Mastercard Issues Custom Cards with NFT

Mastercard has announced a partnership with the Hi crypto exchange. As part of this cooperation, the companies will issue debit cards that can be customized using NFT. 

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BAYC and Moonbirds will take part in the project.

What happens?

Mastercard has announced a collaboration with the Hi app. As part of the agreement, the partners will issue new debit cards that can be customized using NFT.

ard custom NFT card

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So far, the service is available only to “golden” Hi users. To get this status, you need to deposit about $4,600 on the platform.

“Such cards not only look amazing. This is an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to a particular virtual community in the real world,” said Sean Reich, co-founder of the platform.

The card is suitable for mutual settlements not only in fiat, but also in cryptocurrency. For the design, you can use any token from the collections of so-called “blue chips.” 

Currently, the cards are available in the UK and 25 countries of the European Economic Area. But later, Mastercard promises to expand this list. Last month, the NFT market declined significantly. The “blue chips” were no exception, the minimum price for which has noticeably dropped. But the interest from companies such as Apple and Disney indicates that there is still demand for tokens, and it may grow in the future.

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Mastercard news

Recall that Mastercard recently released a joint product with the developer of smart plastic cards Dynamics. In terms of appearance, the gadget is almost indistinguishable from the usual “plastic”, but at the same time, it gives users a lot of new features.

These include password protection, a display, and an NFC wireless communication module. To use the card, you will need to unlock it first. After that, the “plastic” number will be displayed on the screen, with which you can make purchases online. It is noteworthy that the magnetic strip of the gadget for working with POS terminals will be automatically reprogrammed for each specific transaction.

Such a means of payment is much more secure than ordinary credit cards — to even just see the card number, you will first need to enter a password. The control over purchases is also increasing.

So far, only theoretically, but the novelty will be able to allow users to access several accounts (debit and credit) at the same time, as well as various currencies. At the moment, it does not have such a function, but, likely, the developers will still implement it.


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