iCloud for Windows Uploads Other People’s Photos and Spoils Videos

Users complain about iCloud for Windows service failures. As MacRumors writes concerning users of its forum, complaints are received about corrupted videos, as well as pictures of strangers that appear in their photo libraries. Problems, as follows from the messages, appear in the owners of the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro.

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What happened?

It is noted that a number of users found random photos and videos among their media files that they did not shoot. Among other things, people discover footage of other people’s children and families.

iPhone 13 Pro bug with iCloud

In addition, the iCloud version for Windows has started to spoil legitimate user files. After uploading, black bars appear on photos and clips, making it impossible to view the content normally.

“iCloud for Windows has ruined my videos recorded on iPhone 14 Pro Max. After loading, black bars and scan lines appeared on them. In some cases, I noticed in my clips footage from sources unknown to me, which are most likely files from other accounts. I saw photos of people I’ve never met in my life, football matches I haven’t attended, and other random pictures,” wrote a user with the nickname Sleeping_Ghost.

In conclusion, he has noted that now he does not trust the Apple service.

In October, Microsoft announced that the Photos app on Windows will receive integration with the iCloud cloud service. Users will be able to get direct access to photos and videos.

What else is known?

MacRumors noted that, most likely, users’ problems arose as a result of an error on the Microsoft server side, since removing iCloud from computers does not have any effect. The publication also reported that failures are observed in iCloud clients for at least Windows 10 and Windows 11.

It is not yet clear where the “extra” photos and videos are uploaded from, it is possible that from other iCloud accounts (the information has not yet been confirmed or refuted.)

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