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Our Close-Knit Team

Matthew Turner

Matthew is a freelance author whose main interests are internet protection. For several years, Matthew has been studying this topic from different sides. He considers the problems of cyber attacks and computer security. It compares various systems and services and explains how to protect your data in the global internet space

Adam Torks

Adam is a practicing lawyer and tech fan with 10 years of experience. In offline mode, he defends the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens. But in online mode, he is a freelance author that speaks about privacy matters on the internet. He knows the difference between centralized vs decentralized systems and can explain it in simple words.


Amanda is our news guru. She prepares for our supporters all the latest news from the digital technologies world. Amanda touches on the news background and the consequences of certain actions in addition to detailed news coverage.

Billie Walden

Billie is a freelance author with over two years of trading experience in the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In his articles, he covers the world of cryptocurrency news and also touches on the topics of popular crypto exchanges and services. Besides, he is fond of security trends and systems. So, the purpose of his articles is to tell users about the existent tech trends crypto benefits.


For centuries, people have had to defend their rights in almost every sphere: economic, political, social, etc. 

In the World Wide Web age, we can add one more point to this list – information freedom. Today, people lose their freedom within the global information network. 

Every day, governments, commercial agencies, large corporations, third parties, and many others spy upon us on the Internet. They literally know our steps:

  • • What sites we visit;
  • • What products we prefer for breakfast, lunch, and dinner;
  • • What currency we choose;
  • • What things we order on the sites;
  • • What hobbies we have;
  • • What movies we choose;

Why they need this information? It’s simple. If they know the whole of our data, it will be easier for them to control us. After all, if everyone has freedom on the Internet, the media giants will lose their power and can not control us.

What shall we do?

A logical question arises: “How to protect yourself and your data in the global information space?” 

We are a team of enthusiasts who have been looking for a reliable answer to this question. We aimed to find a secure space where everyone can feel free from censorship, surveillance, and data leakage.

For this, we’ve created the fan site where all online security fans are gathered in one place. Together, we speak about digital news, share with others the usage experiences of new systems, and advise paying attention to the most protected Internet tools.

During our community’s short existence, we managed to find a truly secure, protected, and anonymous system – Utopia P2P Network. It implements an absolutely new technological approach to the transfer and storage of users’ data.

The new technological system has been built under the 5 main security points to regain humanity’s innate rights:

  • Freedom;
  • Decentralization;
  • Encryption;
  • Anonymity;
  • Censorship free.

Be part of something big

Our community promotes the main methods and ways of protecting user data in the Internet space. Every day we work to ensure that each of us can exercise our own right to privacy

For that, we recommend using a decentralized ecosystem Utopia that is built on sophisticated encryption methods.

Moreover, each user can improve our digital fan community and take part in the realization of the ideas and plans via support portal support.u.is

Don’t hesitate and make the information world better!

“Without freedom of thought, there can be no such thing as wisdom – and no such thing as public liberty without freedom of speech.”

 Benjamin Franklin