Internet Freedom Philosophy: How to Use Your Personal Rights

Are you as free as you think you are? Real freedom is not only physical freedom and choice. Freedom also includes emotional and mental freedom.

In fact, freedom is more than just doing what you want. Freedom is about providing people with equal opportunities, including personal freedom, life opportunities, and the pursuit of goals.

Most people think that the term freedom means more than just unlimited choice and action. After all, if people took this concept too literally, then real chaos would erupt in the world. Men and women would do whatever they wanted, regardless of its social impact.

Fortunately, people understand and use this term more broadly. Freedom is to think, believe, say, look, and do whatever a particular person wants, but with consideration for specific social orders and moral laws.

In addition, do not forget about the proverb: “The freedom of one ends where the freedom of another begins.” Therefore, no one is allowed to encroach on the freedom of another person.

However, what about internet freedom? Why do so many people forget about this right of each person not to have their freedom encroached upon? 

Today, we should all be concerned about surveillance online. Because the internet is no longer a place for free expression.

Let’s consider the topic of freedom in detail and formulate our internet freedom philosophy.

What is the true meaning of freedom?

Freedom is the voluntary exercise of certain actions supported by certain motives. We generally understand the philosophy of freedom on three different levels:

  • The first level is biological. This is the health of our body and freedom from illness and pain.
  • The second level is desire. This is our freedom to choose what we want in the moment, to follow our preferences.
  • The third level is consciousness. This is our ability to form our own beliefs and values and to choose a course for our lives.

So, freedom is the position of a person, his awareness and desires in a certain period.

Philosophy of freedom of speech

Today, many scientists distinguish 4 types of freedom, which can be further separated into “freedom of/to do something” and “freedom from something”:

  • Freedom of speech or expression.
  • Freedom of belief.
  • Freedom from want.
  • Freedom from fear.

In other words, in the realities of the modern world, the 4 main types of freedom look like this:

  • Freedom of speech
  • Freedom of action
  • Freedom of choice
  • Freedom to solve emerging difficulties
  • Freedom of entertainment
  • Freedom of preferences
  • Internet freedom

Now, for many, it is the internet that is becoming a place of freedom. Here people try to achieve their own rights to freedom of expression, words, actions and desires. 

However, government agencies and large corporations want to control people’s actions one way or another. To do this, they track your online movements, interests, personal correspondence, and data so that they can use this data against you if necessary.

For example, Google can monitor users even in pseudo-safe Private Internet Use. Then, this data is collected and stored until the right moment.

Moreover, in 2020, it is difficult to accept that dictatorships still rule and people’s freedoms are restricted in some parts of the world. People are not told the truth; they are banned from free media; they are forbidden to express their opinions. States keep countries in fear for their own lives if they decide to demonstrate their freedom to live in this country.

Some countries are considered democratic, but people’s freedom is only on paper. In fact, there is a complete or partial restriction of people’s freedom even in these so-called democracies.

You can read the case of Belarus, where the authorities of the Republic of Belarus, a country in Eastern Europe, restricted Access to the Internet to protect residents from real news about the situation in the country.

However, most people would like to seriously use their internet freedom, both external and internal, in every aspect of the word. How can we ensure this freedom on the net? Let’s speak about it in the next section.

Freedom philosophy on the net in 2020

In the internet heyday, it was spoken of as the freest platform, where anyone could feel free to express their thoughts and actions. However, after more than a dozen years, we can say that this idea failed miserably. No country in the world has been able to provide truly free internet for its citizens.

What is the true meaning of freedom?

First, because of the government itself, which wants to control everything. Next, there are commercial organizations that earn vast amounts of money from user data. After the privileged ones, there are hackers who, thanks to their ingenuity, can easily hack any server and copy all the necessary data to get a reward.

Unfortunately, the first two castes of the privileged do absolutely nothing about it because they benefit from such leaks of information and totally fear the expression of freedom on the internet.

– However, there must be some way out that helps people use the internet freely? 

Today, everyone can use the internet free of censorship or surveillance, where everybody can express their opinions and visit any sites, even with independent content. All you need to do for this freedom is to register in Utopia — an anonymous and decentralized ecosystem of a new generation that does not restrict any person’s freedom on the network.

An anonymous team of developers under the alias 1984 Group created a unique ecosystem that was built against the established methods of internet design.

First of all, it is a peer-to-peer network without a single server for storing data. Utopia creates separate storage for each client and protects it with sophisticated data encryption. In addition, registration in the ecosystem is completely anonymous. 

The user can come up with any name and Utopia will generate a private code that will open access to all data and built-in tools:

  • instant messenger
  • email address
  • anonymous browser
  • internal storage
  • crypto wallet
  • internal cryptocurrency
  • mining bot

All tools are available for use in one place, without the need to download additional programs and tools.

Internet freedom philosophy with Utopia

More useful tips on using the legal right of internet freedom can be found in the article Fully-Fledged Guide on Ways to Protect Your Data Online.

Final word

Freedom is more than just a word or a belief. This is the right of each of us to live, choose, work, love, believe, and so on. It is something that unites, but at the same time distinguishes people around the world.

The internet age has made its own adjustments to the concept of freedom. New technology has given people a chance to be as free as possible on the web. Freely visit any sites, communicate, register in social networks and much more. 

However, even for this, we need to use a secure and private tool and keep in mind that our data is gold.

3 years ago

I don’t think we have any freedom. Neither on the internet, nor in real life. We are just pawns in this big game. Therefore, we can’t protect yourself, because there is always a more powerful tool. As for your article, you’ve mentioned things that are quite obvious. But, unfortunately, all our rights, including the philosophy of freedom, are meaningless.

Matthew Turner
3 years ago

Good afternoon, Steve! You give up very quickly! No one has said that we have already lost everything and can’t really defend ourselves. If you do nothing, nothing will happen. However, today, more people are interested in the philosophy of freedom and security on the internet. This suggests that not everything is so bad. If we all start using more secure means for our usual internet activities, we will be able to protect ourselves and our data.

3 years ago

So interesting topic. I like to consider unusual things more than tech ones. Freedom is a rather complex and deep topic. This applies not only to freedom philosophy on the internet, but also to freedom of choice, religion, thought, etc. There are always those who want to limit us in this, of course. Thank you for raising such topics and giving solutions.

Matthew Turner
3 years ago

Hello, Eve! Thank you for your feedback! We think that we should help each other deal with all kinds of threats, both in the outside world and online. We only promote the distribution of a safe and reliable tool. Thank you to the developers of Utopia, for creating such a unique and safe project.

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