Funny Passwords Ever Hacked

If you think that the most strong passwords are the most complicated ones, consisting of figures, lower case letters, symbols, and upper case letters — all together, you are right.

1gfdbd538_fwe6)j is the best option for your security. It seems that everybody knows that, but still, anecdotal evidence suggests that people do not care and continue to use weak passwords for their accounts. That, in turn, leads to data loss.

Ashley Madison case

Ashley Madison is a much-hyped website for fast and no-strings … cheating. A couple of years ago, it was hacked, and the data was delivered to the public eye. As a result, cracking 11.7 million passwords, hackers shared interesting statistics.

It appeared that among almost 12 million passwords, only 4.5 million were unique, 630 thousand passwords completely matched the usernames.

The shortest password was only 1 character long. The longest is 28 characters. The average password length is 6-8 characters.

Funny passwords length distribution

Also, hackers made a list of the most interesting and funny passwords. The results were really pretty funny:

9 Revisions

Some users thought that the more words, the better the password:

  • mypasswordispassword
  • superhardpassword
  • thebestpasswordever
  • thisisagoodpassword

Some doubt whether to use such a service for such a bad thing:

  • ishouldnotbedoingthis
  • ithinkilovemywife
  • thisiswrong
  • whatthehellamidoing
  • whyareyoudoingthis
  • cheatersneverprosper
  • donteventhinkaboutit
  • isthisreallyhappening

Some users are generally in the denial stage:

  • likereallygoingtocheat
  • justcheckingitout
  • justtryingthisout
  • goodguydoingthewrongthing

Naive users who consider Ashley Madison a real solution:

  • lookingfornewlife
  • friendswithbenefits

Users who believe in the safety of Ashley Madison:

  • youwillneverfindout
  • youwillnevergetthis
  • secretissafewithme

Some seem to be guessing what Ashley Madison is:

  • nothingfound
  • theywererobots
  • nobodyhere

Just funny:

  • everynameitriedwastaken
  • allthegoodpasswordshavegone
  • lickemlikeshelikesit
  • lildickinyourpussyn0w
  • satisfactionwithlicking
  • blackfromthewaistdown
  • smalldickbuthardworker

Why people feel so secure about using a dating app? We can only guess.

The worst passwords from LinkedIn

The worldwide popular professional networking platform LinkedIn also became a target of hackers back in 2012, and, as a result, 117 million passwords became an object for sale. The access to the database can be freely obtained for $ 2 per day or $ 265 per year on LeakedSource, even now.

Accounts with funny usernames on LeakedSource

The ridiculous passwords from this leak are the following:

  • linkedin
  • work
  • password
  • sunshine
  • iloveyou
  • princess
  • welcome
  • passw0rd
  • shadow
  • megod
  • qwerty
  • 123456
  • charlie

Given the focus of the resource, the popularity of the passwords “work,” “job,” and “career” is not surprising.

Religious users quite often show this in their passwords: “god,” “angel,” “jesus.”

And of course, the standard set for the Internet: “sex”, “fuck”, “bitch” and “dick”.

The passwords “michael,” “charlie,” and “jordan” are also curious – either proper names or in honor of famous basketball players and Charlie’s Angels.

The similar stories are the common feature if you do some investigation. Yahoo (3 billion variants), Dropbox (68 million variants), Facebook (419 million variants), also know what it is like.

We decided to do our own research and gathered 50 funniest passwords of users in the WWW.

Top Funniest passwords according to Utopia’s fans research

For your convenience, we have classified all passwords in 5 groups.

Funny passwords for those who always forget them:

  • ThisIsaPassword
  • Apassword
  • MyCrazyPassword
  • IForgetPasswords
  • iamauser
  • DontTouchMyPassword
  • noPassword
  • iAlwaysforgetIt
  • bestuser
  • PasswordForMe
Funny passwords ideas

Funny passwords for movies fans:

  • InvisibleMan
  • ImmrRobot
  • ImCyborgButItsoOk
  • ILookLikeaMan
  • ThisisMyFightClub
  • YouCantHandleThisPassword
  • MeForrestGump
  • chocolate
  • Superman
  • ElementaryMyDearWatson

Funny passwords for music addicted:

  • SmellsLikeTeenSpirit
  • Beatlesfan
  • SummertimeHappiness
  • Another1BitestheDust
  • hallelujah
  • Anaconda
  • OpaGangnamStyle
  • ShowmustgoOn
  • theUnforgiven
  • WinnerTakesItAll

Funny passwords for geeks:

  • ShiftingKeys
  • QAsniper
  • ImSherLocked
  • MakeLoveNotWarcraft
  • NatashaRomanoffisoff
  • SpeakFriendAndEnter
  • WeForgotKevin
  • Wistleblower
  • ITypeFast
  • YourDigitalFantasy

Love yourself passwords:

  • lovely
  • IAmaCompleteIdiot
  • BeautifulBitch
  • iloveme
  • yourmoron
  • thequeenofhearts
  • mommyishere
  • killergirl
  • hairygrandma
  • LoveMyself

How to think up a really secure password?

Your password is secure if:

  • it contains letters of upper and lower case (“X”, “k”);
  • numbers and special symbols are also used (“!”, “~”);
  • there is no coincidence with the surname, names, nicknames, dates of birth of you and your friends, relatives;
  • it is at least 8 characters long. It’s almost impossible to guess such a password using brute force;

Examples of bad passwords:

  • JohnDoe123
  • ILoveMyCat1
  • 12345678

Examples of good passwords:

  • 872030OPRt!#kd
  • gHg~!juF123
  • fksu48R-82K?

Where to store passwords? It is best to keep passwords in mind. It’s definitely not possible for hackers to get there. If you decide to write it down on a piece of paper or save it in your smartphone’s notes, remember that these methods are unreliable. So be careful. There is always a chance that others will see the notes.

A new password is always hard to remember. The best way to do this is at first not to save the password, but to enter it manually. After several dozen attempts, a mechanical memory will develop, and you will begin to enter the password reflexively.

It is a tricky task to remember many passwords at the same time. For such cases, you can add them to the password managers. Don’t forget to be careful about choosing one.

Let’s put two and two together

Good iphone passwords comparison

As you can see, people should not rely on even such respectful platforms like LinkedIn, Yahoo, and Dropbox and seemed private Ashley Madison when it comes to data privacy and security. As you remember, these are two different notions. Check the difference and learn why it is important to know it.

That’s why it’s become so vital to use apps and online services which don’t store users’ data. Only in this case, users’ info is untouchable. It’s possible only in one case — when the application is decentralized. Read more about the difference between centralized and decentralized networks.

Utopia ecosystem is a perfect example of secure decentralized peer-to-peer architecture where the data is stored on each peer’ local device in an encrypted form under the protection of 256-bit AES (the longest key which is impossible to hack.)

Generating process of perfect passwords

Therefore, don’t be so thoughtless, create complex passwords, forget about ridiculous ones if privacy matters for you or use the Utopia ecosystem, and forget about risks.

3 years ago

I’m a kind of person, who doesn’t care about the passwords I use as I don’t have anything to hide really. But when my email was hacked, I’ve lost all my social networks and couldn’t return most of them back. Only after that I’ve started using password generators and have to store them in a special software. It’s not so convenient when you don’t remember the passwords, but it’s much more safe for sure.

Matthew Turner
3 years ago

Hello, Gina! We know what you mean:) A big part of our team is the same people as you. We haven’t also paid attention to funny passwords we used. But after several cases of hacker attacks, most of us started to use Utopia that generates passwords automatically for each person. It is safe and convenient.

Rose Brown
3 years ago

Can I use thequeenofhearts as my Facebook password

Matthew Turner
3 years ago

Hi, Rose! Unfortunately, the password you selected is not reliable. To ensure your data’s security, you need to use a password that consists of letters and numbers. You can also use large and small letters and special symbols in the same password. This way, you can improve the security of your data.

Rose Brown
3 years ago

I like to used the password I put down

Matthew Turner
3 years ago

Good afternoon, Rose! One way to keep a password securely is to write it down. Keep in mind that hackers can get access to your notes and copy such sensitive information. So write down your passwords offline or use a reliable data storage like Utopia.

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