Decentralized Email — A New Age of Data Security

One of the main issues related to internet security is the topic of email privacy.

Did you know the reasons Why Online Privacy Matters? It’s high time to pay attention to this.

Every day, we send and receive hundreds of emails related to our personal lives and work issues as well.

However, it is increasingly common to see news about users’ data leaks. This applies to password hacks and various special programs that apps use to copy user data.

-How do I protect myself from information leaks? 

Many internet users have seriously thought about this problem. Most often, they either install additional software that protects their data or they completely change the applications and tools they use for communicating on the net.

Still using unreliable apps and messengers? Read Why Is Secure Messaging Important and change your approach to online communication.

As a rule, when choosing a particular tool, they pay attention to the security technologies that are used and the reviews of other users.

When considering the best way to protect your communication, a choice must be made between two types of systems: centralized and decentralized. And more often, people choose the latter one – decentralized. 

So, what are the advantages of decentralized mail that affect the final choice of these users?

In this article, we’ll look at the main advantages of such emails and tell you about several reliable variants of decentralized emails.

Definitive benefits of decentralized email

Decentralization is a new word in the lexicon of data security. This type of system is becoming more and more popular. Decentralized email means both security and privacy.

Benefits of decentralized email

As a rule, such systems are based on blockchain technology. It transmits messages and then reliably saves your history of correspondence, but not in any central location. This technology automatically protects data from unauthorized access.

In addition, using decentralized email has several advantages:

  • No central server where all messages are stored.
  • No one can access your emails except you.
  • No one can hack your email.

You can read more on this topic in the article Centralized vs Decentralized Network and choose the best system to protect your data.

Some other advantages include:

  • Privacy. Manage your data yourself. Control your business and personal life.
  • No censorship. Express your opinions and defend freedom of speech. A complete absence of external control and censorship.
  • Security. Each message is securely encrypted using the latest data encryption methods.
  • Anonymity. Remain anonymous, and do not disclose your data. Choose the data storage method.

-What are the reliable decentralized systems? 

Our team has prepared a selection of email services to protect you and your data on the internet.

The best decentralized emails

Utopia review

Secure p2p email service

Utopia is a closed ecosystem that is built on the principle of decentralization. It does not have a single server for storing data. Instead, during anonymous registration, it creates a separate server for each user.

All user data is securely stored and protected using sophisticated encryption based on an elliptical core and 256-bit AES. This method allows you to eliminate any data leaks and hacks.

Utopia has several built-in tools such as instant messenger, anonymous browser, crypto container, private email, and more. Each of these tools is multi-functional, and in addition to stable and safe operation, it offers a convenient and friendly interface.

uMail is the ecosystem’s encrypted p2p email that sends and receives confidential messages from anywhere in the world. Each message is encrypted with a private key that the sender of the message has. Only the recipient can decrypt the code using their private key. In other words, no third parties are involved in transmitting messages.

Price: FREE

Mailbird review

Popular decentralized service

Mailbird is one of the most popular and simple email services used by more than 2 million people worldwide.

It is a high-performance service with some useful and customizable features that are easy to use with a single click. It is usually used for multitasking.

The interface is simple and convenient. Plus, it has integration support with services such as Twitter, Google Calendar, etc. So, every user can manage all of their apps in one place.

Mailbird is a fully encrypted service that stores account on its own server. But Mailbird keeps the user’s information, including correspondence, on the user’s device.

In addition, the service allows selecting and configuring special IDs for each account. In other words, you can choose whether to send emails via an SMTP server or any other one linked to a specific address.

Price: Yearly subscription €1.21 per month

Countermail review

Countermail review of decentralized email

This is a well-known and popular email service. Its main task is to protect the confidential data of each user and provide a high degree of security.

It has a user-friendly interface and usually does not cause inconvenience when setting all configurations. In addition, it provides free and remote access to your data using an automatically encrypted password. This is possible due to the use of the OpenPGP Protocol, which makes up the service’s technical characteristics.

In addition, the service includes MITM protection, the absence of server disks, the use of nicknames, anonymous message headers, and much more.

However, Countermail is a paid service. It has a free trial period that lasts for one week. Then, you need to pay about $29 every 6 months. It is worth paying attention to one important drawback – storage capacity.

Price: $29 every 6 months

CryptaMail review

Encrypted and decentralized email service

CryptaMail is a convenient email service that automatically encrypts every message sent and received. This makes the process 100% secure and confidential.

It does not involve the use of central servers for data storage. No third parties can access your data since none are involved in the data transfer process.

Access to the account is restricted even for the service developers since they do not have your data and password. All messages are stored using blockchain, which ensures secure data transactions. The entire system is based on the NxtCoin Protocol.

The platform is currently in beta, but you can already test it and reserve your username.

Price: FREE

All of the emails are completely private. You can choose any of them and test their updated features of data security.

P.S.: Please share your impressions after using the services in the comments.


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