Wow! Beta Version of Utopia P2P for Mobile is Already Online!

We’ve been waiting for this for a long time! 

Finally, all Utopia fans can rejoice because the mobile version of the Utopia P2P ecosystem has been released on Android OS.

From July 2022, all Android users can test Utopia P2P mobile app for free on early access and share impressions through the support portal —

Meet the beta version of the Utopia P2P mobile app here.

What’s new in Utopia P2P for mobile?

It is important that this is only a test version of the application, which is available for Android. However, an application for iOS will be released soon.

In addition, the beta version of Utopia P2P for mobile is only an instant messenger, which includes all the same functions as the desktop version:

  • secure communication
  • anonymous registration
  • private use
  • encrypted text messages
  • stickers and emoticons
  • ability to send multimedia 
  • dark and light theme
  • changeable status
  • push notifications
  • fast nickname change
  • uCodes

Of course, the list of available functions will only increase over time. Also, other Utopia P2P functions and tools will be added soon.

Beta version of Utopia P2P for mobile

Most importantly, the mobile version saves users from a PC to quickly respond to a message. Now all chats will be stored safely and right at your fingertips.

Besides, testing the beta version as one of the first is a great success and honor, because each of the users can give their feedback through the support portal ( so that developers fix inaccuracies in technical and functional maintenance in the future. Thus, each of you can put your hand to the creation and release of a full-scale Utopia P2P mobile app.

How to start using the beta version of the Utopia P2P mobile app

To start communicating through Utopia P2P mobile app, you should follow the next steps.

First, you need to download the app from Google Play here.

Secondly, after the application is installed on the Android device, you will need to sign in or create an account (if you still do not have an account in Utopia P2P.)

Thirdly, find your friends through a contact list or add them using their Public Keys.

Finally, you can chat with friends and relatives through encrypted messenger. Find out all the features and perks to get the most functional and secure communication.

Note: Utopia P2P mobile app is on early access. Developers are waiting for you to install and test the app to give feedback through the support portal —

Don’t waste time! Download Utopia P2P mobile app on your Android right now!

Learn more about Utopia’s P2P benefits here.


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