David Moadel’s Interview: The Rules of Successful Trading

We continue the topic of investment, trading, and cryptocurrency in our blog. This time, we decided to interview one of the most successful traders on YouTube — David Moadel.

His YouTube channel has more than 50K subscribers, his video has more than 3 million views, and more than 20K subscribers read his Twitter daily. He has also created a website where he publishes useful articles for novice traders and all those interested in investment earnings.

David Moadel’s Twitter page

There is no time to spare. Let’s start.

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1.Hi, David! Your YouTube blog impressed us so much. You are telling people about investment and trading. Today, you have more than 50K subscribers and millions of views. Could you remember how you’ve decided to start your trading activity? How did you study investments?

I am fortunate to have a father who taught me the foundational concepts of Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett when I was a teenager. He taught me to look for great, profitable companies whose stocks are trading below their intrinsic value. Today, I can mentor and coach people through social media and Skype much in the same way that my father did for me all of those years ago.

2.The description of your channel says that you do not give your subscribers any advice about trading or investing. Also, all your videos, presentations, and so on are just part of the entertainment. However, many people really began to understand such complex issues after watching your videos. Did you write this disclaimer to prevent malicious users from writing bad comments to you?

Before viewing my videos, people should know that I am not a licensed or registered investment advisor. I can help people consider ideas and put together their own trading or investing plans, but ultimately, what people do with their capital must be their own decision. No one will look after your money more carefully than you will.

3.Our readers would like to know your secrets of financial success. Could you name your three main rules for success in the financial sphere?

Let your winners run, cut your losses short, and spend a lot more time researching than trading.

4.Today, many bloggers face huge hate in their own direction. How do you feel about haters? Do you have any haters?

I’ve put myself out there in the public domain, so I fully expect to have some critics. Plus, it’s the Internet, where people can say vicious things with anonymity. That’s to be expected and I’ve developed a thick skin over the years.

5.As a financial specialist, could you explain as simply as possible what trading is and how it works?

Successful trading is the art and the science of buying something at a lower price and selling it at a higher price. Sometimes the process is reversed and you sell at a higher price before buying back at a lower price. Either way, you’re trying to take advantage of mispricings in the markets.

6.How do you think the global financial future is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is the future because it is resistant to the damaging effects of inflation. Dollars will always deteriorate in value while cryptocurrency, because of its built-in limited supply, can maintain or even grow its value over time.

7.Has the coronavirus pandemic had any positive or negative effect on trading and the crypto world in general?

It’s only negative to people who bought cryptocurrencies and other assets at high valuations. It’s also bad for people who were over-leveraged in their asset purchases. Anyone with a good trading or investing plan should have been doing fine throughout all of this.

8.Have you heard anything about Utopia P2P Ecosystem ( This is a decentralized network that allows using the Internet anonymously and securely. It has its own cryptocurrency – Cryptons, which can be used to make payments within the ecosystem. Cryptons have already appeared on some cryptocurrency exchanges. How do you assess the future of Cryptons? Can it be perspective?

Anonymous and secure Utopia ecosystem

I do see the value of Cryptons and there is definitely a future there. Widespread adoption could lead to a rare value proposition with this cryptocurrency.

9.What do you think about the ecosystem itself? How can you evaluate it in terms of functionality and cybersecurity?

Both functionality and security will be pivotal to the success of the ecosystem. Users must trust any novel cryptocurrency, and Utopia is clearly making strides in building a future-forward crypto-centric ecosystem.

10.Can you make your forecast for the trading market in the next 5 years? What exactly will the online earnings look like?

The earnings will be robust though naturally, there will be ups and downs. Nimble traders can take advantage of the down cycles through well-considered positions to be held for the long term.

David Moadel

We thank David for this informative interview. We hope that our readers could learn more about the world of investment, trading, and cryptocurrency.

If you have long wanted to earn money online — then do not wait for better times! Start right now! David’s videos can help you with that. In his videos, David clearly explains how this market works and how to make money on it.

Good luck!


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