Unusual Rules of the Internet

The internet rules are an unspoken set of laws, a kind of constitution of the online world. There are 47 rules in total, some of which are extremely clear and understandable, while some others are difficult to understand or even read. Together with the precepts of the internet, these rules constitute a special layer of online culture.

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The internet rules are a popular 4chan meme. They are a comic set of rules describing the stereotypes and memes of 4chan’s popular /b/ channel. Although there is no single “canonical” version of the list of rules, some items, such as Rule 34, are popular memes and are sometimes mentioned outside the code’s context as a whole.

4chan – the internet’s largest image board – was created in 2003 by internet entrepreneur Christopher Poole. 4chan now occupies a dominant position among image boards in English and has a noticeable impact on the “external” internet.

Today, we’ll tell you about the main rules of the internet for 4chan. We hope it will be interested for all meme lovers.

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What is 4chan?

4chan was opened as an English-language equivalent of the Japanese Futaba Channel (also known as 2chan) by Christopher Poole, a member of the comic forum Something Awful, who went by the pseudonym “moot.” Initially, the site was located on the domain, which Poole planned to use only for email.

4chan rules of the internet

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4chan is a set of image/discussion boards formed during October 2003, which consisted of boards focused on different topics: (in order of appearance) /b/, /h/, /c/, /d/, /w/, /y/, /g/, and /s/. Later, their number and composition changed. In March 2004, the main domain became, while the old address passed to “cybersquaters.”

In April 2005, the /b/ board (for random topics) reached the mark of one million messages, and in July of that year – 2 million. A year later – on July 7, 2006 – it topped 10 million.

On May 13, 2012, the site engine was revised, as a result of which the page code became consistent with HTML5/CSS3. A special interface was created for mobile devices.

On August 6 that year, the site broke the mark of one billion messages.

On January 21, 2015, the founder of the site, Poole, announced his resignation as administrator, and on September 21, it was announced that Hiroyuki Nishimura, the creator of 2chan, would become the new owner of the site.

Shimura celebrated with a Q&A session, the opening of new sections, and the placement of a photo with the shuttle “Atlantis” on the site’s main page. Users have created a new “moe” character portraying Hiroyuki.

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4chan special aspects

There are two main aspects of 4chan:

  1. Culture

Fortune’s culture is based on three major components: 

  • the localized traditions of Futaba;
  • the peculiarities of the surrounding English-language internet;
  • its own developments. 

The first element was most noticeable in the early days of the image board, and now its influence has declined.

The official mascot character of the site is Yotsuba by Kiyohiko Azuma’s manga “Yotsubato”. This is due to the fact that his name is translated as “four-leafed”, and the symbol of 4chan is precisely a four-leaf clover.

  • Moderation

In addition to Christopher Poole (“moot”), the creator and chief administrator of 4chan, there are other moderators. Communication is regulated by special rules, consisting of a global part that applies to the entire platform, as well as special sections that affect individual boards.

From time to time, open collections of applications are held for the junior level moderator staff.

There is a widespread claim that moot was personally banned for implementing “rule No. 34” with Yotsuba, but the evidence of this is contradictory.

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The rules of the internet list

Unfortunately, it is not possible to establish the original text at the moment, and that is why there are various versions of copy and paste in use, none of which can be called generally accepted.

In general, the “stable” options are only the first five points, as well as rules No. 34 and No. 35. Otherwise, both the content and the number of items can vary dramatically.

Although some people try to follow the rules of the internet literally and promote their implementation by everyone, the public, both on 4chan and outside, it has never taken this “document” seriously. Using the internet rules as an argument in the discussion of events in the cybersphere can draw jeers from your companions.

The phrases “Anonymous does not forgive” and “Anonymous does not forget” are often used as mottos in campaigns such as Project Chanology (Anonymous’s project against the Church of Scientology).

Since the internet rules were invented in 4chan’s /b/ board, and didn’t adequately describe the current realities there and on other image boards, attempts were made to make alternative versions or parodies. None of them gained much notoriety.

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– What are the rules of the internet?

Below you can see a rough outline of the Internet rules that exist now:

What are the rules of the internet

The whole list of the internet rules, you can find here.


Internet rules are used for trolling almost everywhere. Being born on the 4chan boards, they are perfectly studied by trolls, but they are already used far beyond the image board.

Don’t take these rules seriously. As you know, they are just an internet joke. Therefore, they do not have a real basis for themselves.

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