Google Notifies Users If Someone is Looking For Personal Data

In May of this year, Google announced a new function “Results about you”, and recently clarified the specifics of its work. As follows from the message, it is designed to monitor the availability of user’s personal data in search results. The user can then see in the profile tab that this information is searchable and ask to remove it from the output.

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What is known about this, we will tell you in this article.

What is the function?

Google talked about the additional functionality of Results about you. So, at the beginning of 2023, the search engine will instantly notify the user using a pop-up window if his personal data flashes in the search results. We are talking about a phone number, email or address.

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Now the company announces that the notification system will be optional. It is worth noting that Google removes only search results, not the content itself on the internet. The information will still be on the site where it is posted, but it will be more difficult for interested parties to find it through a search engine.

Google users have already had the opportunity to request the deletion of search results with their personal information. But now the company is working to significantly simplify access to this process. The “Results about you” tool allows you to mark the results of the issuance of personal information with a few clicks, instead of searching for a specific Google reference article with a link to the form.

“Pop-up” will become an optional feature that can be disabled. The user whose data surfaced in the search can then apply to be removed from the output (while the information will remain in the original source.)

What else is new?

In the future, users will be able to set a search in the format of snapshots, speak them into the microphone. At the same time, the resulting search result will not look like a feed with active links.

Google plans to move away from the feed of pages with answers. There are no specifics on how the search results page will look yet, but perhaps it will be something similar to the recommendation feed on TikTok.

Representatives of the corporation note that developments in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision will be used to introduce innovations.

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