List of Crypto Lending Platforms for Passive Income

Lending cryptocurrencies is an opportunity to deposit your funds at interest on an exchange or other platform that provides this service. In simple terms, lending is allowing the temporary use of your digital coins.

That is, any person can lend to another with the help of the technological platform of the cryptocurrency market, which assumes the function of guaranteeing the fulfillment of obligations.

We talked about crypto lending in more detail in this article.

Today, we will tell you about the list of crypto lending platforms for passive income.

The list of crypto lending platforms for passive income

At the moment, more and more platforms and cryptocurrency exchanges offer a lending service. We have prepared for you a list of the best-known and reliable services. 

list of crypto lending platform


NEXO is the world’s first blockchain project providing instant short-term loans. The project develops the idea of collateral lending based on the functioning of cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. Users are provided with fiat funds in accordance with the amount that they have frozen in digital currency.

The peculiarity of the project is that the owners of the cryptocurrency can receive fiat money in return for the cryptocurrency provided by the NEXO platform. In this way, they get an additional opportunity to use the money they spent to buy digital assets.

Using the NEXO platform is very simple. To begin with, the user must deposit funds to their NEXO wallet, after which the oracle of the platform will evaluate the cryptocurrency, and then determine the maximum possible level of lending. If the client is satisfied with the level of credit that is offered, they can receive the money; and if they are not satisfied, then they withdraw  their funds.

Users themselves can also provide loans on the NEXO platform. The structure of the blockchain and smart contracts guarantees the binding fulfillment of the terms of the agreement. If the borrower does not repay the debt in fiat, their collateral goes to the lender.

The NEXO lending structure does not require lengthy registration or provision of personal data. A loan can be obtained in a short time at minimal interest, which becomes a significant advantage of the platform.

The NEXO platform is based on the functioning of an internal cryptocurrency. Over time, the developers plan to expand the list of digital funds against which you can get a loan. However, an advantage is given to its own cryptocurrency. Holders of these assets are offered not only discounts on lending, but also passive income in the form of interest accrual.


Constant is a secured P2P lending platform, with its own subtle cryptocurrency — CONST. It is the fastest-growing P2P lender in SE Asia, which has been covered in HackerNoon, ZeroHedge, Inc., and many other popular technical and financial publications.

The creators of the Constant platform have developed an efficient, boundless, and stable digital currency backed by the US dollar, which was launched at CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

The stablecoin CONST offers stability for people in troubled economies and has several advantages:

  • Reduction of the cost of international transfers.
  • Reduction of processing time from several days to several minutes.
  • Access to a free account in US dollars.

The Constant platform provides control over the amounts, rates, and terms of lending and offers high interest rates on investments. It is recognized internationally as one of the most flexible, transparent, and useful such platforms.

The goal of the Constant platform is to provide the best financial tools and make the technology of lending faster, cheaper and safer.

The customer service team works 24/7, providing round-the-clock support regardless of where you live.


SALT is a blockchain-based lending platform that uses the SALT cryptocurrency as collateral to provide loans to users. Users can freeze their crypto tokens as collateral and receive cash in exchange for crypto assets to make payments.

To use the SALT platform, you need to make an initial payment. There are three membership classifications in total. Higher membership levels allow you to borrow more money and enjoy more flexible loan terms. The upper tiers also provide several benefits, such as early access to new products, portfolio management, and credit/debit cards.

Lenders publish the terms of their loan. Participants can view these lists and choose the most suitable offer for them. As soon as the participant chooses a loan, the lender fixes the agreed funds, and the borrower saves their crypto tokens in a smart contract. This smart contract is responsible for the repayment and management of the loan. Then the borrower pays monthly interest to the lender, and as soon as the entire amount is repaid, they receive their crypto tokens back.

the best crypto lending platform

Before you start working in SALT, you need to register and confirm your identity.


Binance is the leading cryptocurrency exchange. It offers two main landing options — perpetual and fixed deposits. The second one will be somewhat preferable if you are interested in higher profitability.

To get started, you need to register on the exchange. After confirming the registration, you need to go to the “Earn”/”Lending” section and click “Subscribe,” specify the number of tokens, accept the terms of cooperation and click “Confirm purchase.”

Binance exchange has launched a lending site as an additional service for users who have unused crypto assets available. With the help of lending, they will be able to increase their capital, receiving a percentage income for providing their savings to the medium for a while.

The interest rates for different coins vary. Before you start buying a subscription to a Binance exchange lending product, you need to wait for the preparation time. As soon as the sale opens, the user selects any of the available items. There is a detailed description on the page of each product.

After a successful purchase, the system will withdraw the corresponding amount from the balance. Details can always be checked on the Assets page. At the end of the lending subscription period, automatic repayment and accrual of interest + funds to the main exchange account will occur.

Is Binance safe to use? Learn more here. is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It has been operating since 2017 and occupies one of the leading positions in the ratings of The platform brings stable income for your cryptocurrency investments by offering various financial products, including fixed-term and perpetual earnings products. This is the best place to invest for users who prefer a low level of risk.

On the exchange, you can purchase a lot for a period of 30-180 days at an annual interest rate of 30% on average. Purchases of lots occur both on Binance and on a first-come, first-served basis. The limit is calculated based on their stock of GT tokens.

You can get acquainted with the list of current offers on the “HODL & Earn” page. They are valid until the amount needed by the investor is collected, or the lot expires. In some lots, the yield is quite high — 30%-40% per annum, but such offers are usually not available for a long time. Users also have the opportunity to take out a crypto loan in different cryptocurrencies, at different interest rates. 

The main advantages of

  • The exchange’s interface has been translated into 13 languages.
  • It is possible to install a mobile application for iOS and Android.
  • Two-factor authentication is used to protect accounts.
  • A large selection of trading pairs.
  • Good liquidity in many markets.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Verification is not mandatory.
the best crypto lending platforms

In general, it is not a bad platform for trading cryptocurrencies and lending investments. actively cooperates with new ICO projects; therefore, airdrops of tokens are regularly held on the site. It supports margin trading and perpetual contracts.


OKX is a universal cryptocurrency platform with fiat support, created in Hong Kong and focused on the global crypto market. On the OKX platform, you can take a secured loan against your cryptocurrency.

The OKX exchange supports more than 10 cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, and USDT in long-term loans. Term loans accrue interest every day at a fixed rate, flexible loans accrue and update interest every hour. The maximum loan amount is determined based on factors such as leverage ratio and user level, with a coefficient ranging from 2 to 10.

In addition, the exchange offers extensive trading opportunities:

  • Spot market (token-token, margin trading, DEX)
  • Derivatives market (margin swap trading, futures, options)

And that’s not all. In addition to direct trading, the trading platform offers convenient tools for mining, managing wallets and storing cryptocurrencies. The multi-currency wallet of the OCX exchange allows you to securely store digital assets (basic tokens and ERC-20 tokens). The wallet is protected by a multi-level security system. In addition to providing access to a wide range of tools, OKX allows you to trade anywhere, including from a mobile phone.

There is no commission for deposit replenishment on OKX. The exchange serves millions of users in more than 100 countries. It strives to eliminate financial barriers, develop the global economy, change the world for the better, and never stops innovating and improving the user experience to make cryptocurrency trading and investment affordable for everyone.


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