Big News: QBTC Has Listed CRP

We have great news for all crypto-investors who were expecting the first listing of CRP. From this time, you can find Cryptons on QBTC. Let’s remind you that QBTC announced plans to list CRP in the middle of last month. However, the plan has been implemented only in May.

QBTC Platform

QBTC – is a well-known crypto exchange that has been founded in 2017 in China. It is developed by Cupid Network Technology Ltd company. The platform facilitates the trading process of popular cryptocurrency in the world. Also, it works transparently, and the client can withdraw funds within one day without any difficulties.

Besides, QBTC has launched a mobile version of its service, which is available for Android and IOS systems. There is a two-factor user authentication that ensures the security of each account. 

A year ago, QBTC revised its listing criteria. The exchange announced the introduction of a new procedure aimed at speeding up listing crypto assets that meet the exchange’s standards. These rules allow listing only legalized cryptocurrency.

QBTC’s exchanges listing field

Now, QBTC exchange’s listing includes such currencies as CNY, LTC, BCH, ETH.

Prospects for further development

It is worth noting that this is the first listing of CRP in the international crypto arena. However, in a fairly short period, Cryptons was able to show its best side. Using CRP allows making profits in a short time and trade on a par with other powerful players in the crypto market.

Soon, we expect the listing of CRP on other crypto exchanges. If you don’t want to miss something interesting, stay in tune, and follow the news.


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