Degoogled Phone By Removing Google Apps

Today, it is difficult to imagine an Android smartphone without pre-installed Google services. And although there are such models, they are least in demand. However, some people want to get rid of Google Mobile Services on their devices. Today we will figure out how phones work without GPS, how to get rid of unnecessary services, and, if desired, install them again.

In the article, we will tell you the working way of degoogled phone.

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What is GMS?

Google Mobile Services (GMS) is a package of pre-installed applications from Google. It includes such popular programs as Play Market, YouTube, Google Play, Gmail and others. Therefore, the definition of “smartphone without Google services” means a device devoid of a package of pre-installed utilities.

By default, it is impossible to get rid of the Google software package, because the Android operating system belongs to an American company that is interested in increasing the audience of its services. However, there are several ways to get rid of GApps. And, if you don’t need GMS, you can get rid of them.

*Note: HUAWEI and HONOR smartphones released after 2020 are devoid of GMS by default. At the same time, in 2022, Google services returned to some Honor models, but they still do not exist on Huawei.

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The Android operating system itself is distributed under an open license: AOSP (Android Open Source Project), so it is impossible to prohibit its use from a legal point of view.

The problem is that throughout the development of this OS, Google has introduced its products into it, facilitating and providing functional work in many areas. 

Simply put, Google has built its ecosystem, the components of which interact with the help of applications and services, which are included in the GMS package. This package can be divided into applications that are visible and invisible to a simple user. 

Examples, Google Play Market, Google Music, Google Movies, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Messages, Google Allo, Chrome, and others. 

That is, those are the launch shortcuts that you can see on your desktop. At the same time, some services are not visible, which ensures the smooth operation of other applications. For example:

  • Google Maps Platform – which allows applications such as car sharing, taxi calling, food delivery to use Google Maps in their work.
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging (formerly Google Cloud Messaging) – which is needed to deliver PUSH notifications in Android applications
  • Google OAuth API is a tool that allows authorization in applications via a Google account, as well as authorization in Google applications themselves.

There are other services that some applications need, but, as an example, these, the most obvious ones, will suffice.

So, without installed GMS on the smartphone will not work:

  • Applications that use Google Maps for navigation.
  • Notifications in applications that use GMS for their distribution
  • Quick authorization in applications via Google account at the touch of a button (at the same time, the possibility of authorization with a login and password – of course, will remain)
  • Authorization in Google apps (including Chrome, Gboard) is installed manually.

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Why do you need to delete Google apps?

An ordinary smartphone user on the Android 10 or Android 11 operating system may not understand why some people are trying to get rid of Google services. However, there is an explanation for everything. And, if we are talking about GMS, then the following reasons for removing pre-installed applications are most often called:

  • the desire to get rid of surveillance by Google;
  • increased battery life;
  • freeing up ROM and RAM space.

Despite the apparent advantage of a smartphone without Google services, you should be aware of all the disadvantages and risks. So, on a device without GPS, it will be more difficult to use popular programs like YouTube and Instagram, and the gadget itself will be subject to threats due to the lack of a Google protection system.

Degoogled phone: The solution for users

For us, as consumers, it doesn’t matter how and with the help of which services everything is arranged inside a smartphone – we need familiar and necessary applications to work. Nobody wants to buy a smartphone that seriously restricts functionality.

How to install apps on a smartphone without GPS, and how to transfer your saved data?

The easiest way to transfer data, especially if you also had a Huawei or Honor smartphone before: is either to create a backup to your PC using the HiSuite program, and then deploy it on a new device, or use the Phone Clone program – which will allow you to transfer data directly from smartphone to smartphone, wirelessly.

The latter method is also suitable for owners of smartphones from other companies. In case some applications cannot copy the data, you can try to use their built-in backup and data transfer functions.

How to install new apps on a smartphone without Play Market?

There are several options at once:

The first and most obvious option is to use AppGallery – a branded app store. At the moment, its range has grown a lot, and you can find a huge number of familiar applications in it, which is undoubtedly pleasing.

But what if the app you need is not in the AppGallery?

Option two is to download the apps from the manufacturer’s website. For example, WhatsApp is publicly available on the official website.

But every time you search for applications on different sites, and then also update them as needed – it’s not too convenient. In addition, it is not uncommon for applications to have no website or installation files are not present on them.

Option three is to use third-party app stores, for example – Aurora Store or APKPure. Their range is huge, and even almost identical to the range of Play Market applications. 

There is also the possibility of updating applications through these markets, but here lies the inconvenience – you will have to update the applications manually.

These stores do not support updates in the background, because they are not system updates. There is also no guarantee that the downloaded application will launch and function without Google services – unlike AppGallery, there is no selection for those applications that will run without GMS.


Despite many disputes and speculation on the internet, smartphones can be fully used without Google Mobile Services. A huge number of applications are running normally, or they lack some minor functions. 

Most of those applications that do not start can be easily replaced with functional analogs. Almost all of Google’s system services have a replacement for the same ones.

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