Top Launchpad Coins: Deeper in Crypto Launchpad Projects

With the arrival of venture funds on the crypto market, the investment process has become more transparent, regulated, and accessible for startups and those who buy tokens. As a result, more and more investments in blockchain projects come through the launchpad. 

These are the platforms where investors can buy startup tokens even before they become available for trading on exchanges. Such an early investment format has been working on classical stock markets for a long time and is gaining popularity in the crypto industry.

This article will tell you about the projects that have received their share of investment thanks to the launchpad platform. How they started and how the price of their tokens changed.

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Launchpads’ main goal

First of all, such platforms are used when information is needed on where to look for new cryptocurrency projects. To date, most blockchain startups can’t just get on a solid crypto exchange. As a rule, they need to pass a multi-stage check at the so-called “launch sites.” Then, these high-quality projects will be able to sell their coins on the exchange, starting with IDO (Initial DEX Offering).

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Launchpad’s goal

The launchpad selects promising candidates from numerous applications and then places them on its platform. Some launchpads create investor communities. For example, Polkastarter and Infinity Rocket. However, the giants of the crypto market also have their own launchpads, for example, Binance Launchpad and MakerDAO (based on Ethereum.)

Each platform offers its own algorithm for reviewing applications. For example, acceptance of applications from all comers, independent search for promising startups, voting of platform participants. Modern startups, wanting to have a guarantee of project approval on a certain launchpad, hire specialists to prepare the relevant documents:

  • presentation of the product for the investor (Whitepaper)
  • project presentation (Pitch Deck)
  • roadmap for the near future
  • technical justification

Solid launchpads require a qualified opinion. This document confirms that this token has value and is suitable for exchange for other digital assets; it is a utility token. This serves as a guarantee that it will be possible to buy this token on a decentralized exchange in the future.

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The list of top launchpad coins 


We will start with the project called the most successful IEO — the BitTorrent cryptocurrency. We work with the BitTorrent protocol every time we download something through torrent clients. 

So in July 2018, BitTorrent bought TRON for $120 million, and to stimulate file sharing, it decided to tokenize it by integrating a BTT token into the platform. 

Instead of quietly distributing tokens to users of torrent clients, TRON organized their sale through Binance Launchpad. In just 15 minutes, IEO BitTorrent raised $7 million in investments, and Binance almost burned the servers to cope with the influx of investors.

Launchpad coin example

Token rate

Tokens can be used to download files at maximum speed, and you can earn them by distributing already downloaded content.

At the time of the IEO, BTT was trading for BNB and TRX (by the way, the only IEO on Binnance in 2019, when not only the Binance Coin (BNB) cryptocurrency was accepted) at the rate of 1 BTT = 0.00001824 BNB and 1 BTT = 0.00447261 TRX. That’s about $0.00012 per coin. However, CoinMarketCap shows the token rate only since February 1, 2019, and then it was $0.000489. Today, this indicator is equal to $0.002278.

Celer Network

The project’s creators aim to launch the Celer Network. This network will allow thousands of times to increase the scalability of any blockchain and create a secure infrastructure for decentralized applications.

Conceptually, this is something like a Lightning Network only with support for any blockchain, not just Bitcoin. Celer received financial support from the funds SDHVC, Pantera, FBG Capital, and on February 19, 2019, it appeared on Binance Launchpad. 

Token rate 

The network’s coin is CELR, which is positioned as a service token and is primarily aimed at settlements within the Celer Network and covering additional commissions. At the time of the IEO, 1 CELR cost 0.000434 BNB or $0.0067. 

The sale on Binance Launchpad ended on February 24, and on the 25th, the token appeared on the open market for $0.003. However, in just two days, it sank to $0.0018, after which it went up again.

Currently, the Seller Network cryptocurrency is trading at the rate of $0.04786.


WINk is a gambling platform where users can play, place bets and chat. It works on the TRON blockchain. WINk differs from other submitted projects in that even before getting to Binance Launchpad already had a ready-made product — a working platform called TronBet. Scale and integrate with other blockchains.

Token rate 

The internal token of the platform is WIN, designed to distribute the platform’s profits among its participants. It works like this: the application is launched on the WINk platform and shares part of the profit; the platform divides the profit in TRX among all WIN holders. The logic is simple — the more WIN in the wallet, the more TRX you get. 

On Binance Launchpad, the offer ended on July 31, 2019. There, 1 WIN was trading at $0.00012. After the IEO, the market value immediately rose to $0.00096, which allowed the owners to get a profit of 800%.

After that, the token’s value decreased gradually, and now it is trading at $0.0002942.


The BREAD project is one of the very first on Binance Launchpad (the offer ended on December 26, 2017). At the time of its release to IEO, BREED had already existed for 3 years as an autonomous Bitcoin wallet called BreadWallet. Then the developers decided to turn a regular wallet into a payment system that will allow you to make payments, buy goods and make transfers, primarily cryptocurrency. 

Token rate

BRD token holders can buy Bitcoin without commission and access the reward system and discounts. During the initial offer on Binance Launchpad, the BRD token cost $0.78. On December 24, 2017, the token appeared on the market for $1.55.

On January 7, 2018, on the general wave of market growth, BRD rose to $3.22, and then on the same wave, it rapidly flew down, undergoing several adjustments. It is currently trading at $0.2412 on several exchanges, including Binance, i.e., so far, IEO investors are at a loss.


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