Prank: Ruin My Search History with One Click

As you know, Google allows the search engine to remember each user’s queries. This is useful when you need to remember what you were looking for earlier. 

There may also be harm: if a person’s recent Google search history falls into the wrong hands, it will be easy to determine what the person was doing on a particular day. 

We Should All Be Concerned About Surveillance Online. Read the article and know the up-to-date tips for data protection.

But there is a special site, “Ruin My Search History,” that offers a simple method of hiding users’ actions: in less than a minute, the search history is clogged with all sorts of nonsense.

However, this is not as harmless as it seems at first glance. Using it could harm the operation of your computer and internet queries in general.

So, today we’ll discuss whether “Ruin Your Search History” is really a useful tool, or if you should avoid using it.

What is “Ruin My Search History”?

Ruin My Search History is a prank site that fills your search history with ridiculous search queries, ranging from a magnifying glass to making a bomb.

What is Ruin my search history

This prank site was created by a developer named John. When creating the site, he didn’t want to cause any harm. After all, the main idea is to destroy your real search history on the internet and fill it with incorrect queries. Such an action destabilizes Google’s work, which, thanks to its algorithms and analytical tools, knows a lot about each of us.

If you want to know the data tracking method used by Google, you should immediately read the article Google Data Tracking: How to Track Users on the Network.

It works very simply: you go to the site and click the big button with a magnifying glass. If your browser doesn’t block the pop-up window, the script will send request after request to Google. And the requests are not just random, but deliberately ridiculous. Some sound naive (“tall dwarfs,” “why do I have different thumbs”), but some are potentially shameful and even dangerous queries.

*Note: You can see a full list of possible search queries following this link.

According to the developer, more than 100,000 people have already messed up their search history, and about 25% of internet users look at this site with caution. After all, this site can include prohibited queries, which in some places might land the user in prison. And, unfortunately, this is not a prank.

The “Ruin My Search History” website gained widespread popularity after its publication by a user on Reddit. He posted a link to it and wrote a simple and concise sentence: “Ruin My Search History – Ruin your Google search history with a single click.”

However, no one warns you that this site can ruin your online life and cause harm in the offline world, too. After all, after launching it, all user’s actions to search for the necessary information on the internet are a series of related search queries, which then form his news and advertising panel.

Recent Google search history

As you know, the internet is full of all sorts of unpleasant. However, Redditors (Reddit users) are usually skeptical about all kinds of links, and they will only start to use a service like this after rechecking everything several times. 

There are many sites on the internet that can seriously or disrupt or harm your computer. For example, they can infect it with malware. Read the article Types of Malware and take care of your own online security.

However, in the case of “Ruin My Search History,” no one expected a catch because, at first glance, this site should help people avoid the constant surveillance of Google and other search engines. But something went wrong, and this resource turned into a real weapon against the stable operation of the internet.

Fortunately, there have been no serious consequences of this prank yet. (Apart from thousands of users suddenly becoming interested in “recipes for infant formula” and “housing prices in Madagascar.”

In addition, there were many comments from other users of Reddit under this post, which warn about the risks when using this site. There were also those who angrily commented about a link to a third-party resource that did not inspire confidence.

The creator of the “Ruin My Search History” site also left a comment under this post. He assured users that he did not intend to do any harm by developing this resource. Instead, it was just a prank that got a little out of hand.

How to hide your search history

On the internet, you can often find advice telling you to work only in incognito mode. This way, no one will know what and when you searched or watched on the internet.

However, this is not entirely true. We’ve already discussed this topic and concluded that Google Chrome, for example, monitors users even in incognito mode.

You can read more about this in the article Google Chrome Tracks “Private” Internet Use.

In addition, there are Google settings where you can manually disable your online search history. However, this history will be inaccessible only to you. Where is the guarantee that Google does not still save it on a third-party server and simply does not show it to you because of the settings you have chosen?

Ruin your search history

Therefore, the best way to avoid third parties tracking and saving your search history is to use the anonymous Utopia P2P ecosystem with a built-in browser. It doesn’t track your location or copy your IP address. In the Utopia ecosystem, you can discuss any topic and search for any sites that interest you without fear of online censorship. You can remain anonymous all the time – without ruining your search history.

Moreover, this ecosystem is a closed system. In other words, it has already created the necessary websites for users. However, if a user wants to add more sites, they can do this quickly thanks to tunnel data technology. The created site will be available to all clients of the ecosystem. Read the article Anonymity Online and know how to be under the real protection of a reliable encrypted tool.

3 years ago

The conclusion that I’ve made after reading this article is that I need to use a browser without saving search history, monitoring my actions, and not tracking IP. I will test Utopia. Thanks.

Matthew Turner
3 years ago

Good afternoon, Jack! You made the right conclusion after reading our article. We hope you enjoy the Utopia ecosystem. We are waiting for a review.

3 years ago

Hi, Neat post. There’s a problem together with your web site in internet explorer, might check this? IE nonetheless is the market leader and a large component of other folks will pass over your magnificent writing due to this problem.|

Matthew Turner
3 years ago

Good afternoon! Thank you for your feedback and for telling us about this issue. Until we figure out the problem, you can use other browsers. In addition, we plan to publish our articles directly in the Utopia P2P ecosystem. Stay tuned for news and check for updates.

3 years ago

I hate Google!!! Every day the degree of my hatred increases. It is such a large corporation that cannot improve the security system. That’s why all these Ruin my search history pranks happen.

Matthew Turner
3 years ago

Good afternoon, Isla! We support your level of resentment about Google’s security system. Therefore, we were looking for an alternative system that would be private and multifunctional. Our choice is Utopia. You can try and forget about Google forever.

3 years ago

Are there really people who have led to these Ruin my search history pranks? It is clear to any modern person that it is worth avoiding suspicious sites and not following unknown links. After all, our world lacks information education.

Matthew Turner
3 years ago

Hello, Mia! You are right! Our generation lacks information education. Many people do not understand the difference between a centralized and decentralized system. In addition, the reason for using VPNs and proxies remains a mystery to many. Therefore, the fact that people use such fake sites is not surprising

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