USA News: Social Networks Under Control

Donald Trump signed a decree on the regulation of social networks in the United States. The text of the document has not yet been published.

The gossip about the possibility of regulation the social networks was previously reported by The Wall Street Journal, with reference to sources. As it was reported at the time, the decree would allow social networks to be held accountable for actions that can be regarded as restricting freedom of speech. For example, deleting posts or blocking accounts.

Preceding Event

Earlier, Donald Trump has expressed his point of view on the interference of social networks in politics. He thought that social networks intentionally prevent Republicans from expressing their opinions. Moreover, he has promised to introduce measures to regulate their activities.

The next step was published Trumps’ tweets in which he wrote that voting by mail could lead to mass data fraud. After that, Twitter marked the President’s posts as unreliable, because they may contain false information. The social media offered to follow the link and check the authenticity of Trump’s statements. By clicking on the link, users could read media materials about inaccuracies in the American President’s words and the unfounded nature of his claims.

Trump’s twitter post

By putting this sign under the post, Twitter responded to the President’s statement that Democrats use Twitter to send out mail-in ballots.

Above all, Trump has added that Twitter is guilty of interfering in the country’s upcoming presidential elections, telling about it in the microblogging service. “Twitter is completely stifling free speech, and I am as President will not allow it!” said Trump.

According to Mr. President, with the help of social networks, any user can directly address the citizens of countries, bypassing the media, which often publish false information, helping the Democrats to fight against him

It should be noted that Trump is an active user of social media. He publishes at least two posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram daily. Besides, he states that he personally publishes posts or, in extreme cases, dictates the text of publications to his assistant.

Even though he is dissatisfied with the Twitter service policy, Donald Trump does not intend to delete his account to be able to convey his position to American citizens without distortion.

Expert commentary

Famous experts claim that large Internet companies have actually turned into a kind of alternative states: their “jurisdiction” often replaces the original jurisdiction of the authorities of certain countries. 

Also, based on the values of freedom of speech, social networks have recently become almost an instrument of censorship – and the criteria for this very censorship are set within the social networks themselves.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube have become the largest platforms for the dissemination of various types of information. All these platforms use different algorithms that decide which videos or publications to show users first. It turns out that social networks are becoming a kind of tool for forming public opinion

Social media control issue

Now, this is a real problem. We don’t know whether the algorithm is set to form a specific opinion of users on a particular issue.

This topic is worried experts around the world. Social networks have become the most important resource for spreading information and an absolutely uncontrolled resource.


The decree has already caused a wave of criticism in the country. According to experts, this decision will soon be challenged in court.

In light of recent events taking place in the United States territory, citizens are unlikely to allow the legalization of this decree. However, Trump promised to consult with lawyers on the legality of this document.

Soon, Trump will publish the text of the document that will regulate social networks in the USA.

3 years ago

It is really interesting to see how the struggle of these titans ends! As I understand it, Trump does not intend to retreat, but it is not entirely clear to me what kind of changes he wants to bring? After all, Snowden told all about how the state monitors citizens through social networks.

Matthew Turner
3 years ago

Hello, Noah! You are right; each of them has specific power and resources. Therefore, we are waiting for a real battle of the titans. However, do not forget that America will soon hold a presidential run. Perhaps, Trump will lose his post as head of state. In this case, the battle win will be his direct competitor.

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