Safe Net Surfing on the Darknet

A darknet is a place where all the spammers, scammers, crackers, carders, drive-ins, and other dark personalities have gathered.

Accordingly, being in the environment of such technologically savvy people, one should expect various surprises: from copies of well-known sites to drive-by attacks.

– How to avoid this? 

Here are 8 simple rules that will help you keep your computer and your data safe on the darknet.

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Note: The article is for informational purposes only. We don’t give instructions on how to search for anything on the darknet.

Rules to be safe

#1 Don’t open emails from people unknown to you, in particular, emails with attachments

Short links, attachments, any suspicious offers, or requests for any of your personal information. Even if the email came to you in TorBox or somewhere else, it doesn’t matter. We consider it spam. We delete the letter.

Rules for the darknet security

The same applies to personal messages on forums. 

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#2 Carefully read the comments on the shadow forums

Think 10 times before clicking on any link in the comments. Read what people write below, what is there? 

– Is everything OK? Also, be aware of what resource you are on. 

– A well-respected and well-established forum? Well, then you can still afford such stupidity as clicking on the link.

Examples of such links:

  • Distribution of any freebies
  • Draining schemes
  • Manuals and guides
  • Software 

Pay attention to which section the comment is placed in.

Also, pay attention to the file-sharing sites that are in the links, if you still decide to go.

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#3 If you intend to buy something, make sure that you are on the original forum

It’s not news that there are a bunch of fake sites of various web-sites.

Let’s remember RAMP 2.0. Did you register there? Then, perhaps, you can not read any further. Not only was there a deception of users, but also a script was found in the site code that collects all user logins and passwords. 

#4 Any transaction is carried out only through the guarantor 

Have you decided to buy something interesting? Are you afraid that you will be deceived? Look for a guarantor! It should be on the same forum where you are going to shop. Didn’t find it? Then contact the top ones.

Any guarantor should at least have a reputation and a deposit on the appropriate forum. 

Any store or service that refuses to work through a guarantor is 100% deception. And yes, the guarantor, of course, is at your expense — as a rule, 5-10% of the transaction amount.

#5 Never use standard search engines to search onion sites 

You type “buy ….” in Google. But it’s in vain! Don’t engage in such idiocy. You will come across fakes that will steal your data and all the money from your wallets on the site. 

There are good aggregators of .onion sites on the darknet:



#6 Use some kind of internet security 

This applies more to the clearnet, but it still doesn’t hurt to take note. Put some simple protections that will protect you from phishing sites and other scams that are already known and listed in the antivirus database.

Watch some documentaries about the shadow side of the internet.

#7 Avoid any suggestions about installing a “video player,” “extensions,” “special software of our project,” and other things

In other things, Tor will not allow you to just put some kind of scam. And it won’t let you download it either.

#8 Never give your personal data

Most modern shadow forums do not ask you to specify an email when registering. If you are asked to specify one, either use a fake mailbox or register it in Tor mail, for example in TorBox.

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That’s all for today! The internet these days is diverse and consists of several parts: the clear part and the dark one. If, for some reason, you decide to discover the possibilities of the shadow internet, then do it as safely as possible. 

Therefore, follow our advice and be safe!


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