Hide your Identity with an Anonymous Blogging Platform

Everyone who creates their own blog thinks about whether to run it openly or anonymously, without giving out personal data; whether to share events from your life, or limit yourself to presenting information purely on the blog’s topic.

Today we’ll talk about how these two approaches differ and which anonymous blogging platform to choose to protect yourself and your readers.

Why is online anonymity important? Find the information here.

How to blog: anonymously or openly?

You’ve probably noticed that many internet users (and the blogosphere in particular) hide their true faces. But, it’s one thing when it comes to some gaming forum where no one needs your name, and quite another if we speak about a personal blog, the author of which readers want to know everything about.

How to start an anonymous blog free

Readers want to know you as a professional blogger in a specific niche and as an ordinary person. They want to see your photo, your real name, know where you work, what interests you have, what you eat, what TV shows you watch, etc.

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Open blog authors who are not afraid to share their thoughts, impressions, and sometimes their story build more trust among readers than anonymous ones. It’s likely that in the future this trust can, among other things, help them in their commercial activities. People are more likely to order a product or service from someone they see and know about. It is closer, clearer and more reliable for them. 

In addition, it often happens that fascinating narratives from the life of a blogger become a decisive factor for retaining a regular audience on the site. For example, when watching your favorite TV series, blog visitors are happy to read the next page of the blogger’s life.

-So why then do many people choose anonymous blogging?

In fact, there are several good reasons for this:

  • Emancipation in front of readers. Many authors cannot write openly and freely unless they are sure that no one knows them. This is a well-known fact – it is much easier to behave liberally in front of strangers than in front of your friends and colleagues.
  • Hide behind a mask. People like to present themselves in the guise of someone else, not who they really are. Consider, for example, Superman, Spider-Man, etc. These characters are superheroes to the public, but they are just simple office workers like everyone else in everyday life.
  • Avoid censorship. Today, in many countries of the world, there is strict internet censorship. Netizens cannot openly talk about what they think. If their position differs from the one supported by the state, then most likely, the user will be punished. It is the same with the admins of news blogs that cover real events without censorship.
  • Self-security. Personal security. This is a very serious point that every blogger should think about. After all, if a blog is popular and people read it, its moderators become a tasty morsel for hackers ready to give a lot for the blogger’s data.

*Note: Even if you don’t choose anonymous blogging, try not to over-promote your achievements. Do this as carefully as possible. After all, you can get onto the radar of scammers or, even worse, robbers. Maybe we are exaggerating a little…but still, be careful.

How to start an anonymous blog free?

Now that we have figured out why an anonymous blog may be better, it’s time to figure out how to start an anonymous blog free from censorship and hacker attacks.

Previously, we’ve told you how to create an anonymous website. You can read more here.

On the internet, you can find many blogging sites that will position themselves as super anonymous and secure platforms. However, these sites collect personal information during registration and track the real IP address of a blogger or moderator of a web resource. Therefore, you can forget about such sites as Medium, WordPress,, and others.

All these insecure options have been replaced by Utopia P2P – a unique ecosystem for secure internet use. In fact, Utopia is a closed internet on the internet. That is, you download the ecosystem, install it on your computer (the requirements are optimal), pass an anonymous registration and start your usual online life, but already completely safe from various external factors and threats.

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More information about Utopia’s many pluses here.

The ecosystem includes several built-in tools that provide fast communication and interaction with other internet users:

  • uMessenger – instant transmission of any messages: voice or text, which can be accompanied by multimedia or branded stickers. In addition, there is a function for creating private chats for more confidential communication with a group.
  • uMail is an encrypted tool for transferring various files between users. It is most often used for the transfer of important documents.
  • Idyll browser is an anonymous way to surf web pages created in the ecosystem. You can create new pages, or mirror existing ones using the API.
  • uWallet stores Cryptons – the internal currency of the ecosystem. The CRP is the main means of payment in the ecosystem and ensures anonymous transactions between users.
  • Mining – you have the built-in possibility of eco-friendly Crypton mining. All the mined Cryptons can be sold, exchanged, or withdrawn using an internal exchange.

Best anonymous blogging platform

Of course, this is only a small part of what Utopia can do. But the most important thing for us is the ability to create anonymous websites or blogs in the ecosystem.

You can find instructions on how to create an anonymous website, blog, or form in Utopia P2P here.

Since registration in the ecosystem is anonymous and further use, no one knows the real Since registration and further use of the ecosystem is anonymous, no one knows the real names, IP addresses, or phone numbers of any user. None of this data is collected or stored anywhere. Therefore, the risk of information leakage is reduced to zero.

Instead, this approach to internet use ensures complete anonymity, the absence of censorship and fear, freedom of speech and action, as well as the absence of surveillance by government agencies and commercial organizations that benefit from knowing everything about us.

In addition, you can always keep in touch with subscribers and readers of the blog, not only in the comments but also in public channels, where you can also share links, thoughts, and news.

Now there is a chance to share real news about what is happening in the world, do it anonymously, and without fear of being persecuted. Or you can write interesting lifestyle blogs, and not be afraid of any disgruntled fans. There can be a lot of options. However, one thing that remains constant is the safety of both the blog creator and the commentators.


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