Instagram Censorship: What Can’t Be Posted on Instagram?

Instagram decides for itself what will be posted on the platform and what will not. This social network has several rules that regulate the relationship of users with each other.

You need to follow the rules and regulations from the developers to avoid a shadowban or possibly losing your Instagram account. 

In this article, we will tell you about Instagram censorship and how not to violate it.

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What is forbidden on Instagram?

If you want to promote your profile, you need to follow the rules of the social network. Instagram asks you to familiarize yourself with the rules even when registering. 

What is forbidden on Instagram

If you have not done this, read the following points:

  • Ban on services for profile promotion, mass-following, mass-liking, or automatic posting. If you want to automate promotion and posting, it is better to entrust this task to an employee. Instagram does not like the interference of programs and services. For example, if you hire a content manager or an SMM analyst who will publish and promote your page through likes or subscriptions, the social network will not be able to determine this. The main thing is to observe the limits.
  • Publication of classified information or personal data that discloses another person’s personal information.
  • Permission to use personal data. If you allow unknown people to access private information, scammers can take advantage of this and deceive you or frame you. Therefore, keep an eye on personal information and protect your profile
  • Buying and selling Instagram profiles that someone has already promoted.
  • Registering in the social network if you are under 13 years old. You can register, but with the consent of your parents, who will conduct the registration.
  • Open slander towards users, profanity and insults, harassment of people who are in the social network or who are not.
  • Registration of a profile in the name of another person whose main account already exists on Instagram.
  • Lying to impersonate a social network partner.
  • Spam in messages and comments.
  • Cheating through services.
  • Use of intellectual property and copyright infringement.
  • Agitation of people on the use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.
    Agitation for suicide.
  • Discussion and appeal to topics prohibited in the social network.

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Instagram censorship for photos

Not all photos can be uploaded to the Instagram server. Here are several restrictions:

  1. 1. The pictures should not contain fully or partially nude (it does not matter if it is an adult or a child).
  2. 2. You can’t show women’s nipples.
  3. 3. Images with scenes of violence, pornography, or illegal and aggressive actions also fall under the ban.

These measures are taken to protect Instagrammers from the negative influence of citizens who are not friends with the law.

Instagram censorship for photos

However, not everything is so sad and scary. If you are an artist, you can post your works on Instagram, even if they contain naked human forms. Instagram stands for beauty and aesthetics. The picture of the Apollo statue will definitely not be removed due to censorship.

There are many profiles of plastic surgeons on Instagram. Through the pages they show their work. Pictures containing naked breasts will have to be slightly edited. Scars after operations should not be retouched.

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Instagram censorship for hashtags

Restrictive measures have also been created for Instagram hashtags. Check out the prohibitions to be aware:

  1. 1. Any mentions related to adult content.
  2. 2. Hashtags posted under a publication that does not comply with the rules of Instagram.
  3. 3. Words calling for violence or aggression.

For your posts to be published and visible to the public, do not post anything illegal on the social network. The main restrictions are related to legislation.

For more information, you can read all the available codes in your country. But in the case of Instagram, it’s enough just to think and remember the rules that parents and school taught us. These are obvious truths.

But in our world, not everything is so easy and unambiguous. For example, Instagram recently banned the hashtag “sea.” It happened just during self-isolation. Why didn’t the water please the developers? It’s not entirely clear.

If you want to be sure that the post meets the established standards, then check the hashtag set personally.

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Which masks have been banned on Instagram?

Instagram’s developers are concerned about the mental health of their users. Therefore, the new algorithms do not allow masks that change the appearance of a person to be used in general.

The simple embellishment of a real picture has not yet fallen under the restrictions. But the filters that promise to change the shape of your face or nose are gradually being removed.

What music has been banned on Instagram?

Instagram stands for copyright compliance. If a user wants to add a track to their content, they must prove that they have the right to do so.

Instagram censorship for music

Are you not a singer or songwriter? Don’t get upset! You can purchase the track you like and use it at your discretion.

Banned Instagram posts

On Instagram, you can publish only the information that does not violate copyright, as well as the laws of your country. But also on Instagram, giveaways and pranks cannot be held, although everyone does it. The developers believe that you can recruit an audience through targeted advertising without any problems. You don’t need giveaways for this. Therefore, now many bloggers are blocked who literally tried to buy an audience for money, not for interest and benefit.

If a blogger conducts a giveaway, the Instagram system immediately reacts. It’s hard not to notice when more than 100,000 users follow specific pages in half an hour. Unfollowing at the end of the giveaway is also noticed by the algorithms of the social network — more often after that, there is a block or ban.

For example, if you bought a place in giveaways, and at the beginning, 20,000 people came to it, then Instagram starts following your profile. When there is a mass unfollowing at the end, the system understands what happened and throws your profile into a ban.

Violation of Instagram rules

If you break the rules, then you risk being blocked. Therefore, it is impossible to directly violate the regulations of the social network, but some can still be circumvented.

  • Do not use automatic posting, mass-liking, mass-following and mass-looking. It is better to hire a team of employees who will be engaged in the promotion of the profile. Instagram’s experts take into account the rules in their work, so the social network does not ban your profile.
  • Do not participate in dubious giveaways. If you want to participate in a “round-robin” draw, choose a verified account for cooperation.
  • Do not post naked or semi-naked bodies. In photos or stories, cover the intimate parts of the body — sometimes even underwear is not enough.

If you don’t break the rules and want to gather a loyal audience, treat subscribers responsibly. To do this, be interested in their attitude and views on life to adjust the content to them. Because even if the publications do not violate the rules, they can offend people. Therefore, subscribers file a complaint, and you could get into a block.

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