Funny Computer Memes: Absolute Win!

A couple of days ago, while talking to my friend, I’ve heard the phrase: “If I want to make the world a better place, I will make memes”.

What were my first thoughts? Of course, woooooow!

After all, this industry of Internet humor has almost bridged the gap. Today, trending meme is a part of society’s culture. Internet users quickly grab onto a good meme, and with a few tweaks along the way, it will start its journey to stardom on the worldwide web.

A meme is a cultural reflection of events occurring at a certain time. In a way it is a piece of our history that we are preserving for our descendants. Yeah, in the 21st century, it won’t be so important to write tons of history books – the meme will be our main tool for storing and transmitting history!

It’s a fact that almost everyone likes funny pictures, so the popularization of good memes is not difficult. The key to success is to choose a cool picture for the caption, or a cool caption for the picture.

Any social media network is primarily visual content. As a rule, users pay the most attention to images. Even the algorithms of social networks are configured to promote visual content first and then text content almost as an afterthought.

Some cool guys from a well-known American university even conducted their research in this field. They concluded that users like to view visual content six times more than text content. Memes carry more power than it seems at first glance. 

So, let’s figure out what Internet computer memes are, the top memes, and how to create your memes that will fly into the trends.

What is a meme?

Memes were created long before the era of popular images. In a broad sense, a meme is any “viral idea” that can replicate (we want to pass it on) and mutate (the meme changes during transmission).

Computer meme definition

Before the advent of the Internet, memes were passed “by word of mouth.” Anecdotes can be considered as proto-memes. Then they started to be broadcast by the media (think of fad diets or the organic food craze). And finally they have crystallized into what we now consider a typical internet meme:

{a thematic image + a caption that can be changed}

There is even a classification of memes where all meme types are categorized:

  1. Two-part memes

The most common type. At the basic level, it is a two-part statement (tie + punchline) that has a complex semantic relationship with the accompanying picture. Like this computer meme.

Two-part meme with guys
  • Character memes

Memes tied to the character of a specific style shown in the picture: in fact, the visual component performs the verbal function – it is a tie or punchline.

Character meme with Santa
  • Gifs

Gifs are animated images and short nonverbal sketches that capture some emotional reaction (from horror to delight). They are most often used in comments. Among other things, the type of gifs a user selects can describe their cultural outlook very well.

  • Syntactic memes

These are based on a specific, predefined text structure with several variables or less often without them (for example: “I’m X, I don’t want to solve anything, I want Y or X, what are you doing, Aha-ha, stop”).

Syntactic computer memes
  • Situational comics

These are similar to syntactic memes. But in this case, the structure is not set by text, but by a predefined sequence of images, on which the verbal part of the meme is based. For instance, the following tech meme.

Situational meme with SpongeBob
  • Comparative memes

These compare several images, objects, points of view on a situation, and so on. The comic effect arises from the mismatch with the ideal or real conflict of the eternal with the transient; otherwise, the total drama is based on the interaction of map elements.

Comparative meme with cars
  • Text memes

A separate subspecies of text-based memes that are typically comic SMS or social media dialogues, most often in the form of a screenshot from an iPhone or famous memes of the day.

Funny text meme
  • Meta memes

Meta memes refer to other memes. Often even understanding them requires a high degree of background knowledge.

Programming meme
  • Existential memes

There is a whole subtype of memes that implies the comic’s opposite effect and emphasizes the eternal hopelessness of life. They are often made in black and white.

Existential meme with cat
  1. Nostalgic memes

The theme is important here. Their past is one of the main ways for users to identify themselves.

Nostalgic computer meme

We used to think that a meme is always something funny. In fact, that is not necessarily the case. A meme may be sad, it may be scientific, it may even be fake. But at the same time, you want to share it with everyone you know, and also add something from yourself to make others feel more inclined to like it.

A meme encourages communication, creativity, and debate. It helps us to better understand the relevant cultural processes in society.

Do you want to know the history of every meme? Seize a chance! 

The Know Your Meme site is the largest online library of Internet culture. It describes the origin and distribution of memes, flash mobs, and viral videos. Its creators have been maintaining a database of memes since 2008 and evaluating their popularity.

The authors of Know Your Meme made a video infographic about the most popular memes on the Internet from 2011 to 2019. This three-minute video is a great way to remember how different trends have changed.

How to create your computer memes?

Do you have several good ideas for new memes? But still don’t know how to put your ideas into practice? Well, it looks like you need a convenient Meme Builder!

On the internet, you can find loooooots of them. Unfortunately, half can be immediately thrown in the trash – they are low-functional builders. Using them, you can not bring your ideas to life.

Don’t feel bad! We’ve found a multifunctional memes maker  – Adobe Spark.

We promise it works as quick as lightning. Just 5 simple steps separate you from creating cool computer memes.

How to make a computer meme

Take a chance right now!

It’s funny time!

Congratulations! You’ve read to the end! Now, we’ve prepared a bit of humor for you. Scroll down and enjoy the funny computer memes:)


Funny computer meme


Meme of the day


Google security meme


Google chrome meme


Sexy programmer


Parents technology meme


Funny gmail meme


Tech support meme


Funny technology meme


add humor to your routine

Don’t forget to add humor to your daily computer routine!

3 years ago

From your article, it turns out that memes have become a real cultural phenomenon and that they deserve the same attention as works of art. Do not you think that memes are an indicator of the “level” of the cultural development of mankind? I can’t relate without skepticism to some kind of funny pictures, which do not bear much sense.

Matthew Turner
3 years ago

Hello, Nate! Thank you for your point of view. We believe that in the 21st century, memes are really part of internet culture. They reflect current events and help to distract from the daily routine. Both ordinary funny memes do not carry any semantic load and quite sophisticated and philosophical memes. The last ones in a veiled form can convey to different categories of humankind the happened events and phenomena.

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