How to Unblock TamilRockers – 4 Working Methods

Today, government and cybersecurity agencies are cracking down on piracy. So, it is difficult for ordinary users to watch films and TV series without payment.

On the one hand, this is a fundamental decision necessary to ensure that the film industry does not suffer huge losses at the box office. On the other hand, it is not ideal for those who do not want to wait for official release.

For such people, there are special torrent sites that provide free access to thousands of movies and TV series. For example, in India there is a popular torrent site called TamilRockers. Unfortunately, the government has blocked this site because of its anti-piracy policy.

Censorship goes on around the world. In the USA, Trump wants to control all the social media. Read about this in the article USA News: Social Networks Under Control.

However, there are some methods that helps to open this popular site despite government controls. Today, we’ll talk about these alternatives and tips for secure usage of TamilRockers from anywhere.

P.S.: You need almost nothing except a stable internet connection.

What is TamilRockers?

TamilRockers is an Indian website for watching movies and series free of charge.

Today, this site is a main source of entertainment in India and other countries. There is a huge selection of movies and TV shows, including Bollywood and Hollywood films as well.

What is TamilRockers unblock

Unfortunately, after the big scandal around distributing these films before their open release, the governments of many countries have blocked this resource in their territories.

Governments use internet censorship to ban all unwanted sites. Read about it in the article What is the Issue with Internet Censorship?

However, there is still a working way to unblock TamilRockers: you need to use a proxy server or VPN. We have prepared a list of working proxies that you can start using right now:


There are other ways, too, that we will talk about later.

There is also the question of what to do if a proxy or VPN for TamilRockers is also blocked in a certain territory. The answer is simple: today, there are so many options for both proxy servers and VPNs, it is simply impossible for governments to block everything. If one proxy is blocked, a new proxy site can be created the next day.

Therefore, if you suddenly have problems accessing a proxy or VPN, you should simply try a different server; other servers will work without problems.

*Note: the main difference between these variants is the speed of connection.

Did you hear about the situation that happen with internet in Belarus? The authorities there banned the internet connection in the Republic for 3 days. Read the article and know all the details.

What to choose: proxies or VPNs?

Proxies are servers that bypass local network restrictions by providing access to content via a different location. There are both public and private proxy servers.

How it works: this tool allows you to access the internet from another IP address.

VPNs avoid restrictions by developing a secure communication channel that connects the devices in a different location. You can use both free and paid versions.

How it works: using a VPN, you don’t connect directly to the site. The network helps you build a special created encrypted zone between devices that located in different countries.

Now, we’ll tell you the working methods that help you access a specific website.

The best way to unblock TamilRockers

How can you avoid censorship and online surveillance? Ensure your Internet Freedom and use all features and options for free. 

How to unblock TamilRockers? We have 4 main methods.

Method 1: Unblock TamilRockers using a free proxy server

Step 1: Choose your favorite proxy from the above list.

Step 2: Add it to the search line.

Step 3: Copy the link of the specific site.

Step 4: Add the link in the search line.

That’s all. Thousands of movies and series are now available to you.

Method 2: Unlock TamilRockers using a free VPN

A handy instruction on VPN usage:

Step 1: Choose any VPN and download it on your device.

Step 2: Once you have installed a VPN, just turn it on.

Step 3: Choose the available country for connection. (Try to select a peer-to-peer friendly country.)

Step 4: Find the necessary site and enjoy.

*Note: Below, we’ve listed the most effective and secure alternatives you should choose from.

1. ExpressVPN. This VPN is the most popular. It is characterized by fast loading speed.

2. CyberGhost VPN. It allows you to open TamilRockers from anywhere in the world.

3. Surfshark. It is the cheapest VPN. You can connect an unlimited number of one-time connections from one account.

4. Private Internet Access. It is the most private and secure VPN. It has a high degree of data security when unlocking TamilRockers.

5. VyprVPN. It is the fastest service. VyprVPN is secure, multi-functional, and fast to load.

Method 3: Unlock TamilRockers using TOR

The TOR browser, widely known in narrow circles, can also help you access TamilRockers content. The TOR browser is an independent project that can help users to access the internet without censorship, surveillance, or even registration.

How it works: all traffic passes and is encrypted through several servers that provide free access to closed sites.

VPN for TamilRockers

*Note: Try to use TOR in pair with a VPN. This method can provide an additional layer of security.

Method 4: TamilRockers unblock by changing DNS servers

If the above 3 methods don’t suit you, we can suggest changing your DNS.

Have you heard about DNS poisoning? It is very dangerous cyberattack that can destabilize your computer and copy all your private data. Know how to protect yourself from this threat. Read the article Working Methods of DNS Poisoning Protection and stay tuned.

Below, we’ve prepared an instruction for owners of Windows 7 and 10:

Step 1: Go to the Control Panel.

Step 2: Find Network and Internet settings.

Step 3: Open Network and Sharing settings.

Step 4: Find internet connection feature.

Step 5: Choose “Properties.”

Step 6: Select the DNS server settings.

Step 7: Select and add one of the DNS listed below.

Step 8: Confirm your choice.


Final word

All the methods listed above work and are secure. So, you can try to use each of them and choose the one most suitable for you.

Don’t forget our working lifehack: in Utopia, you can create any site for public use that can’t be blocked or censored. So this is a cool way to avoid using additional tools to watch your favorite movies.

Read about all Biggest Pros and Cons of Social Media Censorship and choose the best tool to avoid any ban.

3 years ago

Thanks! I’ve been looking for working proxies and VPN for TamilRockers for a long time! Now I can use my favorite site even more often! I don’t understand the government or the people who make these blocks. After all, there are many ways to bypass the lock.

Matthew Turner
3 years ago

Good afternoon, Austin! Thank you for your feedback! Our team has been looking for these proxies and VPN for TamilRockers for quite a long time. We’ve checked each site manually. We agree with you on the idea that websites block are meaningless in 2021.

3 years ago

TamilRockers is one of my favorite sites. When it has been blocked, I thought that there are no ways to unblock TamilRockers. And I should try to find alternative sites with similar content. Thank you very much for giving us as many as 4 working ways to bypass the lock. I’d also like to note your lifehack. Creating a website in an ecosystem that is anonymous and private to use is a good idea! I hope that knowledgeable people will be engaged in its implementation.

Matthew Turner
3 years ago

Good afternoon, Isabel! Thank you for your feedback and support! The ecosystem is now gaining more and more popularity. Therefore, many internet sites are already in it. You can take a look and find something to your liking.

3 years ago

Are you sure that all the ways that you listed in the article help unblock TamilRockers? Clearly, the state is behind the blocking of this site. Therefore, it would definitely exclude all possible ways to bypass the lock.

Matthew Turner
3 years ago

Hello, Kyle! Our team has been dealing with this issue for a long time and looking for reliable and working ways to unblock TamilRockers. Therefore, we are confident in the integrity of these methods. Of course, the government or any other organizations behind the blocking of the site can take measures to block the site, despite the ways that have appeared to circumvent it.

3 years ago

Unbelievable! You were able to find several working ways to unblock TamilRockers. Thanks! Now I can watch my favorite Bollywood movies. After all, your blog is a miracle:)

Matthew Turner
3 years ago

Good afternoon, Colin! Thank you for your feedback! We hope that at least one of the methods of TamilRockers unblock we’ve described in this article can work in your region.

3 years ago

Great job! Thank you for the article. Still, I hate this censorship. I want free internet to say what I want, watch what I want, and do what I want. Today, there is huge censorship, which differs from country to country in its intensity. However, it is everywhere. And that upsets me.

Matthew Turner
3 years ago

Good afternoon, Leo! Thank you for your feedback! You are right! The modern internet is huge censorship. No one can feel secure in the World Wide Web. However, one tool helps avoid censorship and offers freedom of action, thought, and speech. It's a Utopia p2p ecosystem. It has been created for secure and private internet usage for everyone who appreciated the secure tech and functional possibilities.

3 years ago

I have usually found some untrusted ways to unblock TamilRockers. I’ve always had bad luck with that. And as a result, nothing worked for me and my computer. Maybe the reason was in the broken free VPNs. Or I just have all thumbs and can’t find something normal and working.

Matthew Turner
3 years ago

Good afternoon, Nora! You are very critical of yourself. It’s not about you. Just on the internet there is little information on this topic. However, now you have a good chance to unblock TamilRockers.

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