How to Join Anonymous group

If you are an active Internet user, then you probably know about the Anonymous group. There are a lot of rumors on the internet about its creator and possible ways to join.

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However, the only thing we know is true is that Anonymous is a group of people worldwide who want freedom on the internet, no censorship, and equal rights for all internet users. All other information may be incorrect.

So today, we will dispel all the myths about this mysterious Anonymous group and tell you how to join it.

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What is the Anonymous group?

Anonymous is one of the most popular and largest groups that unite hackers and IT professionals worldwide.

The association’s main idea is social freedom, which is not limited by state and commercial organizations.

What is anonymous group

On the internet, this group is called “freedom fighters,” “digital Robin Hoods,” and so on. After all, it is based on the equality and protection of all internet users from various cyber threats.

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No one controls this association. All members of the group have equal rights and freedoms. A distinctive feature is a special Guy Fawkes mask that hides members of the group. Therefore, all group memberships can be identified only by this mask. All personal data is hidden from prying eyes for security reasons.

The association has thousands of members who are not familiar with each other. They do not communicate in open forums or outside the group. After all, then the “anonymous” in their name would lose all meaning.

How to join Anonymous group

Becoming a member of the Anonymous group is a risky, tricky and challenging task, which can be compared to climbing Mount Everest. However, if you need good physical training and equipment in the case of climbing, then what you’ll need to join this group is computer skills and a computer (or other networked device).

The difficulty of joining the group lies in the fact that there is no single place that controls the association’s flow. Everything happens online and stays there.

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So, how can you join the group? Consider a few steps.

Step 1. Call yourself anonymous.

Yes, it’s that simple. If you want to become part of the Anonymous association, you don’t need to join certain groups or contact other members. Your first step is to call yourself “anonymous” and use an online avatar in the form of the Guy Fawkes mask.

Step 2. Determine the scope of your actions.

An important step is to decide what kind of work you will do on the network. These can be socially useful things related to your city, state, or country.

Step 3. Never reveal your identity.

Anonymity is a very serious task. If you’ve decided to be part of the Anonymous group, then you must follow the canons of its work – namely, under all circumstances remain anonymous.

Step 4. Improve your IT skills.

A good hacker is a person who is savvy in various technical issues. They improve their skills every day and learn something new.

Anonymous group access

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Things to know before joining the anonymous forum

In this part, we want to share the things you need to know before you decide to become a part of this association.

  • Wiki Anonymous. If you want to learn more about the Anonymous group, you need to read the Anonymous wiki and clarify some things related to the work. In addition, on the site, you can find out exactly how the Anonymous group is changing the world for the better.
  • Linux. The best platform to help you be a part of the union is Linux. It uses open source code that can support your online anonymity.
  • Tor browser. Tor browser is the most secure browser that will keep your information secret and create IP address chains that will help you protect your IP address.
  • Fake identity. An anonymous group is a place where no one reveals their true data and identity in general. You need to maintain all secrecy and anonymity. You may need to create several fake profiles that can be created using anonymous emails.
  • Use a VPN. VPN services allow you to hide your real IP address so your internet provider cannot trace your online movement within the network.

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Interesting fact: A well-known hacker, Aaron Schwartz, made a sensational statement a few years ago. He said that he used his programming and hacking skills to enrich himself and make the internet a safer and fairer place. After which, he hanged himself.

This story once again confirms how difficult it is to be anonymous on the web. So think twice before becoming part of the Anonymous group.

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Final word

Anonymous group is a confidential place for all fans and admirers of forbidden internet topics. This is a kind of circle of like-minded people who value their ideas and are ready to do anything for their implementation.

Anonymous forum

Unfortunately, the exact number of band members is unknown. We can only assume that this number is more than a thousand people. However, this is only a preliminary figure. The real number is likely several times larger.

Therefore, if you support the ideas of anonymity and internet security, as well as freedom of speech and non-censorship, and are willing to do anything for this, then the Anonymous group is the place that will suit you more than others.

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