Safety Guide: What Is an Anonymizer gadget?

Almost every internet user, sooner or later, has a desire to go online anonymously. Everyone can achieve anonymity on the internet in several ways. For example, you can use proxy servers or VPNs. However, most of them are paid. Therefore, it is quite an expensive way to remain anonymous.

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Others look to anonymous and private tools like TOR or Utopia. The latter provides the user with everything necessary for the private transmission of messages and files, surfing, and even mining.

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Another way is to use an anonymizer. Anonymizers are programs and services (websites) that allow you to hide your location, IP address, computer information, and so on during the internet session. 

Today, we’ll talk about the difference between anonymizers and other ways of hiding data on the network, as well as show you the best free anonymizer gadget to use.

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What is an anonymizer gadget?

An anonymizer is a specially created tool for hiding the real information about a user. It protects the data about used computer from a remote server. It can look like an ordinary site or a kind of special program that should be installed on the hard disk of the computer.

What is anonymizer gadget

To disclose the user’s location and personal data, all sites use the information transmitted to the resource. To maintain anonymity, it is enough to limit the amount of transmitted data. The rest of the information can be changed using special programs. 

Anonymizers are software that changes the way to access a site. Instead of accessing it directly, an intermediary server is used. The anonymizer’s main tasks are spoofing the IP address, changing the DNS server, encrypting the transmitted data (not required), and transmitting the replaced HTTP headers.

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All types of anonymizers differ in the technologies used and the ways they bypass locks. In addition, anonymizers can be free, shareware, with ads on visited sites or limits on the amount of data, or completely paid. We can distinguish these types of anonymizer:

  • a utility that is installed on a PC or mobile device 
  • an add-on to web browsers 
  • a remote proxy server 
  • an online service that does not require the installation of components on a computer

The last option is the most convenient to use. Office workers, students, and teenagers use it. You just enter the desired address in the PC’s search bar to use the anonymizer. However, such services are limited in their capabilities. You can use them to bypass organization-level blocking, but you won’t be able to open sites from the banned list.

How does it work?

To hide the user’s real IP, the anonymizer accesses the proxy server. It submits a request to the desired site already on its behalf, selecting a free IP registered in another country. After receiving a response from the site to which the user sent the request, it is sent to the user’s PC. 

So, the computer’s external IP is not read by the site, only the provider and the proxy server know it. This is a simple explanation of how the anonymizer works. Everything is much more complicated at the software level, but for the user, it does not matter. The main thing is the result, you remain anonymous on the network, and you can also bypass any blockages.

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Why do we need anonymizer gadget?

Users who believe that it is impossible to remain anonymous and unnoticed on the internet are mistaken. After all, some programs allow you to hide information about your computer from a remote server. The main functions of such resources are to allow the user to conduct anonymous access to the network and visit previously inaccessible sites. After all, internet access is mostly banned according to the IP address of the user. Using the anonymizer, which has a wide range of specialized tools, you can apply almost any IP address.

Importance of anonymizer gadget
  • Protection from hackers. Anonymizers hide information about your IP address, country, browser, etc. An attacker will not be able to figure out who you are, where you are from, and cannot connect to your computer or get your data.
  • Visiting prohibited sites. The government and the provider may block access to certain sites or pages. Thanks to the anonymizer, a user can visit these sites. If you are blocked on a forum or social network, you can go back there.
  • Downloading information from file sharing sites. In order to get users to register paid accounts and make a profit, some file-sharing sites prohibit the user from downloading multiple files in a row. They set the time you need to wait to download the file. Using the anonymizer, you can download without waiting or signing up for a paid account.
  • Avoiding site blocking. Many employers block access to entertainment sites and social networks. With the help of an anonymizer, you can get to these sites.

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In addition to these advantages of IP address spoofing programs, they also have a number of disadvantages:

  • Viruses. Installing free apps, there is a risk of running into viruses.
  • Theft. Using online methods, there is a risk of theft of your login with the password.
  • Blocking. Due to the substitution of the user’s country, some resources may not be available.
  • Low speed. The loading speed of web pages is significantly reduced.

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The best free anonymizers

Below, we’ve listed the best free anonymizers, with which you can go to any site you need without restrictions.

Best free anonymizers

List of free anonymizers:

Anonymizers can be free or paid. The main advantage of such sites is that users do not need to make adjustments to their browser settings. This function is performed automatically. There is also no need to use specialized software. Using anonymizers that have proven themselves on the positive side is beneficial. After all, they prevent the leakage of personal information. 


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