on the internet, finding places on the map, or suggesting the best route.
  • Device management: can be integrated with smart devices, allowing users to control their home, lighting, security devices, and other smart systems by voice commands.
  • Planning, and organization: they can help in creating a schedule, reminding about important events, setting alarms, and managing tasks.
  • Communication: provide the ability to send messages, make calls, and conduct video conferences.

What can a virtual assistant do?

First, to simulate real communication. The level of development of this function for digital assistants varies. Some robots are able to support only the simplest dialogues, reading out pre-recorded audio messages. Others are indistinguishable from a person: they understand the meaning of the speech addressed to them, know synonyms, respond without delay, fall silent when interrupted and even use parasitic words.

As a result, the interlocutor cannot even always determine that he is having a dialogue with the robot. Whether this is good or evil is another question that lies in the ethical plane, but it is clear that such opportunities can be very useful for business.

In addition to communication functions, virtual assistants can perform various actions by specified scenarios: to route calls, send SMS, record call results in the form of reports, operate with data from the company’s information resources, and record changes in them — provided that the robot is integrated with the appropriate systems.

Based on this functionality, it is easy to guess who needs a virtual assistant. Technology is in demand in almost any business sector where there are communications:

  • Online stores use voice bots to notify about promotions and special offers, register customers in the loyalty program, activate the database and stimulate sales, and help with placing orders.
  • A virtual assistant in a clinic, beauty salon, or other organization from the service sector will make an appointment with a client, if necessary, reschedule the visit time, increasing the “profitability” indicator.
  • Delivery services with the help of digital assistants inform recipients about the status of the order and agree on the date of issue.
  • Banks, insurance companies, telecom operators, and internet service providers use virtual assistants to tell about new services and tariffs, remind customers about the need to repay debts, and help make payments.
  • Robots help personnel services to select employees and conduct interviews.

Examples of artificial intelligence

Examples of artificial intelligence

Some of the most popular examples are:

  • Siri: developed by Apple, Siri is a voice assistant for iOS devices. It offers a wide range of functions, from information retrieval to device management.
  • Google Assistant: developed by Google, Google Assistant is available on Android devices, and is an integral part of the Google ecosystem. It provides many services, and functions related to voice control, and search.
  • Amazon Alexa: Alexa is a voice assistant developed by Amazon. It is integrated with Echo devices and allows users to control smart home devices, buy goods, and receive information.
  • Microsoft Cortana: Cortana is a voice assistant developed by Microsoft. It offers a wide range of functions, including information retrieval, task organization, and device management.

Artificial intelligence is used to reduce the cost of producing content. AI is able to write texts based on databases, a given topic or analysis of similar materials. Artificial intelligence can also offer topics for copywriters, prepare reports, and write drafts of text.

The Washington Post has been using the Heliograf bot since 2016, which helps to collect news faster. This is a semi-automatic system that works in tandem with the editorial office. At first, it was used to cover the Olympic Games: journalists prepared templates, and the AI immediately after the sporting events filled the blanks with data and published the results at different venues.

Later, Heliograf began to be used for any template news and even for analytical articles. Editors made templates in advance, journalists created a database of key phrases, and the bot substituted data and phrases into the templates and gave out the finished text in less than half a minute.

Another example is Alibaba Group has replaced copywriters with artificial intelligence. The developers have created a program that can write 20 thousand lines of text per second. To do this, AI has been trained on more than a million texts written by humans. Now to create a description on the sites of Taobao, Tmall, and it is enough for the seller to insert a link to the product page and choose a narrative style. The bot will take the product characteristics and give a description. So far, it only works in Chinese.

Artificial intelligence is good at only small texts, and voluminous articles require editing. AI cannot yet replace a trained journalist, but it is already able to reduce the amount of manual labor and reduce the time for content production. AI can not only create, but also process content, as well as recommend suitable solutions.

What is Utopia AI?

Utopia P2P is a unique decentralized platform for communication, information retrieval, and data transfer. This is an absolutely anonymous and secure platform with multi-level data encryption and the absence of censorship and online surveillance. To register, you do not need to enter personal data — come up with a nickname and password.

How to use Utopia AI

Learn more about Utopia P2P here.

Inside Utopia P2P, there is a tool for instant messaging — uMessenger. Using the messenger, you can send and receive text and voice messages with the voice change function; add various media files to messages without losing the quality of pictures or videos; supplement messages with emojis and unique branded stickers; and much more.

In addition, Utopia P2P has a special assistant bot — Utopia AI, which is an AI assistant and is ready to answer any user’s question at any time. You don’t need to download it specifically — it’s built into the ecosystem. At the same time, all requests are anonymous and free of charge.

Utopia AI is a powerful tool that can help you solve a variety of tasks. Regardless of whether you need help finding the nearest café, the latest news, or just have a desire to chat with a friendly virtual assistant — Utopia AI can do everything.

In addition, thanks to Utopia P2P’s commitment to privacy and security, you can be sure that all conversations with Utopia AI are completely confidential.

How to use Utopia AI

  1. Download or update Utopia P2P to the latest version.
  2. Find “Utopia AI” in the contact list in the left column.
  3. Start communicating with the AI Assistant as a friend.

Freely use an AI Assistant inside Utopia P2P, even if all servers are overloaded.


Artificial intelligence is solutions that help in the digital world. They speed up processes and help to understand technologies, making them understandable for all users. With the development of technology and further improvement of functions, intelligent assistants will continue to play an important role in solving problems and simplifying processes.


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