Dark Web Forums: What are They and How to Find Them

“Dark net,” “Dark web,” and half a dozen other synonyms are all the names of the same thing, namely a collection of websites hidden from the eyes of ordinary internet users. You will not find them through your favorite search engine. This is a part of the network hidden from prying eyes. Their own rules and laws have nothing to do with the generally accepted ones, and sometimes even violate them.

What is the difference between the dark and deep web? Learn more in this article.

A dark web forum is a closed online platform on the dark web where users can communicate without censorship or surveillance and can find various prohibited goods and services. Many forums sell different forms of membership: VIP, Premium, or Moderator. Users on dark web markets are divided into sellers who sell goods and buyers who buy goods.

Today, we’ll talk in more detail about the dark web, and what dark web forums can be found there.

Note: The article is exclusively informative. The author does not suggest the reader take any of the actions described.

What is the Dark Web?

The Dark web (“Dark net,” “hidden network,” “dark network,” or “shadow network”) is a segment of the internet that is hidden from public access. The connection is established between trusted peers (participants) encrypted using non-standard ports and protocols. In addition, the dark web uses its own DNS – that is, its own domains and address space.

What is a dark web forum

You can get into the dark web using special software, for example Tor Browser or I2P.

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The dark web is the most hidden and protected section of the internet. Popular search engines miss it; ordinary users will not be able to get into it accidentally. However, anyone who needs to visit the dark web will do it easily and quickly.

The popularity of the dark web and its forums are growing due to increased internet censorship. There, users do not need to be afraid of harassment and can talk about what they think or buy and watch what they want.

The content in dark web forums is intentionally not indexed. While in the rest of the internet site owners are trying to increase the rating of the site and increase its traffic, in the dark segment they try to make the site as little noticed as possible, especially by law enforcement agencies.

Therefore, dark web forums use special encryption, their own domain names, and non-standard protocols. Such technologies allow you to hide the real IP address of the server on which the site is located. Thus, everyone can visit the site but it is unknown who owns it.

How to get into the dark web forums

As we have already noticed earlier, it is impossible to accidentally get into a dark web forum. However, if you have a goal to be there, then nothing will prevent you from doing it. To do this, most users use the Tor network. It allows you to surf the Internet safely and anonymously, while hiding the user’s real IP.

However, not all sites on the dark web use the Tor network. Some use alternative technologies. For example, I2P, although the principle of interaction between the user and the site remains the same.

In addition, you can use the search engines Torch or Fess. They are similar in their functional features and are alternatives to the popular Google or Yahoo.

How to find a dark web

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Dark web forums list


RaidForums is one of the well-known forums, which is famous for a storehouse of leaked information. Here you can see an advertisement for the sale of a data leak with an exclusive purchase of it on the market.

The number of active participants has long exceeded 400K. More than 4,000 new messages are published on the site every day, including both new topics and comments on previous posts. In total, more than 3 million messages have been published during the entire existence of the forum.


The Dread forum is known as a dark web alternative to the popular Reddit. The forum is based on the Tor platform. Here you can communicate without censorship on any topic without fear of surveillance and data leakage.

The forum is free. You do not need to pay membership fees for using it. The forum administrator, under the nickname u/HugBunter, has repeatedly stated this.

Every day, more than 500 new posts are published on the forum under about 700 subheadings. In addition, the number of active participants of the forum has more than 20,000 users.

On this forum, you can find almost any information, from the sale of stolen data to the purchase of prohibited substances.


4chan is the most famous of all dark web forums. At the very beginning, it was dedicated to the Japanese style anime, animation, and similar topics. However, later it began to cover adult content as well.

This forum is also popular for anonymity reasons since there is no need to publish messages under any nickname. In addition, the messages disappear after a while, so no one can detect them.

The statistics of the forum are more than 20 million new guests every month. And this is not surprising because this is the main dark web source of cyberbullying, threats of violence, prohibited information, and much more.

Example of dark web forum

Learn more about 4chan here. this is a forum that became widely known after the events of 2016. Then the whole Internet was shocked with the news about a huge data leak. Then the police got a chance to expose the hackers and installed surveillance on the forum.

Nulled is one of the most popular forums where you can find various illegal content. It includes both pornography and leaked internet users’ data. In addition, there are a lot of scammers on the forum who earn money from other users.

The number of active users is more than 4 million people. You can become a member of the forum only after paying for VIP status or paying for the premium package.


The dark web is an attractive, dangerous place for many, yet by and large, most people do not need it. On the open internet, you can find more interesting and useful things than in the shadows.


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