How to Remove Account in Messenger: Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook

Sooner or later, each of us thinks about how to delete an account in the messenger. As a rule, we find out that it has become unsafe to use the messenger and all our data may end up with third parties.

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In addition, one of the reasons may be the choice of a single messenger, for example, Utopia P2P, in which a user will communicate. So, the user will narrow down the range of his daily applications.

In this article, you will learn how to remove account in messenger quickly and easily.

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How to remove account in messenger: Telegram

There are two ways to delete your account from Telegram messenger:

How to remove account in messenger
  • in the standard way — manually;
  • a method of self-destruction.

Let’s look at each in more detail.

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#1 Deleting an account manually

If for some reason, you need to delete your Telegram account, then you can do it yourself, and the algorithm of steps will be quite simple. First, you need to use a single link for everyone

There is one important mark: to delete an account, even the authors of the application themselves strongly recommend using the desktop version, not the mobile one, to avoid all possible technical overlaps. Based on this, to delete a Telegram account, it is preferable to use a device that can work with the desktop version. For example, it can be a laptop or a PC.

The detailed steps that will need to be performed are described below:

1. Type in the command line or copy a link from somewhere (for example, from the help section in the application itself) to deactivate Specify your number in the line “Your Phone Number”, and then click on the “Next” button.

2. After that, a window will open in which we will be asked for a confirmation code.  Enter it in the line “Confirmation code” and click “Sign In”.

Note: You can confirm your actions to delete your account only in your Telegram account in the desktop version, there is simply no option to receive the code to your smartphone using an SMS message in this application!

3. If everything is done correctly, a dialog box will open in which you need to specify the reason for deleting the account in the “Why are you leaving?” field. 

4. After entering the text, you will need to click the “Delete My Account” button.

After that, the account will be permanently deleted. Then, a window appears that confirms the account has been completely deleted.

#2 Deleting an account using a self-destruct method

This method of deletion is suitable for those who plan to leave Telegram but are still thinking about the timing when they decide to take such a step. Although, this algorithm was developed for a completely different purpose. It is needed to automatically delete the accounts of those users who have not visited the messenger for a year or more. After all, such profiles only clog up the service.

But the trick is that the user himself can set up the self-liquidation period of his account. The But the trick is that the user himself can set up the self-liquidation period of his account. The minimum period of absence in Telegram, which can be set for subsequent liquidation, is 1 month. The maximum is 1 year. The deadline is selected through the “Settings” menu and the “Automatic account deletion” item. Time begins to flow not from the day of data entry, but the moment of the last exit from Telegram.

This is convenient because if a person changes his mind about leaving the messenger, there is no need to perform any manipulations. All that is required is just to log in to your account.

If you just want to delete Telegram, then just go to your phone settings, find the application section, select Telegram there and click delete, or you can simply select it, via hold, on the desktop and also select delete.

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How to remove account in messenger: WhatsApp

The algorithm of actions does not depend on whether the account will be deleted from Android or iPhone. Instructions on how to delete WhatsApp from your phone look like this:

How to remove account in WhatsApp

1. Launch the messenger app.

2. Press the menu button and select “Settings” from the drop-down list.

3. Go to the “Account” section.

4. In the new tab, select the “Delete account” action.

5. A warning page will appear on the screen about what the use of this function will entail.

6. To confirm the operation, enter the phone number in the lower field, then click on the red “Delete Account” button.

After these actions, the WhatsApp account will be deleted and the phone number will no longer be displayed in the contact list of other messenger users.

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How to remove account in messenger: Facebook

If you want to get rid of Facebook, then before deleting all photos, messages, and likes, you must first download your personal information from Facebook. This is necessary because many users post photos on a social network without saving copies on other media. 

You can download all the information in one file at once or specify specific data types, as well as select periods. Facebook’s archives contain almost all information related to your account, including your photos, active sessions, chat history, IP addresses, facial recognition data, and which ads were viewed.

To download the archive, go to Settings and click “Your Facebook information” in the list of general account settings, and then click “Download Information”.

After you finish downloading your archive, you can delete your Facebook account by selecting the appropriate option: complete deletion of the account (page) or temporary deactivation.

To delete a Facebook page, go to “Settings” and click “Your Facebook information” in the list of general account settings, and then click “Delete account and information”.

Note: once you delete your account, it will be impossible to restore it. Therefore, it is worth thinking carefully and, if you want to stop using Facebook for a while, perhaps choose to temporarily deactivate your personal page to begin with. 

How to remove account on Facebook

In the case of deleting a Facebook account, it is possible to restore the page only within 14 days. Then all information will be deleted forever. It takes up to 90 days to completely delete the published content, during which time your personal information is not available to Facebook users.

To temporarily deactivate the Facebook page, go to “Settings” and click “Account Management”.

In this case, all your data, correspondence, photos, etc. will be saved, and users of the social network will not be able to view your Facebook profile. You will be able to return to the Facebook social network at any time.

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