How to Create an Anonymous Website

Most users, considering themselves law-abiding citizens, have never thought about maintaining anonymity on the internet. A person can perfectly understand that his every action can be tracked. But they don’t violate any rules, and therefore can safely “surf” the internet, not paying attention to the spam and advertising that are based on their history of searches, clicks on links, and the content of their correspondence with other people.

Now, however, it’s time to consider the existing online threats in details.

The scope of human activity on the World Wide Web is diverse and has many goals. State governments are increasingly tightening control over the network, and people increasingly desire to use the internet in “incognito mode.” 

Below we’ll talk about how to create an anonymous website.

How to ensure your online anonymity? Read this article and forget about surveillance. 

What is an anonymous website?

An anonymous site is a rather unusual concept. First, because to host it on the network, you need a web server that provides hosting, and it will have a static IP address. You can use it to determine the provider and then extract the necessary information as if by a thread.

What is an anonymous website

However, in 2002 and 2003, I2P and Tor systems were created as freely available software.

The main purpose of these developments is to organize an anonymous network in which people can get anonymous hosting for their sites, create forums and chats, exchange information and be sure that their actions are highly likely not to be tracked.

Many websites owner have thought about domain privacy. We’ve considered the topic and we’re ready to tell the truth.

Traffic in such a network has four-level encryption. It passes through so-called tunnels: this is a sequence of routers that receive a data packet, decrypting one of the layers that carry the address of the next router, and so on to the destination point. It is necessary to note a significant difference between the presented systems. The fact is that the I2P system is not designed to work with the “open internet,” unlike Tor. I2P is created as an isolated network.

Why do we need anonymous sites?

In connection with the tightening of copyright laws, which has led to the closure of some online resources, as well as the frequent news that the security services of various states carry out surveillance of their citizens through the worldwide web, the public has begun to show concern about this, wanting to preserve freedom of speech and content that has been used for decades.

In addition, many internet users wanted to avoid internet censorship, and not be afraid of being persecuted by any organizations for their opinions expressed publicly.

For these key reasons, the need to create anonymous sites has increased dramatically.

How to use websites anonymously

If the user does not wish to create anonymous content but wants for some reason to go anonymously to the site, which means not to allow their IP address to be tracked, then this can be done in several ways:

  • Using Tor

Tor, as mentioned earlier, is a browser that will provide anonymous browsing of sites, spending a minimum of your time and effort. You just need to install this program on your computer and run it, after which “anonymous” will be able to surf the internet using the DuckDuckGo search engine, which does not track or analyze actions, so you should not change it to any other search engine. An IP address that does not correspond to the real one will be generated during the browser session.

You can read more about Tor here.

  • Anonymizers

Anonymous access to websites can also be organized using “anonymizers,” or anonymous proxies – these are services that allow you to visit a website with a changed IP address. They act as an intermediary that shields the privacy of the actual user. The main disadvantage of this method is that to visit any site, you need to enter the full URL to the anonymizer, and you will have to do this every time you want to visit any site anonymously.

Anonymous websites

A list of working Anonymizers, you can find here.

  • Proxy servers

There is another method that allows you to organize anonymous visits to sites. It consists of proxy servers, which are intermediaries between those who make requests and those who process them. When the client tries to find the necessary information, it forms a request, with which it addresses the proxy server. And it, in turn, sends a request to the web server, where the necessary information is located.

For instance, we’ve listed working proxies for TamilRockers access here.

  • VPN services

Another method of surfing the internet anonymously is to use a VPN. A VPN is an encrypted connection between two networks or separate clients and a network. Thanks to this connection, the use of the internet becomes completely confidential. The VPN service provides you with a spoofed address located in another part of the planet.

You can find a list of reliable and free VPN services here.

How to create an anonymous website

On the internet, you can find many instructions and tips for creating an anonymous website. Most often, you will be prompted to use Tor or similar tools.

In addition, such sites can be created by hackers, of course for a fee. Sometimes this is a symbolic amount, and sometimes the real amount that will need to be paid in bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency.

If these first two popular methods do not suit you, then you can use Utopia P2P ecosystem. This is a closed platform based on decentralized network that includes several practical tools for chatting, surfing, file sharing, making payments, and playing games with friends.

Don’t know the benefits of a decentralized system? Read this article and choose the best variant for your daily use.

This is a real closed “city” in the global internet space, which is available for download by absolutely all net users. Registration in the ecosystem is anonymous, so no one will know the user’s real name and address.

How to create an anonymous website

Idyll is an anonymous built-in browser that is based on tunnel data technology. Any user can add new websites that will be available for public use. Most importantly, no one will know who created the site or who moderates it. All data in Utopia is protected to the maximum extent possible thanks to complex multi-level encryption.

The process of creating a website will also not cause any difficulties. All you have to do is select the Web Developer option in the Idyll browser. Then, following the instructions and hints, you can create the site you need for free, without restrictions and with complete anonymously.

Stay safe and use only reliable methods of website creation.


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